7th Album [Mizuki Nana]

GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #18 (2009,01,28)

And Nana-san also mentioned that she’ll be singing at/for some baseball stadium/tournament. She seems to be really excited about it.

Also, her blog post today was absolutely hilarious. It was the second thing (with the first thing being an e-mail) I saw after coming home from work today and I couldn’t stop laughing for a full minute. Hilarity always erupts when Nana-san and Yukari are together. XDDD Will translate it tomorrow (because it’s worth translating) when my mind is clearer. Sleep takes priority. =3

41 comments on “7th Album [Mizuki Nana]

    • …So does that mean I can expect her to carry out her “goal” of singing on a helicopter? XDDD Helicopters are common at these events! XDDD
      *nods nods* It was funny! Except I can’t seem to translate properly at the moment. D:

      • :O Didn’t think of that. But that’d be awesome!! and dangerous, but I’d expect all those fat otaku to cushion her fall(if she does) with their bodies. XDDDDD
        I was using Google translation… XDDDD So I demand a proper translation when you’re properly awake. XDDD
        I guess you’ve finally come around to the “sleep is very very good” way of thought.

        • Yes, it would! =D *stares at the sentence* …AHAHAHAHAHA. Only you would think of these things. XDDDDD
          I am properly awake! :O I actually translated it already, but I need to wordsmith it because it sounds very, very awkward. D:
          …Not really? It’s just that it’s very cold and the bed is very warm and that I am still sick. XP I maintain that sleep takes up too much time. D:

          • But we would just basically be seeing her waving and dancing from the helicopter and not hear the singing because of the rotorblades. D: XDDDDD And they’ll do it with their backs. XDDDDDDD
            How can Mizuki Nana ever sound awkward with her AWESOMENESS? XDDDD
            D:< You should be. O_O You're still sick?! D: Sleep does not take up too much time, it’s sleep.

            • It’s Japan. Maybe they can invent some sort of microphone that blocks out unnecessary noise and carry Nana-san’s voice alone. XDDDD
              :O Why their backs? XDDD
              She can’t. But I can. And I don’t want to make her sound awkward when she isn’t. D:
              Yes, I’m still sick. D: And sleep does take up time! I could be awake and doing fandom-related things rather than lying around and… sleeping. >_>;;

              • You’re right. It’s Japan, they can invent anything. XDDDDD And the microphone would be coded to the frequency of Mizuki Nana’s voice alone… XDDDDD
                Cause they’re still perverts even if they’re saving her. XDDDDD *coughbackflashercough* XP
                Japanese is an awkward language anyway. How’s the progress? XDD
                D: Is the medicine not helping? It’s probably still around because you’re not sleeping enough. XDDDDDDD Fandom-related things like writing? XDDDD

              • Exactly! And it’s possible! XDDD And they have 4 months to make it! XDDDD
                Right. >_>
                It is? XDDD There’s been no progress. XDDD
                …Speaking of medicine, I need them now. Be back in 15 to 20 minutes after this. =P And I have been sleeping enough! I get my 8 hours a day lately! XDDDD Fandom-related things like reading, not writing. XDDDD

              • So you should send them mail telling them to do it. XDDDDD
                :O Innocent Starter played. XDDDD
                It is. You should know. XDDD D: Get to work! XDDD
                Okay. 😛 When you’re sick, eight hours is not enough. D: Fandom-related things like writing are more important. XDDDD

              • Why me? :O
                XDDDDD It’s trying to say something. XDD
                But I don’t know. :O Not working. XDDDD
                As you can see, I’m back. And it only took around 10 minutes because there are no food at home for me to eat so I I just chewed on the medicine/pill. XDDDD Eight hours should be enough though! D:
                Writing takes more brain power than simply reading though! And what kind of writing are you referring to anyway? XDDD

              • Because you can actually speak/read/write Japanese? XDDDD
                And Control Myself by Maroon 5 just played too… *sigh* XDDDDD
                Well, I forgot it too. XDDD D: *pokes* XDDDD
                *goes eww* I hate pills that have to be eaten. And chewed? D: Doesn’t it taste all bitter? Nope. You need more than eight hours. >_<
                Yeah, but writing is better. XDDDD [pervmode]Smex fics? XDDDDD[/pervmode]

              • You can send an e-mail in English and I’m sure tehre would at least be one person who would know how to read it. XDDD
                *points to icon*
                How does poking help? :O
                …I can’t…swallow pills. So the only option I have is chewing…? >_>;; I can take bitter. Just not sour. =S But sleeping more than 8 hours is wasting time! :O
                …I thought you knew by now that I specialize in angst? XDDDD

              • It’d probably get butchered when translated into Japanese. XDDD
                *pouts* XDD
                It’ll annoy you enough till you write. XDDDDD *pokes*
                D: Not even with water? You can maul pound them into smaller pieces and drink it down with water… I just hate the pills. >.> :O No, it is not. It’s more time for you to recharge. XDDD
                …Angst smex is the best smex. XDDDDDDDDD

