父と娘 [Mizuki Nana]

I’m sure there isn’t a single Mizuki Nana fan right now who isn’t patiently waiting for an update on her blog.

To be honest, I didn’t believe the news at first. But now that I’ve seen this and combining it with the fact that Nana-san hasn’t updated her blog for 2 days straight… It would seem the sad news was true…

Kondou Nobumitsu-san, father of Mizuki Nana, passed away on the night of October 29th at 8:40 due to multiple organ failure. Age 75. Born in Ehime-ken. Funeral is to be held among family and close friends. Host of the funeral will be his wife, Michiko-san.
[Online news article found here]

Given Nana-san’s relationship with her father, I can’t begin to imagine what her and her family must be going through right now. Being very close with my own dad, I got a teary-eyed just thinking about the situation. I can still remember Nana-san fondly speaking of her dad taking her on a fishing trip when she was young (for more information, watch Yahoo!Live Talk with Mizuki Nana).

I hope Nana-san won’t force herself too much the next couple of days.
If this message can get to you somehow; take as much time as you need to recover. Your fans will support you no matter what. We will wait for as long as needed.

立ち止まらずに歩こう [Seiyuu, Mizuki Nana]

I just wasted the past two hours doing I-don’t-know-what. D: But I’m hit with extreme drowsiness everytime I try to do my assignments. *sighs* Assignments on top of “studying” for midterms…! Someone save me from these horrors! ;_;

Anyway, was making my daily rounds to Mizuki Nana’s blogs. She has a picture of her cute little Kei-tan up! =D Apparently, Kei-tan has been disobedient lately. He refuses to enter his cage when Nana-san leaves for work in the mornings or when she prepares to go to bed at night. In fact, Kei-tan sensei has been hiding under chairs and tables a lot. :O Nana-san even wrote that she had to chase Kei-tan around for over 10 minutes! (A very cute image of Nana-san running around in circles around her apartment trying to catch Kei-tan suddenly entered my mind. XD)


Anyway, yanked from
Choose 5 seiyuu before answering the questions that follow.

Do NOT look at the questions beforehand, if only because that spoils the surprise of things. There may be questions that, depending on which seiyuu you chose, you will not be able to answer — if that is the case, please elaborate why.
Seiyuu Meme

「平気だから」っていつも真っ直ぐに見つめるから [Mizuki Nana + Life]

Just so no one else thinks I’m currently lying on a hospital bed… Here is my weekly Mizuki Nana post. XD (Supposed to be posted yesterday but my internet connection refused to cooperate with me. D: To the point where I badly wanted to throw my router out the window. XD)

But before I start talking about the weekly radio broadcasts… I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR MY CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAY present this/next year!!! =D
^For once, I have an answer to all those who ask me what I want as my Xmas/B-day present (especially my aunt who always asks me but I never have an answer ready). =3

Smile Gang Episode 341

駆けつけたダンナ,フェイト!www [MSLN]

I don’t mean to spam, but this deserves its own post.


Interviewer: –At the end of the first episode (of A’s), the scene where Fate came to rescue Nanoha was very touching.
Yukari: At that time, “My husband–!!” was what I thought (laughs).
Nana: A husband who came running to save his/her wife who was in trouble. That’s what it felt like (laughs).

^It’s great to have two of your favourite seiyuu supporting your favourite pairing of the series. XD

Note: The above interview was taken for the latest (November) issue of NewType (which had some information regarding Nanoha the MOVIE 1st).

Count to Nana [Mizuki Nana]

*sighs* I’m so not motivated to study. ;_; I’m screwed. I should be in mad panic mode right now, but all I feel is fatigue at the moment. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. I keep having nightmares/weirdo dreams that wake me up several times a night…

But leaving the depressing stuff aside and onto some happy news…

#2 on the WEEKLY ORICON CHART: Mizuki Nana’s 18th single – TRICKSTER
^Omedettou!!! \(^0^) I was going to check the chart myself, but since Nana-san announced it on her blog already, I don’t feel the need to do so anymore. XD I would think NEWS’s newest single topped the chart this week. =P

Anyway, today is a Wednesday, so it’s Nana-san’s turn to host GOLD RUSH.
She revealed some very interesting things this week, such as her nicknames when she was young.
10.08.08 GOLD RUSH – M no Sekai

Opening the Door to the Future [Mizuki Nana]

The stuff I do during my study breaks. XDD Well, I was listening to these radio broadcasts (wasn’t LIVE obviously) as I was studying so I thought I’d jot down my a few of my thoughts seeing that I have a bit of time. =D

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第340回 081005
^Episode 340 of Smile-Gang. =D
As always, I admire Mizuki Nana-san’s outlook on life. =D And Misato is hilarious though I do have to wonder why everyone likes picking on Nana-san. XD

Mizuki Nana – I’m not returning because I’m moving forward