偽ナネット!? ゆかり画伯wwwww [Mizuki Nana]

Because I said I’d do this…
Mizuki Nana’s blog post on January 28, 2009. (The blog post that made me laugh for a full minute because I was so very amused XD).


Original post and picture of sketches can be found on Nana-san’s blog. Just search for the post made on January 28, 2009. =3

Fake Nanette!?
At today’s recording site (studio), Princess Yukari suddenly said “That weird bird, it looked like this right~☆?” and promptly started drawing on the back of the script…
Eh!? W-What is this? w(゜o゜)w
This disgusting creature looks absolutely nothing like Nanette-san… (laughs)
Rather than wings, it has hand-like things instead.
And it looks like some sort of costume (>_<)!
As expected from the Artist Yukari! (≧ω≦)/
But… After staring at it for a while, I started to develop a growing affection for this thing (laughs)

I apologize for my awkward translation tendencies it’s my translation style XDD. It’s a cross between direct translation and attempted localization of certain phrases that went halfway. It’s just the way I work. XP

Anyway, if you’ve seen the sketches (and you know the craziness that takes place whenever Nana-san and Yukari are together), you’d know why I found this blog post particularly funny. Just imagining the two of them at the studio doing this, laughing, and Nana-san trying to deny that “disgusting” thing as Nanette between laughs is priceless. XDDD It’s the キモイ生物 part (disgusting creature) that really made me laugh. XDD

7th Album [Mizuki Nana]

GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #18 (2009,01,28)

And Nana-san also mentioned that she’ll be singing at/for some baseball stadium/tournament. She seems to be really excited about it.

Also, her blog post today was absolutely hilarious. It was the second thing (with the first thing being an e-mail) I saw after coming home from work today and I couldn’t stop laughing for a full minute. Hilarity always erupts when Nana-san and Yukari are together. XDDD Will translate it tomorrow (because it’s worth translating) when my mind is clearer. Sleep takes priority. =3

動物ならば...狼ですwww [Mizuki Nana]

林原めぐみのTokyo Boogie Night #873 [Guest: 水樹奈々]
^Mizuki Nana as guest on the radio program that Hayashibara Megumi hosts.
My former favourite female seiyuu/singer on the same program as my current top favourite female seiyuu/singer. Does anybody realize how awesome this is???
And even until this day, I am still awed by Hayashibara Megumi-san’s ability speed talk. I talk pretty fast myself, but it will never compare to that. And she doesn’t trip over her words either. :O This reminds of Shaman King. In more ways that one. XD

Translations and comments with regards to 林原めぐみのTokyo Boogie Night #873 (Guest: Mizuki Nana)

オリコンDAILYランキングNo.1 - 水樹奈々 - 「深愛」



Ganbare yo, Nana-san~!

I can’t get my thoughts straight at the moment because I think I am coming down with a fever and no, it’s not the Live Fever type of fever but the type that makes you feel horrible, but I really am happy for Nana-san even if I’m not ranting about the rankings at the moment. Need sleep now. Will rant and clear comment backlog tomorrow or the weekend. >_<


(Even though I’m aware that it’s already well into the 22nd in Japan right now ^^;;)

I think my subconscious recognized it’s Nana-san’s birthday today, because I couldn’t get various songs out of my head for the entire day. It didn’t help that I dreamt that I was listening to My Heartful Song and thus, had the chorus of that song stuck in my head as soon as I woke up through to the first few hours at work (I partly blame V for this by the way XD). Then I found myself humming Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll or had random parts of PRIDE OF GLORY looping in my mind. It was rather…distracting… ^^;;
Of course, I started looping Nana-san’s new single as soon as I got off work. =D

But back on the topic of Heartful Song, they seriously need to release the full version of My Heartful Song soon. I want to hear the whole thing. =P


^The PV to Mizuki Nana’s Shin Ai.
Not enough Agematsu Mika + harp playing in my opinion. =P Yes, I realize that any more of it would result in the PV becoming a Agematsu Mika PV rather than Mizuki Nana PV to Shin Ai but it’s the harp playing that stood out for me. Honestly, I think the PV was mediocre at best. I was paying more attention to Agematsu Mika and the harp than Nana-san, which is saying something. D: Though I personally love Mika-san’s harp playing!

In other news…
GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #16 (2009,01,14) ゲスト:能登麻美子
^GOLD RUSH – World of M – Guest Noto Mamiko.
Basically Nana-san somewhat free-talking with one of her best friends while trying to keep to the program as much as possible. XDDD Mamiko will be back as guest next week as well. =3

ニコニコ動画-水樹奈々 [Mizuki Nana]

…Something must be wrong with my sense of time…
I didn’t check Nico Nico Video for how many days and how many new Mizuki Nana-related videos have been uploaded?!?!

There’s quite a few Animelo Summer Live 2008 videos… Hah, there’s even clips of the Mizuki Nana + AliPro collaboration. =D

And you gotta love how, from the random clips alone, you can tell the crowd seems so much more energized when Nana-san and JAM Project is on stage. XDDD

There’s so much I need to watch… Must catch up everything tomorrow. =P

やっとキタか...月曜日... [Life + Mizuki Nana]

Monday is tomorrow. Work starts tomorrow. D:
But let’s not talk about that. =P

A few seconds of Yukari + Nana on stage during Animelo Summer Live 2008
^Animelo CHALLENGER (I’m guessing this is some sort of promotional video?). There’s a few seconds of Yukari + Nana on stage. =D Nana-san is cute as always. XDDD I can’t wait to full version. =P

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第354回【デジラジ音源】
^HAHA. Nana-san has to drink tomato juice again. XDD But the main point in this episode (aside from them talking about becoming one year older and becoming an “adult”) is a clearer version of Gozen Reiji no Baby Doll. Nana-san talked over the one that aired on GOLD RUSH, but here on SMILE-GANG, you can actually hear the lyrics. Pretty cute, actually. XDD

…I don’t think my sentences are making sense so I shall stop. D: I am scared about tomorrow. >_<

And I wrote that drabble with Chrono prompts already… And it turned out waaaay too dark and angsty so not posting for now. =P And let us all hope I’ll still be in the mood to write NanoFate tomorrow. XD

午前0時のBaby Doll [Mizuki Nana]

GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #15 (2009,01,07)
^All 3 songs from Mizuki Nana’s to-be-released single can be heard on yesterday’s episode of GOLD RUSH. Yay for PRIDE OF GLORY not being interrupted by news. XDD

As for 午前0時のBaby Doll (Gozen reiji no Baby Doll)… To tell the truth, I had my doubts when I first heard the title of the 3rd song was to be that. I was afraid it would have that honest-to-goodness-too-sweet-and-cute-with-fake-innocence style that I seriously cannot stand. Thankfully, 午前0時Baby Doll was nothing like that. It was a normal pop song that we haven’t had from Nana-san for a while now. =3

On another Mizuki Nana note, I discovered Lightning Arc today while searching for a few songs. It’s a character song from the drama CD, Twinkle Saber, by the character known as Amamiya Satsuki / Arc Saber. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the entire afternoon. It’s like a milder and lighter form of PRIDE OF GLORY. =D
And I couldn’t help but be amused by the coincidences between the song and Nana-san’s role as Fate T. Harlaown. First Lightning and then Arc Saber. XDDD