Glorious Sunshine [Shugo Chara, Mizuki Nana]

Following up with the previous Shugo Chara post, it would seem that the full version of 太陽が似合うよ (TAIYOU GA NIAU YO) is to be released on August 5th… [Source here]

O.o Isn’t that… just a little over a week from now? I’m surprised they’re promoting this song only 2 weeks before the actual release date. Heartful Song was an excruciatingly long wait. But of course, I’m not complaining. The TV version of 太陽が似合うよ have been looping in my mind ever since I watched the episode so full version can’t come any sooner. XDDD

And I think I should also take the time to point out that 太陽が似合うよ does NOT translate to Glorious Sunshine. 太陽が似合うよ roughly translates to “Like the sun” or in a less literal sense but closer to the actual meaning, “As bright as the sun.” Glorious Sunshine is merely Utau’s concert title / theme. However, it does also come up in the lyrics of 太陽が似合うよ.

^There are several of these videos uploaded on YouTube already. But because the full version has yet to be released, everyone has been using the version from episode 93 (which means you will hear talking…). Still, it’s better than nothing. 😀

Throw Away The Cheap Pride that You Wear [Shugo Chara, Mizuki Nana]

It has been a LONG while since I’ve watched the same episode FOUR times within 12 hours. And for THIS series no less.

But allow me to dork over this episode because:
1) It’s about Hoshina Utau
2) NEW SONG!!! (Another awesome Mizuki Nana song!!! YAY!!!)
3) Utau is cuter than before, if that’s possible. :O
4) KUUKAI!!! 😀
5) KuukaixUtau!!! XDDD

Hoshina Utau! Fly Towards the Future! (Image-heavy + Spoilers + Utau&Mizuki Nana comparisons)

え!?知らなかった… [FMA, Mizuki Nana]


Mizuki Nana is the seiyuu for Ran Fan in FMA: Brotherhood!?!?!?!?!


Ok, I might actually watch Brotherhood now. ^^;;

Not to come across sounding as though I’ve lost all interest in FMA. I still love it (especially the manga). It’s just that I’ll have a lot of problems adjusting to Roy, Riza, and Winry’s voices after being so used to the old cast… >_>;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第381回 – Guest: Miyano Mamoru

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第381回

Nana-san mis-pronouncing at the beginning was cute. XD “Sou deshu ne~.” Of course, Misato would not pass up this chance to tease/make fun of Nana-san. XDDD

Anyway, this week’s guest is Miyano Mamoru (the guy who is “all bones and no meat” according to Nana-san because he is skinny XD). Apparently, he’s known for being able to put his fist into his mouth, and the reason you hear him saying “poff” when he first arrived was due to him trying to say “Shassu!” with his fist in his mouth.
Anyone else notice how he just takes the show away as soon as he arrives? He just kept talking. XD Add Nana-san into the conversation and the two didn’t stop until Misato interrupted (which led to the comment that “Misato is ドS” by both Nana-san and Miyano. XD Unfortunately, he wasn’t there for long (was he even there for 7 minutes?), but that’s because Smile-Gang was never a long program to begin with. 😛

The reason Miyano Mamoru is on this week’s Smile-Gang is purely for promotion purposes – for his new single – J★S.

^This would’ve been an awesome video if he wasn’t dressed in ridiculously colourful pants. I’m okay with his t-shirts, but… >_>;; I like him best in the black pants, pink t-shirt and black vest here. I really liked the dance choreography though. Same director as the person who directed Nana-san’s Etsuraku Camellia PV. :3

Symphonia Movie Opening Song [Mizuki Nana]

Eh… It feels like I’ve been away from LJ for a long time, but in actuality, it hasn’t even been a week. For the time being, I’m feeling better. :3 But for some reason, I’m finding it very difficult to focus on anything. It largely has to do with the fact that I just don’t want to think. I’m aware there’s only so much I can run though. And I don’t want to keep digging this hole for myself either.
So… *grins slightly*…Ganbarimasu.

According to both 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第380回 and 水樹奈々のMの世界 #002 (July 10, 2009)

LIVE FEVER & LIVE DIAMOND DVD will be released together as a BOXSET!

No dates are planned yet. But this likely means that Live Fever will be released later than usual and Live Diamond will be released earlier than expected? Honestly, I have to say, smart move. I’m sure, a lot of people (myself included), are not planning to get Live Fever at all. I was going to save up money for Live Diamond instead. Eh, but now we’re forced to pay for Live Fever if we want to watch Live Diamond on Blu-ray/DVD. XP

Also… New single (Nana-san’s 20th single) to be released this fall. :3 I fail as a Tales fan. D: I did not know Tales of Symphonia was getting a theatrical release until Nana-san said one of the songs on this single is ToS Movie opening song. ^^;;