Big News? [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第460回【デジラジ音源】

Nana (before commercial): I have something very, very important to tell everyone.
Misato (after commercial): Smile-Gang has been around for close to 10 years. Nana-san is 31. So this news shouldn’t come as a shock, but I was still very surprised. But this is something that Nana-san has decided for herself, so I’ll be quiet and listen to this news one more time with all of you who are currently in front of the radio. Well then, Nana-san…
Nana: Hai. I, Mizuki Nana, am getting…getting… I’m getting… married (haha!) XD two singles release!!!

^For those of you who didn’t get it, Nana-san was hesitating on ‘ke-ke-KETTEISHIMASHITA!” Both Misato and Nana-san were playing on the word, “kekkon” (which means ‘to marry’). XDD


Mizuki Nana
to release 2 new singles
on April 13, 2011

Title yet to be determined.

How many of you saw this coming? I did. Well, to a certain extent.
I did not foresee Nana-san releasing two singles on the same day, but let’s face it, we all knew that she was going to release something.

The interesting thing to note is that both CDs will be selling for 777 yen. Which is cheap. Half price of normal singles! Misato wonders if King Records will be okay with that price… Nana-san said they should be.

My opinion? Of course they will be. >_>;; Especially because…

Mizuki Nana – Live Journey 2011

It will be the longest tour that Nana-san has had up until now, spanning over 3 months. The first concert will occur in Fukuoka on May 7th and ending with a concert held at Saitama Super Arena on July 24th. Pretty much a concert a week except she’ll be holding 2 day concerts at Miyagi – Sendai Sun Plaza Hall and Aichi – Nihon Gaishi Hall.
14 concerts over 3 months in total.

List of dates and stages


お誕生日おめでとう![Mizuki Nana]

A Happy Birthday to
Mizuki Nana~~~!!! (≧ω≦)/

Yes, I realize the time difference, but it’s still the 21st where I am! XD

I have plans to watch Live Games x Academy -BLUE- today. :3
If time permits…

And of course, the autobiography Shin Ai is released today! The rate it went out-of-stock was stunning. Even pre-orders went out-of-stock on CDJapan, I think. XDD
Now I shall patiently wait for my copy… which isn’t going to be shipped out until next week. But that’s fine since I am behind in my textbook and case readings. XP

Anyway, the point of this post is… Happy 31st Birthday, Nana-san! =D
Even though you will never read this but that’s okay! XD

EDIT: More for my own reference later, but wow, Misato cried while reading Shin Ai in a cafe. And apparently she got a copy (likely from Nana-san herself) several days before the release date. XD

EDIT2: What in the…? So it’s not “Pre-orders out of stock” anymore on CDJapan, it’s now OUT OF PRINT… (Already!?) ^^;;

水樹奈々-いつか歌いたいオリジナル演歌 [Mizuki Nana]

If you’re not completely sold on buying Mizuki Nana’s autobiography yet, I’m sure danie’s most recent post will convince you.
^It really will tell you all the reasons why you have to buy it.

I could cry just reading those bits. Never mind when I get the book and flip it open.

I teared up in the final sentence of that news article. The final quote quoted was taken from the end of the autobiography itself:
Alternate online source: here

One day, I hope to be able to sing an enka song that is written solely for me. When that happens, that will be the moment when our dreams will take form. Only then, will the long lessons with my father reach an end.


But all of this have reminded me of this post I made back in 2009.

^That particular Smile-Gang broadcast (#384) still causes me to laugh hysterically. XDD

It’ll provide a good laugh after the tears. XD

EDIT: Fixed link. Accidentally linked comments instead of post… OTL … Though they did lead to the same place. XDD;;

Autobiography cover [Mizuki Nana]

As far as I know, this cover was officially up on Amazon yesterday… 7 days before the release date. Deliberate or coincidence? XD


EDIT: Is it just me or is Mizuki Nana Official Website down? I have not been able to access it for several hours now.
^Wasn’t just me, but looks like the site is back now. :3

EDIT2: Just found out the cover was posted on Nana-san’s official website since the 12th… Only that it was a smaller version. XD;;

Smile-Gang 458 [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang, seiyuu, Pokemon]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第458回【デジラジ音源】

Haha. It’s the second broadcast in the year 2011, but due to “radio magic” as Nana-san calls it, they are still in the world of 2010. In other words, in this broadcast, no one in Smile-Gang are aware the results of Kouhaku yet.

…And they’ve made another bet with regards to the Hakone Ekiden

Due to the fact that we are in the world of 2011, the results are already known.
Which means Nana-san has successfully accumulated 2 batsu game point already.

And because Nana-san was too nice to let Misato change her guesses… Haha. Misato actually got it right despite not knowing anything about the relay marathon. XDD;

And school corner… Buahahaha. At 13:42, Nana-san imitates a goat and then a “sexy” goat. Meh-he~h. XDD

Everyone go check out the last few minutes of episode 5 of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! to appreciate her awesome voice acting skills as Mijumaru. XD
Found 2 clips from ep. 4 and 7 respectively (click here and here). Neither compares to the last few minutes of EPISODE 5 though, so I STRONGLY encourage everyone to watch that particular episode and have a good laugh. XD (depression76 and I found it hilarious). XD


I was going to post this about an hour earlier, but then I got swarmed by MSN messages.


IT IS NOW 2011!!! (≧▽≦)/

Listening to Mizuki Nana’s POWER GATE because it’s always been my New Year’s song after coming in contact with the song. :3