For anyone needing a good laugh [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第374回
The Audio Birth of Ultimate Diamond


こむちゃっと [Mizuki Nana]

こむちゃっとカウントダウン 第345回 ゲスト: 水樹奈々
^Mizuki Nana appears at 20:53.

For the most part, all you will hear is crazy laughing. XDD I think she mentioned this back in Smile-Gang (or some other magazine interview) but that first night after the completion of ULTIMATE DIAMOND, she couldn’t sleep. Like a child, she was too excited to sleep. XDDD

With regards to the “ULTIMATE DIAMOND,” one of the hosts asked how many karat it is worth. Nana-san replied 7. XDDD

Nothing too interesting (on first listen), but I’ll have to re-listen to it afterwards since I was doing something else. 😛


It is apparently taken from A&G 超RADIO SHOW〜アニスパ!
I don’t think the broadcast is uploaded onto NicoNico yet so I will update this post again when I see/listen to it.

So far… Uh… I have no clue what to think of this song… *scratches head*

Mの世界 一日復活!?

…Did I not check Nana-san’s blog yesterday? I can’t remember. D: Either that, or she posted it late but…

GOLD RUSH – THE WORLD OF M WILL BE BACK ON MAY 31 (for one day only…)
I look forward to that voice acting corner! XD

And Etsuraku Camellia on MUSIC JAPAN! 😀 😀 😀

I will be relying heavily on NicoNico again for both of these broadcasts… When have I not relied on NicoNico? XDDD

Yes, I felt like spamming. XP


Ah… Was randomly surfing News page of Nana-san’s webpage. The Koma Gekijou DVD info was updated and… Yeah, I think that explains why Nana-san was apologizing to Misato on Smile-Gang about 3 weeks ago. Misato isn’t listed in the credits section. Which likely means she was taken out of the DVD. D:


DOCOMO DREAM CALL 2009/5/16 水樹奈々

DOCOMO DREAM CALL is basically a live program where listeners call in and ask questions, express their opinions about the guest’s (Mizuki Nana in this case) songs, and consult Nana-san’s opinions on personal problems. Most of the callers became very nervous as soon as they heard Nana-san’s voice on the other end of their phones, but that’s to be expected… I probably wouldn’t able to speak at all if I were in their places… ^^;;

Anyway, PERFECT SMILE at 14:58. Another upbeat song that is meant to cheer people up when they’re feeling down. Although it carries the same “purpose” as BRAND NEW TOPS, they’re of completely different styles.

Here’s a small excerpt of the song’s lyrics. :3 Translations are done by me.



If you can’t see the real you
Don’t blame yourself
Just keep looking forward

When the day comes
That you’ve pulled away from your hesitation and insecurities
I’m sure you’ll be able to say
“I don’t hate myself”
With a bit of honesty

ええええええ!?ULTIMATE DIAMOND」の発売日が6月3日に変更!?!?!?!

The release date for ULTIMATE DIAMOND has officially been delayed by two weeks to June 3rd. I was not amused when I first found out, but after a little research (and recalling a certain blog post)… I guess it can’t be helped. Nana-san did express how shocked and upset she was over that certain particular news, but I guess I hadn’t expected it to affect the release date of the CD (she didn’t mention anything with regards to that).

From what I understand, KING RECORDS is taking out COSMIC LOVE and DISCOTHEQUE, and that is the main reason for the delay. All the current ULTIMATE DIAMOND CDs have to be scrapped and re-printed. Logically, considering what happened with the lyricist (園田凌士 – he was caught doing drugs) of COSMIC LOVE and DISCOTHEQUE, this makes sense. It’s a necessary step to protect Nana-san’s image.

Honestly, it’s sad though. Especially to think how much of an effect it might have on Nana-san’s upcoming releases (anything which might have the name 園田凌士 in the credits might have to be taken out).

At any rate, when you think about how upset Nana-san herself must be over this, fans really don’t have a right to be upset over the delay. So I take back my original shocked outburst… XP


On another note… I need to finish my term report by next week and I have… two lines written down! \(^0^)/ Yes, I am screwed. Badly, I might add. -__-;; Seriously, nothing is helping my mood. D: