Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

It’s interesting when I try to analyze my own behaviour. Despite having a very low impression of the Sailor Moon Crystal (thanks to season 1 & 2 where I could NOT bring myself to watch past episode 3), I found myself caring very much about who was going to be casted as Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune for this upcoming series.

I don’t believe I’ve ever checked my phone at an interval of 15 seconds to see if they’ve announced the new cast yet (and becoming increasingly amused as I read through Fujioka Sayaka, Takahashi Karin, and Koyama Momoyo’s Sailor Moon-related tweets on my twitter feed while waiting).

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World of M #170 – Guest: Hayashibara Megumi

水樹奈々のMの世界 #170 (2012,11,03) ゲスト:林原めぐみ

Yes, Hayashibara Megumi was on World of M for 2 weeks straight. 🙂
Personally, I think the things said on this week’s World of M were quite valuable. Especially for those of you who, like me, have been experiencing growing fatigue between keeping up with work life and trying to gain personal time to stay sane all the while wondering whether it’s all worth it.

Before all that though, we’ve got some good laughs (actually, there were good laughs the entire way through). Haha.
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World of M #169 – Guest: Hayashibara Megumi

Hi everyone. Not a random post this time but something more “regular” in terms of this blog. Haha. What I wanted to have resolved by now before returning isn’t going as planned so… I can’t promise scheduled posts but at the very least, after seeing this earlier today on NicoVideo, I thought to myself “There’s no way I’m missing out on this one.”

水樹奈々のMの世界 #169 (2012,10,27) ゲスト:林原めぐみ

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Smile-Gang #526 – Absolute chaos with Guest

I am no longer following a schedule with these summaries. But I still try to post before the next Smile-Gang is out…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第526回

This week’s Smile-Gang caught me by surprise. As you might have gotten a hint from the post title, it was for the most part, total chaos. In a good way.

Except because it was so chaotic, it was a little difficult for me to figure out how to go about writing this post. In the end, I decided that the most efficient way to go about this is to say it in two words:

Miyano Mamoru

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 2nd A’s Official Stage Event Report [translation]

Long post title is long. ^^;; Anyway, thanks to ranran for the heads up (because to be honest, I wouldn’t have checked otherwise — and I certainly would not have done this).

So here is the translation of the ACE 2nd A’s Movie stage event as posted on Official Lyrical Nanoha website. Consider it a follow up to the Compilation Report I posted previously.

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Anime Contents Expo 2012 – Nanoha 2nd A’s Stage COMPILATION report

Because I sort of promised I’d do this… ^^;;

^Image taken from Ueda Kana’s twitter.

Let me say emphasize one thing. This is what I label to be a COMPILATION report. Meaning this is something I put together by reading blogs of those who attended the Nanoha stage at Anime Contents Expo (with my thoughts and weird imagination added in). I was not there personally as Japan is too far away.

Please see source blogs at the end of this post.

Anyway… onto the stage event.

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Meiji Tweet Mystery [Mizuki Nana, Sugita Tomokazu]

This CM has been floating around since a couple of days ago… But in case there’s anyone unaware, here are the 2 versions of the CM.

Short ver.

60sec ver.

Two things to pay attention to in the CM. Mizuki Nana fans will probably immediately take note of the BGM — which is among Nana’s latest (upcoming) songs — Jikuu Sapphire (literally translates to Time-space Sapphire).
The second thing to note is the seiyuu involved. As Nana wrote on her blog (and written in the title of this post), Sugita and Nana play the roles of Taiyou and Megumi respectively. I’ll be honest, despite the concept of the whole plot & twitter idea being very interesting and creative, I wouldn’t have cared about this CM if not for Nana and Sugita. XDD So good for them to get these 2 involved. XD

World of M #131 – Guest: Takayama Minami

I’ve been waiting for this all week…

水樹奈々のMの世界 #131 (2012,01,28) ゲスト:高山みなみ

I was grinning the entire time when listening to this. Why? BECAUSE TAKAYAMA MINAMI IS GUEST THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF M!!! <– When I capslock abuse (which I don't do very often), it shows how excited I truly am. XDD;;

If you’re wondering why I’m so excited, it’s because… well, it’s TAKAYAMA MINAMI.
Ok, so that doesn’t answer any questions (even if I think it should).
Because ran told me (a while back) that, apparently, not everyone knows who Takayama Minami is (which came as somewhat of a shock to me)…

…But unless you’re really young, I would think most J-pop fans have heard of Two-Mix / Mix Delta. Gundam Wing fans, especially, should recognize Two-Mix as the group who did the openings for GW.
Minami-san is the lead vocal in Two-Mix.

For anime fans in general, you would have likely heard her voice on Detective Conan (as Edogawa Conan), Pokemon (as Hiroshi), Shaman King (as Asakura Hao), and many, many other well-known anime. From her more recent roles, she can be heard on Digimon Xros Wars (as Kudou Taiki) and Senki Zesshou Symphogear (as Kanade).

As a Mizuki Nana fan…
As a casual Two-Mix fan…
As a anime & seiyuu fan in general…

How can I not be grinning when I hear them together on World of M this week? And I’m not the only one. If the giggling and laughing from Nana-san is an indication of anything.

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World of M #101 – Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi (中村 悠一)

水樹奈々のMの世界 #110 (2011,08,27) ゲスト:中村悠一

Haha, I can’t say I’m too surprised Nakamura was called to be guest. Especially after the episode with Sugita back in May. XD

For those who don’t know Nakamura Yuuichi (中村 悠一 — not to be mistaken with the actor with the same romanization 中村 優一), he is a seiyuu under the same firm as Nana-san, Sigma Seven. For those Mizuki Nana fans who watch every single anime she ever appears in, you will probably recognize Nakamura as Vice (from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) and Tsukiyomi Ikuto (From Shugo Chara).

From the more recent hit anime, he is also Graham Aker (Gundam 00 — if you could consider that recent XD), Saotome Alto (Macross Frontier), Hodr (Break Blade) and… If you’ve already listened to World of M, Kousaka Kyousuke (Oreimo). The background music when Nakamura was making his “introduction” is the opening for Oreimo and the “character” he is speaking as is Kyousuke. Oreimo is a hilarious and overall very enjoyable anime for those of you who haven’t watched it yet.

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Blood-R #4 – Guest: Mizuki Nana [seiyuu]

If anyone ever wants to hear Misato getting bullied (which we rarely get to hear on Smile-Gang), checking in with Blood-R is the way to go. Though I do feel bad for her by the end of #4. ^^;;


As the link title describes, Blood-R is the webradio for the anime Blood-C. It generally reveals information about the plot, characters, and other random questions that listeners sent in. Fukuen Misato and Suzuki Tatsuhisa are the main personality for Blood-R.

Blood-R #4 in particular, invites Mizuki Nana as guest (as she does play the main character role on Blood-C). What do you get when you have a fearful Misato, an amused Nana, and the ever-so-sarcastic-and-exaggerated Tatsuhisa together? The result is Blood-R #4. It’s 40 minutes long, but well worth the listen. Especially the singing (or rather, in Misato’s case, rap) corner. XD

This is a rather long post so get set! It is a 40 minute radio show after all. 😛 Again, it’s well worth checking out. =D

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