Big News? [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第460回【デジラジ音源】

Nana (before commercial): I have something very, very important to tell everyone.
Misato (after commercial): Smile-Gang has been around for close to 10 years. Nana-san is 31. So this news shouldn’t come as a shock, but I was still very surprised. But this is something that Nana-san has decided for herself, so I’ll be quiet and listen to this news one more time with all of you who are currently in front of the radio. Well then, Nana-san…
Nana: Hai. I, Mizuki Nana, am getting…getting… I’m getting… married (haha!) XD two singles release!!!

^For those of you who didn’t get it, Nana-san was hesitating on ‘ke-ke-KETTEISHIMASHITA!” Both Misato and Nana-san were playing on the word, “kekkon” (which means ‘to marry’). XDD


Mizuki Nana
to release 2 new singles
on April 13, 2011

Title yet to be determined.

How many of you saw this coming? I did. Well, to a certain extent.
I did not foresee Nana-san releasing two singles on the same day, but let’s face it, we all knew that she was going to release something.

The interesting thing to note is that both CDs will be selling for 777 yen. Which is cheap. Half price of normal singles! Misato wonders if King Records will be okay with that price… Nana-san said they should be.

My opinion? Of course they will be. >_>;; Especially because…

Mizuki Nana – Live Journey 2011

It will be the longest tour that Nana-san has had up until now, spanning over 3 months. The first concert will occur in Fukuoka on May 7th and ending with a concert held at Saitama Super Arena on July 24th. Pretty much a concert a week except she’ll be holding 2 day concerts at Miyagi – Sendai Sun Plaza Hall and Aichi – Nihon Gaishi Hall.
14 concerts over 3 months in total.

May 7 (Sat) – Fukuoka – Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
May 14 (Sat) – Yokohama – Kurashiki City Auditorium
May 21 (Sat) – Tochigi – Utsunomiya City Cultural Hall
May 28 (Sat) – Miyagi – Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
May 29 (Sun) – Miyagi – Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
June 4 (Sat) – Ishikawa – Hondanomari Hall
June 5 (Sun) – Niigata – Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
June 12 (Sun) – Shizuoka – Hanamatsu Act City
June 18 (Sat) – Hokkaido – Nitori Bunka Hall
June 25 (Sat) – Ehime – Ehime-ken Ehime Culture Foundation ~Himegin Hall~
July 9 (Sat) – Aichi – Nihon Gaishi Hall
July 10 (Sun) – Aichi – Nihon Gaishi Hall
July 18 (Mon) – Osaka – Osaka-jou Hall
July 24 (Sun) – Saitama – Saitama Super Arena

Above dates and places can all be found here.

EDIT: Thanks to kaikowolfy for pointing it out… But it would seem, according to the official Mizuki Nana website, that the singles are planned to only have 2 songs each.
Which means, for all of us overseas fans, we’re paying more due to shipping. -__-;;

36 comments on “Big News? [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. my god my god my god you gotta be kidding …
    first about the single is indeed expected
    but it is the tour I am suprised. I will be on internship in Asia. I am sooooo hoping I am gonna get a chance to see Nana chan live….

  2. riiiiggght……getting marryyyy..i dont think soooo..sooooon.. XD
    but this news is very surprising when i 1st heard, 2 new singles?!?! on the same day? O_o?
    n 2.5 months Live tour *faint* well all the best Nana-chan!!!! ^_^V

  3. I went to Live Grace’s first day and she annouced the upcoming 2 new singles in the concert. She said she didn’t do something like this since Power Gate/Love History. So, we, as good fans, have to save our money for new singles again. You are so cruel Nana-sama. But she still has some mercy to make them price only 777 yen each. XD
    My friends who attended both days told me about Live Journey, too. I am considering to attend one again (= much more money to spend T-T). Even though Live Grace was a totally awesome concert but it was lack of my fav songs and most of the songs are ballads. I want to jump more and see Next Arcadia live. 

    • Yeah, she said the same thing in Smile-Gang. :3
      Haha. Honestly, considering fans are likely to buy both (because it doesn’t make sense to get just one XD), we’re paying out the same amount as if she released just one single.
      Is it just me, or does the topic of “money” often come up when talking about Nana nowadays? XDD

      • Because Mizuki-shishou (she called herself this in the concert XD) is a money-sucker but all fans still love to pay for her XD

  4. Aaaand finally the singles arrived. Two in one day…god I have to save even more money now ><. And after the live games+shin'ai+pkmn splurges too Dx
    And that 3 Month concert sounds very appealing. Anyone going? xDD I’m planning to go if my wallet permits it >>

    • Yes, the anticipated singles. XD
      Two in one day doesn’t make much of a difference considering the price. 2 singles at 777 yen is approximately the same price of one single… and we were expecting her to release a single around that time anyway. XD
      I’m pretty much in the same position as you. Except that I haven’t spent any on pkmn yet. 😛 But it’ll happen, just a matter of time… ^^;;
      Hahaha. There will be a lot of people going. I won’t be there though. *sighs*
      You have a few months to try to fatten up your wallet? 8D

