Mizuki Nana News Dump [Mizuki Nana]

Old news that I never posted and new news that popped up over the last 2 days that I was away from internet.

夢幻 Single – Complete Tracklistings


夢幻公開 [Mizuki Nana]

I managed to stay off the internet for the majority of day yesterday. 😀 *is proud*

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第391回【デジラジ音源】

夢幻 \(^0^)/
At 20:13.

Not a bad song. (Actually, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. XD) Quite a different feel compared to 深愛. But am I the only one who was reminded of ETERNAL BLAZE at some points? Hm…

AND HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. 25:50. Smile-Gang CM for 夢幻… I have no words. Nana-san, you’re too awesome. XDDDDDDD Recorded during foot massage. XDDD

LIVE DIAMOND & FEVER to be released on DECEMBER 23rd!!!
Christmas present for myself again! XDDDD Yay! Though there’s no doubt this one will be extremely expensive. ._.

WA Concert + Smile-Gang 390 [Mizuki Nana]

I’m breaking my own rules. I said I was not going to listen to Smile-Gang or look up any Mizuki Nana news EXCEPT for on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Today is Sunday, and I spent way too much time reading foreign languages instead of studying. XDD Now that I think about it… Shouldn’t English be the foreign language here for me? XDDD

Randomness aside…

Slightly larger versions of some of the same pictures can be found here on Animate TV News.

Then there is 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第390回【デジラジ音源】

Smile-Gang #390 – Under cut to save space

十字架のスプレッド [Mizuki Nana]

Shining Force Cross – Message from Mizuki Nana

^Thanks to shoeythoughts for the link!

Basically, Nana-san is promoting Shining Force Cross and her own song. According to what she said in the video, the song will be played on September 19 at the Sega Booth at the 47th Amusement Machine Show.

The big news, however, is that we have a song name (for what is potentially the third song on Nana-san’s new single)!!! 😀

十字架のスプレッド (Jyuujika no Spread)
Which translates to Spread of Cross.

On another note, looks like the LIVE DIAMOND DVD & BLU-RAY will be a bit more special than her previous concert DVD/Blu-ray releases. A special page (survey) has actually been set up to take specific questions from those who went to Live Diamond. For all the questions asked, Nana-san will try her best to answer in the audio commentary track.
…That reminds me… I still haven’t sat down and listened to the audio commentary for Live Fighter. :O

The Battle of ACES [MSLN, Mizuki Nana]

I really should stop visiting Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s: The Battle of ACES website. Everytime I see it, it’s a painful reminder that I do not and will not own a PSP. ;_;

But it’s been updated! Go to the PV section for the commercial.

That’s not the main point of this post though. As with most video game nowadays, The Battle of ACES is going to get an ALL NEW Opening and Ending song!!! For anyone familiar with the series, I think it can be easily guessed as to who will be singing them.

^It’s under the SPECIAL section of the website.
^^And can anyone tell me what W新楽曲 means? Specifically, I’m asking what the ‘W’ in front stands for.

Ignoring the W though, basically the website is saying that:
Opening: Mizuki Nana
Ending: Tamura Yukari

MSLN tradition. That part isn’t surprising. I’m just surprised they’re going to create new songs specifically for this game. I was half expecting them to re-use ETERNAL BLAZE and Spiritual Garden.

Anyway, YAY for more Mizuki Nana songs!!! XDD

EDIT: Apparently, this was announced weeks ago in a magazine. Me is slow. -__-;;

Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva – Opera Song [Mizuki Nana]

You know how the more you should be doing something, the more you end up doing something else? I should be working like mad on my report, but I’m here doing this instead. XD

^Links to the staff blog of the Professor Layton movie website.

Remember how Nana-san plays the role of an opera singer in the upcoming Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva movie? And that there was a trailer where you hear Nana-san singing a lyrics-less version of the opera song?


Click on either 予告編2 or #05.

The sound is clearer in #05, but you should be able to hear the singing in both.
Yes, Nana-san is awesome. XD

Shining Force Cross Theme Song [Mizuki Nana]

I’ve made it back in one piece. Yay.

ANYWAY, I think all Mizuki Nana fans know about the fact that Nana-san’s new single will be titled: 夢幻 (mugen) by now, so I’m not going to repeat.

And danie has already posted about the main highlight of this week’s Smile-Gang, so I’m not going to repeat that either. :3

The only thing I haven’t seen covered yet is this:
^Taken from Shining Force Cross message section

The above is a conversation/message from the Producer (佐藤達也) and Director (松山雄介) of the game, Shining Force Cross.

As 松山雄介 said in the second line, the theme song will be one of Mizuki Nana’s new songs. Considering how he said that he has received the song already, it means the song has already been recorded.
Therefore, SFC’s theme song is very likely to be a part of Nana-san’s new single, 夢幻. 😀