Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009 [Mizuki Nana]


That was an awesome performance. On stage, Nana-san didn’t look nervous at all. And as expected, Cherry Boys and Agematsu Mika were with her. 😀

And it might come across a little weird (to people who don’t know her) that she was smiling that bright smile when they mentioned her father passing away last year (most people start crying), but I think her answer was great, “I’m sure he will be standing with me on stage today!”

Also, was it just me or did people’s cheers come across to be much louder when Nana-san appeared? XDD And the Digital Support Team kept mentioning that “She’s really amazing” when they were on stage (before the singing) with her. XD

BUT YEAH! I’M GLAD I WOKE UP AT 5AM (I have 14 hour time difference with Japan) TO WATCH NANA-SAN LIVE ON KOUHAKU!!! XDDD

Again, I have to say, that was a great performance! Congratulations Nana-san! 😀

EDIT: So I’m sure most know about this already, but White Team won again this year! Honestly, I’m not surprised. However, it does get a little frustrating when they always win by a landslide… >_< Though I have to say, White Team ended off really strong with Kitajima Saburou.

Last Smile-Gang Broadcast of 2009 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第404回【デジラジ音源】

I have to wonder… I really have to wonder… Is it okay for someone who is going to appear on Kouhaku to be doing this? XDDD;;
The first part of the Smile-Gang was done in PUBLIC, over the phone. Because Nana-san is doing everything on the phone, no one knows she is doing a radio show. Imagine what the general public thinks of her. In fact, she kept saying, “But people are LOOKING!” whenever Misato told her to do something. XDD

I feel so bad for Nana-san. ^^;; Because this is the last broadcast of 2009, the points accumulated for the “punishment game” throughout the year come into play. And so… We hear what we hear on this week’s Smile-Gang. XD

Smile-Gang Broadcast Episode 404

Preview of SONG COMMUNICATION [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #026 (2009,12,25)
^Go to 14:53

Everyone remember this post about Prits? Well, that’s the song they recorded. :3 The Prits-feel is certainly there, but the style of song itself is refreshing… Honestly, it reminds me more of character song than anything else. ^^;;

And apparently, SONG COMMUNICATION is to be the ending theme for The World of M beginning in 2010. Do radio shows really need an ending song? She talks over it anyway. XDD


It is currently 12:04AM where I am (and I’m aware that pretty much everyone on my f-list are ahead of me in terms of timezone) so…


I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful day! =D

Have one of Nana-san’s older Christmas songs. :3

I personally think the NON-Holy Night version sounds more Christmas-y, but I don’t think anyone uploaded that to YouTube… ^^;;


Thanks to raizoo for the heads up!

The PV is HERE~~~~~!!!

I don’t know how else to describe it except for… interesting? Nana-san said it will have a “fairy-like” feel and I suppose that’s true.
It’s quite the step-down from Mugen MV, but maybe that’s a good thing…? :S

If I recall correctly, it was said on Smile-Gang that the director of the PV wanted to link back to Innocent Starter, but I don’t see any “links”? Maybe I should find that episode and listen to it again…

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED CM [Mizuki Nana, general gaming]

After being extremely frustrated that I can’t play the trailers properly on the main website (alternatively, you can go to this page here, but it doesn’t play for me either)…

Someone has uploaded it to YouTube! \(^0^)/

15 seconds of Nana-san’s UNCHAIN∞WORLD playing in the background. Not enough to get a proper impression but it’s better than nothing. ;D

He had been the one who walked down this path together with me [Mizuki Nana]

Because I sort of promised that I’d do this. Thanks to shoeythoughts for stalking YouTube? XDD

^Hello from Studio Park (Studio Park kara Konnichiwa), in which Mizuki Nana and Funky Monkey Babys are interviewed for the appearance on Kouhaku this year.

The letter from her mother at the end made me cry. ;_;

A quick run-through of what happened throughout the interview

PHANTOM MINDS -Smile-Gang Digital Radio quality- [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第401回【デジラジ音源】
Smile-Gang this week was hilarious… But due to my own time constraints, I can’t write much about it.

But the most IMPORTANT part is PHANTOM MINDS. At 21:30.

It’s still not the best quality, but the version here is slightly better than the one on YouTube right now. ;3

You know what’s amazing? I do think of Nanoha when I hear this song. And apparently, Nana-san purposely put in the same/similar lyrics as Innocent Starter to link the two songs together/give the same feeling. Does anyone else realize how awesome that is? :3


I am still waiting for Smile-Gang, but I’ve already listened to PHANTOM MINDS (extremely low quality). In fact, I’d say the trailer version I heard yesterday was better.

I’m not going to link for now because low quality versions ruin the experience (though I suspect most people have already heard it/will run off to YouTube right this instant). XP
I’ll wait for the higher-quality version of Smile-Gang which should be uploaded within the next few hours. :3

But let me say that… I LOVE THIS SONG ALREADY! That is precisely the type of song that I’ve missed from Nana-san.

Will be back when Smile-Gang is uploaded. For now… back to studying… XP