I always have problems filling out these about pages… What am I supposed to write anyway?

Name: Kasumi
Age: Take your guess. 😛
Gender: Female

About username: kasumife7

kasumi is a username I’ve used since a long time ago. Very common name though, so something is usually tacked onto the name either before or after ‘kasumi.’

The ‘fe7’ I’ve chosen this time around (and probably will be the username I use elsewhere from now on because it doesn’t look like it’s being used anywhere else) is taken from Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword is my favourite FE game in the entire series (what I’ve played anyway) and is sometimes known as FE7 due to it being the 7th installment. (Yes, I’m amidst my FE7 obsession again).

Coincidentally, 7 = Nana, and this blog is largely about Mizuki Nana. XD

About the blog: Eternal Blaze Generation

I have no naming sense. Does that answer the question of why I named this place Eternal Blaze Generation? I originally thought of ‘Blaze’ due to my revived FE7 obsession. And I like the word ‘Generation.’ I guess it can also be taken to be a combination between ‘ETERNAL BLAZE’ and ‘SUPER GENERATION.’
Doesn’t matter as I can change it easily if I ever get a sudden spark of inspiration (that probably will never come).

As the tagline says, this is my (potentially) senseless rambling over Mizuki Nana and seiyuu in general. Yes, I have a voice fetish of sorts… But so does Nana-san so it’s okay, right? XD

A lot of the posts were formerly made on my LJ here (icewolf-kasumi) before I decided to move them off here to WP. If you ever wonder if I’m still alive due to inactivity, my LJ is probably the place to check. 😛

Why does this blog exist? ただの自己満足ですww

3 comments on “About

  1. I was a bit depressed checking on your old Live Journal for updates. Never checked it afterwards. Luckily I found your WordPress.

    Keep up the good work!! and Thanks a lot for the radio summaries. They help a lot while listening.


    • I remember you! It’s good to see you here! =D
      I did put up a link on my LJ after moving all my seiyuu-related posts here to WP, but I guess it wasn’t very apparent. Sorry about that. ><

    • piinaviikko meneillään, eli neljän viikon loma alkaa ensi viikolla. Ja mikä ihaninta: mitään kiinteitä suunnitelmia ei ole! Rulleluistalua toivottavasti mahtuu lomaan paljon.

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