Radio StrikerS 2nd #5 — Guest: Yuzuki Ryouka

I haven’t forgotten about this place. Just that I’ve been extremely busy lately and have even been working through weekends… which means my brain is quite blank during my off times. *sighs* But anyway…

Here is the much anticipated Radio StrikerS 2nd (#5) with Yuzuki Ryouka (Shamal) as guest!

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第5回【ゲスト:柚木涼香】

Stand by, ready.

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Radio StrikerS 2nd #4 — Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

Here’s Radio StrikerS 2nd #4!

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第4回【ゲスト:清水香里・真田アサミ】

Despite the howling protests at the end of the 3rd broadcast, Shimizu Kaori and Sanada Asami return as guests.

Mikako: Last week, you both seemed like you wanted to go home.
Asami: Well, since we’re at it anyway…
Kaori: And because we were dragged here…

Lol. Yes, they never had a choice to begin with. XD

Mikako assures them that this week’s show will be a lot calmer compared to the previous, to which they say they’ll obediently follow her then. There is no lie in that statement. Due to that, this is a relatively tame 4th broadcast in comparison to what we have heard so far.

Tame does not mean less oddness laughter though. You will find out why in the first corner…

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Smile-Gang 542 & 543

First and foremost, I’m still alive. Very behind in terms of… everything… but that’s no longer a surprise, is it? ^^;;

This post is relatively short even though it covers Smile-Gang 542 and 543… reason being that it was a while ago and… If it’s possible to have writer’s block for these type of posts, I think I’m getting them. I know, sounds ridiculous. But I felt like I didn’t know what to comment on or what to write about in general. :S
BUT! That doesn’t necessarily stop me from trying. 😛

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