Eyes on World of M [Mizuki Nana, music, doraemon]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #052 (2010,06,26)

Nana-san recommended Faye Wong’s Eyes on Me (great live version here) this week when a 15 year old sent in a letter asking her to recommend a song for sleepless nights. After the song, she explained that the 15 year old probably wouldn’t recognize this song because he would still be in kindergarten when it was first released. Nana-san said that she, herself, wasn’t even in her 20s yet when she fell in love with the song (doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she was 19 at the time then XD)…

…Okay… Wow… the song that old? I was in love with the song too… Because it was the theme song of FFVIII (and my mom is a fan of Faye Wong — which meant the song was played quite often in the car).
…I feel old now… OTL Nonetheless, the song did make me feel nostalgic (and calmer).

Continuing with the blast from the past… Anyone else other me a fan of Doraemon? At the very least, you all should have heard of the cute and awesome robotic cat from the 22nd century. Nana-san lists her top 7 favourite/most wanted tools that appeared in the manga/anime series.

Doraemon secret tool TOP 7 in the opinion of Mizuki Nana

ミュステリオン PV [Mizuki Nana]

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the PV being up! :3

It’s available for download if you know where to look. Otherwise, it’s available on the usual sites for now, but it probably won’t be up for long… Then again, they’ll probably keep popping up as they’re being deleted. XD

I just want to say… Don’t watch it when you’re home alone, is sitting in a dark room, and thinking to turn up the volume to max. Because that was scary! Not scary as Mugen PV scary but anyone slightly alert would’ve jumped in their chairs (like I did… And I was/am very, very tired) at the beginning. Although, in hindsight, it was kind of predictable, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for it.

Nonetheless, it’s kinda cool, I guess, albeit a little on the 意味不明 side in my opinion. ^^;;

And here ends my mandatory “New PV is up!” post. I need sleep now. *collapses*

Young Alive! [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第427回【デジラジ音源】

Misato~~ www Sometimes, I think I listen to Smile-Gang more for Misato than Nana-san. XDD The school corner is just way too funny. XD I also urge everyone to check out Misato’s blog (post on June 1st). Because she lost at rock-paper-scissors to Nana-san last week, she has to put up a picture of her messy apartment. That reminds me, the very beginning of this week’s Smile-Gang was of Nana-san imitating Misato. XDD

Anyway, moving onto the more important point of this post. NEW SONG AIRED ON SMILE-GANG!

Young Alive!

…Should I comment on the name? Let’s not… Yes, I’m aware it’s the opening song for an anime of the same title… But that’s because the anime was named after the song.

Before I go on, let me first point out that Nana-san wrote the lyrics herself. There is one line that made me burst out laughing (and no, it’s not the amount of 全力全開 that appeared, though it did make me chuckle).

I will make it together

*falls over laughing* Does she not have an editor? XD The line just jumped at me when I heard it. Seriously, they should at least have someone to double check her english lines. XD

Explanation/Background information regarding the creation of Young Alive! as revealed by Mizuki Nana