    • As long as one of the engineers understand what you want created, I’m sure it’ll work out. XDD
      *pets* XDDD
      …Keep poking away then. XDDDD I think you’ll be the one to tire out first. XD
      …No… >_< I want to learn how to swallow pills but I just can’t. It just wouldn’t go down when I put it in my mouth. D: And yeah, I do occasionally grind the pills with spoons when I’m not feeling too lazy or weak. >_<
      But I could be doing other stuff while I’m ‘recharging’! 😮
      …A definite no to that. XDDD

      • …I’m thinking of “frequency” being translated as “freaken’ shit”. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
        *is not appeased* XD
        *pokes* I will not be. And you still owe me the Chrono fic and NanoFate fic. XDDDD
        It used to happened when I was younger and just could not swallow the stupid pill. D: Chewing is D: though.
        That would defeat the point of recharging. >_<
        But it’s an awesome idea that you should really write! XDDDDDDDD

        • I don’t think you have anything to worry in that department. If the Gundam series are anything to go by, I’m pretty sure they understand “frequency.” XDDD
          *continues petting anyway* XDDD
          You will, eventually. =3 I know I owe you the fics, but that does not mean I’ll be writing them any time soon. XD
          How did you end up being able to swallow? :O I need to learn, seriously. >_<
          Which is why I don’t like recharging much. XDDD
          If it’s an awesome idea, you should be the one writing it! =D XDDDDDD

          • *laughing* XDDDD But wait, that’s Sunrise, not whichever engineers that are going to create the mic! XDDD
            *growls* XDDDDD
            *pokes* *pokes* *pokes* You mean people keep on owing me fics and refusing to write them. D:
            I have no idea? I still have trouble sometimes. XP I’m normally just gulping it down with water… XD
            D: But recharging is a needed process so you should like it. 😀
            …You do know what you just said to a minor, didn’t you? XDDDDDDDDDDD

            • Send it to Sunrise and tell them to pass the message to KING RECORDS and have them do something about it. XDDDD
              *pretends not to have noticed and continues to pet* XDDDDDDD
              *laughs at the number of pokes* Yup. That’s what we do. =3 XDDDD
              *sighs* ;_;
              It’s a needed process but it doesn’t mean I should like it. D:
              Pfft. Then you shouldn’t be reading them at all. In fact, I’d get in trouble for writing such things for you to read! :O All the more reasons to not write it. XDDDDDD

              • By the time it gets forwarded, the concert would probably be over. XDDD
                *growls louder* XDDD
                *pokes* It’s mean…… and I have 10 fics owed, in total. XDDD
                *pokeS* XDDDD
                But sleeping is fun, and when you sleep you can avoid things like doing the chores and whatnot. XDDD
                T_T Whoever said I read them? *innocent grin* You’d probably use LIVE Fever and maul anyone who tried to arrest you anyway. XDDDD D: Write it!

              • It’s okay. It’ll be an idea for her next concert. =D XDDD
                *takes the growling as insufficient petting and pets some more* XDDD
                Sleeping is…sleeping… It can get boring. D: And I hardly ever take afternoon naps if I can help it. =P
                If you’re not going to read them, there’s no point in me writing them. XDD And I told you, I’m not that violent. :O And so, I will not write it. XDDD

              • So you should write that letter, since you’re patient. XDDD
                *attempts to bite the hand petting* XDDDD
                How can it be boring if you aren’t even awake to feel bored? D: Afternoon naps are awesome. XDDDDD
                I’d read them if you wrote them. XDDD You’re a violent icewolf. XDD So you should write it.

              • And if I don’t want to. :O XDDD
                :O I didn’t know you bite. XDDDD
                …I’d wake up and then realize I wasted time sleeping. D: And chances are, I can’t sleep, so I just lie awake and feel bored. XDDD Afternoon naps are even a bigger waste of time. D:
                I will not write them either way. XDDD I’m not violent! So no writing. XDDD

              • Then you’d have to settle for no helicopter!MizukiNana. XDDDDD
                *growls and attempts to bite again* XDDDD
                But it’s not wasting time, you’re recharging in order to commentsate work properly. XDDD
                Must be my boredness then, cause afternoon naps are a great way to pass the time. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
                D: I thought you supported Fatenum… D:

              • Ok, I don’t mind. As you pointed out before, it’s too dangerous anyway. =3
                *starts laughing* XDDDDD
                I know that. Which is why I sleep the healthy minimum of 8 hours and not more so I can spend the time doing other stuff. XDDD
                Another problem with me is that if I sleep in the afternoon, I can’t fall asleep at night. It’s as if I slept that portion away in the afternoon or something. ^^;;
                How’d Fatenum get into the conversation? XDDD

    • Good. XDDD
      NanoFate ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Nine Hearts… can’t think of any implications behind the number nine… ^^;;
      Then just force shut down your computer. It’s just one button. Doesn’t take much movement. XDDDD And it’s approaching 4AM. I seriously you should go sleep and ‘recharge’. XDDD

      • I’m nice. XDD
        NanoFate ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (XDDD You fail. XP)
        Nah, I’ll shut it down properly, or else it’ll die on me… >.> It’s not like I’m going to be doing anything of worth tomorrow anyway. XDDD I’ll go to sleep now though. XD
        Fatenum ♥! XDDD

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