WA Concert + Smile-Gang 390 [Mizuki Nana]

I’m breaking my own rules. I said I was not going to listen to Smile-Gang or look up any Mizuki Nana news EXCEPT for on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Today is Sunday, and I spent way too much time reading foreign languages instead of studying. XDD Now that I think about it… Shouldn’t English be the foreign language here for me? XDDD

Randomness aside…

Slightly larger versions of some of the same pictures can be found here on Animate TV News.

Then there is 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第390回【デジラジ音源】

They start off by talking about and planning the Smile-Gang broadcast for January 21st, 2060. Yes, when Nana-san is 80 years old. Serious randomness in my opinion. XD;;

Anyway, my favourite part of Smile-Gang is this:
Beginning at 8:03 – Sma-Dai Campus Life
This week, Nana-san plays the role of a street performer. She attempts to juggle water bottles, balance the bottles with her head, sing while cutting with scissors and then do some word-play. Of course, attempts is the key word. She failed in pretty much everything. XD Especially the balancing bottle with head part because Nana-san kept running away (she has to throw the bottle up and get it to land on her head). XD Honestly though, THIS IS A RADIO SHOW! We can’t see her juggling! (Though we can hear the sound of water bottles hitting the ground. XD)
Though the singing while cutting part was pretty funny. Nana-san making up a song on the spot with Misato doing the background vocals = Pure win. XD

Here’s a quick translation of the song that Nana-san made up:
Wai, Wai, everyone is having fun
Everyone is cutting paper
I don’t really understand but
Cutting paper (cutting paper)
Slowly it’s taking shape (Yeah!) Yeah! Yeah! (Yeah!)
Surely, the dream is expanding~ (Expanding~)
Ah~ Failure
This is… This is, uh… This is uh…

*finishes cutting, song abruptly ends*
Misato should’ve let Nana-san finish the song. XDDD

After that was the word-play. It’s too hard to explain in English. XP But even those who don’t understand Japanese should be able to figure out that Nana-san really struggled. XDD

I probably should be more excited and laughing out loud due to Smile-Gang but… I’m not. Must be fatigue. Woke up with serious headache due to false awakening… Bleh. >_>;; Oh, maybe that’s why I can’t study. <–Major excuse. XP

5 comments on “WA Concert + Smile-Gang 390 [Mizuki Nana]

    • I was referring to Chinese and Japanese, but I was thinking… Officially, English isn’t my first language (even though it’s the language I’m most fluent in), so when I say “foreign” language, shouldn’t it be referring to English? XDDD
      Too long of a break is bad. XP

      • XDD Which is funny, because English is my first language, but most people are surprised by that and assume that it’s a foreign language (for me). 😀 Finnish would be the language I know best, and I wouldn’t think of it as a foreign language either. XDD
        I mean.. you’ve grown up with English and your education was in English(??)…shouldn’t it actually be your number one mother tongue??
        Oh yeah.. Those long breaks happen to me as well. XDD

    • Amazing that it managed to resemble a song at all considering she was told to make it up right then and there. XDDD
      Thanks! I’ve noticed that false awakening tend to happen when I’m stressed. Normally it doesn’t affect me much throughout the day, but there are times (when it happens 3-4 times in a row) when I wake up with a really bad headache. >_<;;

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