This is amusing to me in several ways.

^Links to Live Diamond Goods page.

Nanette cookies. Nana-san, you realize this means people will be eating your beloved bird in happiness? XDDD;;

Personally, I think they had better goods for Live Formula and Live Fighter. XP The jersey/uniform and cap are cool though.

Smile-Gang 377 [Mizuki Nana]

Ugh… I dislike hot weather… I can’t take the heat… -___-;;
I don’t even want to sit in front of my laptop because it’s radiating heat which is contributing to the high temperature within this room. D:

But because it’s summer, I saw a rabbit at the bus stop today. 😮 I wanted to take a picture of it but then some guy walked by and scared it away. D: It was a cute rabbit. :3 Mr. Bunny! XDDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第377回

HAHAHA. Nana-san still has yet to tell her mother that Smile-Gang is being broadcasted in Ehime-ken. XDDD But something tells me that her mother already knows… She’s the head of a Nana fanclub in Ehime, one of the members must have told her! XDDD Unless everyone is obedient and loyal and believes no one should tell her except of Nana-san herself.

Oh, and like most mothers, Nana-san’s mom isn’t too happy about the Etsuraku Camellia PV. But she’s not very upset about it either. According to Nana-san, this was how their conversation went (starting around 4:27):

Mama: How could you record such an eroi PV!? You let everyone see your back! Ah~Nana-chan is an adult now~
Nana-san: But mama, that’s how the song is… And I am 29.
Mama: Nana-chan should still be giving off the cute image, why did it turn into that?


And beginning 7:55 is the Sma-Dai Campus Life corner. This week, we have Misato and Nana-san making commercials for toilet paper, scissors, chair (Misato: CHE-AR! XDD) and Ehime-ken. It’s hilarious. My favourite was the commercial for scissors and chair. XDDD

んもっほっほっ [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第376回

Nana-san amuses me. Really. 8:30Mohoho laughter. XDDDDDDD

She revealed some interesting facts about her life in Ehime this week. Apparently, when she was young, her parents were very strict. She was expected to go straight home after school (for her singing lessons) every single day. If she is 5 minutes late, she gets locked out. Kinda scary now that I think about it… XP

Also, when Nana-san was 15 years old, she had a crush on someone named Matsumoto. But it was “a love that was over before it even began.” XDDDD

We all know about the Ultimate Diamond Truck, yes?
We also know about the Diamond Express (train), yes?
(Let me also mention that those on Diamond Express will be listening to a special recorded version of Smile-Gang during the ride)
Now, let’s add one more to the list… Official Access Tour from Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, and Osaka to Seibu Dome. In other words, a bus that takes fans to straight to Live Diamond. (Not as impressive as train, but hey, the fact that they’re willing to invest so much on transportation for the fans definitely means something.)

What next? Helicopter? Jet? Space shuttle? XDDD

Mizuki Nana’s Heartfelt Blog Post [Mizuki Nana]

Nana-san just updated her blog not too long ago with regards to ULTIMATE DIAMOND achieving the number 1 rank on Oricon Weekly Chart.
I thought I’d do a translation of it since it’s special and really shows how Nana-san is currently feeling. It’s a rather long blog post so I’ve put it under cut. Sorry for the double posting but this really deserves its own post.

Mizuki Nana June 9 Blog Post – Team Mizuki Emergency Gathering


CONGRATULATIONS TO NANA-SAN!!! It’s an unprecedented achievement!!!!!

^Ok, so I’m sure most have heard about that already but I feel obligated to post about it anyway.

The following quote was taken from NTV Zoomin!! Super Entertainment News:


Mizuki happily commented that, “It feels so much like a dream that words can’t even begin to describe (how I feel). I want to express my gratitude to all those who have been supporting me. Thank you very much.”

I can’t wait to hear Nana-san on Smile-Gang/and other program broadcasts now. Who wants to bet she must’ve cried when she received such news? *grins*

On another note, KING RECORDS is currently in the process of accepting Ultimate Diamond booklet exchanges. There were lyrics error on the booklet for PERFECT SMILE and ray of change. Admittedly, I only noticed the error for PERFECT SMILE because it was really obvious (and I’ve had most of the lyrics memorized for that song before I received the CD) XD.


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第375
I think Nana-san got a bit too excited this week… She had problems talking/pronouncing. XDDD

Anyway, she spoke a bit about the Koma Gekijou DVD, having to apologize to Misato again. XDD;; Honestly, I feel bad for Misato. Only she got cut out and she had so much hilarity potential. D: She sounded a bit sad/upset about that too. XP Oh well, nothing to be done now…

And when it comes to talking about this DVD, there’s no way anyone can leave Tomokazu Sugita and Suzumura Kenichi out. XDDD She revealed that those two dragged out the play longer than it was intended to be (I think that was obvious to all who saw it/watched the DVD… Especially Suzumura’s part. XDDD) and turned the entire thing into a comedy act. XDDDD

But enough about that. The highlight of this week’s Smile-Gang lies in the revelation of some VERY interesting news. Ready? It’s…


If you thought the ULTIMATE DIAMOND TRUCK was awesome… Prepare yourself for the next level…
There will be a MIZUKI NANA TRAIN that takes passengers straight to Seibu Dome for the concert next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^o^)/ DIAMOND EXPRESS!
Let me on that train NOW! XDDD …Actually, the possible insanity that potentially await inside this train is rather intimidating. XDDDDDD