      • But with two CDs in one order, doesnt that make the shipping and handling price go up?? @_@
        My heart nearly stops when I saw the 7s, I thought she’s gonna have 7 in one day Dx
        Pkmn shall suck your money and leave you wanting for more hahaha. But that’s actually true O_o
        Yep yep, and I wish I’m a part of the lot who’s going *sighs*. Ah,working? It’s summer after all.
        make that a year,coz I’m planning to go to the next riripa if there’s going to be another one xDD. For now,enough splurging coz them college books ain’t cheap >>

        • I forgot about that… OTL
          But yes, it would… And I just checked and found out something. It’s planned to be 2 songs only on EACH CD. Ok, yeah, we’re definitely losing out on the deal as overseas fans. D:
          Haha, 7 singles in one day or 7 mini-lives? XD Wait, actually, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something like that. ^^;;
          Yup. The fact that I’ve been getting a game from each generation since the 1st generation indicates how much money it has gained from me alone, never mind with everyone else in the world. XD
          Nope, school. My university operates on a tri-semester basis (likely designed for co-op students, especially for my specific program), and because I don’t want to delay graduation by another semester, I’m going to go through summer semester and be done with. ><
          That’s quite a long-term planning. XD But I guess that will give you enough time to save up money for the trip. XDD And I feel your pain. Tuition and textbook is a serious stab to the wallet. ;_;

          • I nearly screamed when I did the math.My god, I already splurged enough!!Dx. And after this I expect she’s getting out an album,prolly after the lives…NOOOOOOO~
            7 singles in one day,haha.I’m not gonna attend the lives,so the singles worries me more.NOOO! if she does that we’re screwed Dx
            Right?Haha.Not counting the books+stickers and whatnots.The trading cards especially, drained my allowance during grade school lol.
            Ah,how nice ><.Wish I could do that as well,my summer are rather dull and I'd prolly sulk through this year's summer coz of Live Journey Dx.Hope you graduate soon! =3 Yep yep, that way I get Yukarin, Nana and Nanofate in one go! lol. YEAHHHH!! Those two tops the worries of a uni student. Wish there’s a texbook renting program or something,that’ll help a lot >>

            • I don’t think she’ll have enough songs to get an album out this year. But yeah, probably early next year…
              Haha, yup. Or she’ll force us revert back to being a logical consumer because we can’t afford anymore. XD
              Hahaha! I don’t even want to try to determine how much money I spent on the trading cards. The entire binder now sits under my desk and the holographic cards are in a separate little box. XDD
              It’s an odd feeling. Ever since setting foot into uni, I’ve wanted to get out as soon as possible. But now it’s coming up soon, it’s a scary thought…
              There is a textbook renting program (it’s not available for all books though), but it’s often still more expensive than trying to get a second-hand book. It’s good if the publishers just changed editions and there are no second-hand books available though. XD
              Hahaha. And you’ll get a lot of laughs from it too. And don’t forget the Yagami family!

  5. Yeah, I wished that she is going to release TWO NEW SINGLES, and she did it! *dances* XDD
    But it seems that each Single only has 2 songs. So ONE single with 4 Songs, is cheaper then this 2 Singles with 4 Songs..
    About the Live.. It’s really big. O.o And I can’t believe that there are people who are planning on going TO ALL 14 lives… really overdone -.-
    And how much money do they have? O.o
    But the Live has something negative. I hoped that Nana is coming to Japan Expo this year (I know the chance was very incredible), but with that live…

    • I didn’t realize that until you mentioned it, but I just checked, and you’re right! It’s currently planned to be 2 songs on each single. :S
      Price is still pretty much the same for residents in Japan, but for those of us who pay shipping… we’re actually paying more. XP
      Those who are planning to go to all 14 would require A LOT of money. Not only for the concert tickets but for travel expenses as well.
      Yeah… That live will eat up all her time for that period…

  6. HOLY MOLY 777 YEN AAAHHH if i dont buy it then i will fail as a human being… time to get dad to finally make me a paypal
    aaaaaahhh i was kind of hoping LIVE JOURNEY would be international too. haha. 3 months holy shit.

    • It’s only a good a deal if you plan to buy just one of the two singles. Unless you live in Japan/plan to purchase the singles while in Japan. ^^;; As overseas fans, we have to pay shipping, and 2 CDs with 4 songs total (2 songs per CD), it’s better if she just released a normal one single with 4 songs.
      It’ll probably still be a while before she holds any live concerts internationally. ^^;;

  7. I actually saw this coming. xD I’ve noticed since Yukarin’s release date for her Platinum Lover’s Day single. That King Records exchange tour dates with her for a reason we would never know. xD
    I think Nana-san used to release Singles at January – Feb and get a mini concert at around April – May. and then another at around Jul – Aug or Winter. xD
    Yukarin used to go mini concert at January, and release a single at April then concert at Jul – Aug. xD Mishi-obaasan! What is this?! xD!
    I totally find it funny though, although the exchange was obvious. (I just felt like sharing~~ orz. Feel free to ignore)
    And LOL, getting married. xD Not yet, I bet. xD! [s]Unless it’s Yukarin*shot[/s] This is actually good news though, although… 777¥ for 2 songs per single… orz.
    We are gonna be poor. And my friend has a hunch that one of them might be for ‘Dog Days,’ xD!

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