足ジャンケン XD [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第386回【デジラジ音源】

You know what’s really cool about Smile-Gang? It never fails to make me laugh / amuse me.
Unlike World of M which is rather bland most of the time. >_<

Smile-Gang 386 – Nana-san talks about playing rock-paper-scissors in a unique way XD

君がくれた奇跡 [MSLN, Mizuki Nana]

I was fully intending on finishing off my K-TAI post. Really.

But then… This came along:


^Fate looks so much like a Papa here. XDDD

*takes a deep breath* I am trying very hard to keep this post coherent. It is proving to be very difficult though.

I admit, I started watching MSLN purely because of Mizuki Nana. Part of the reason I became a NanoFate fan was because of her too (because, as we all know, she’s an avid supporter of NanoFate).
But somewhere along the way, I completely fell in love with the series on its own. And this drama CD here Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA THE MOVIE 1st Drama CD -Side F- reminds me of all the reasons why.

And I guess I’ll take some time to fangirl over Nana-san’s awesome voice acting skills. This is a drama CD. No visuals whatsoever. Yet I can hear clearly when Fate is being hesitant, embarassed, disappointed, gentle, etc..

Also, there is the song. I am looping it continuously. I always like it when Nana-san sings slow/ballad-type songs.
While 君がくれた奇跡 (The Miracle You Gave Me) isn’t on the same epic level as Innocent Starter or ETERNAL BLAZE, it’s definitely my favourite MSLN song from her so far.

The lyrics are another thing to fangirl about. Fate is singing about Nanoha here in this song. And I start grinning to myself everytime Fate sings I want to tell you, “I love you”.

More later… Haven’t listened to -Side N- yet but I think I should go calm down a bit first. XDDD;;

Anisama 2009 soon…[Mizuki Nana]

This will prove to be interesting.

According to Nana-san’s most recent blog entry, she will be sharing the same dressing room as Tamura Yukari (or more commonly referred to as “Princess Yukarin of the neighbouring country”) this year as well.

And we all know the potential for crazy laughter when these two are together. XD Nana-san even said she’ll most likely be having fun while waiting for her performance. XDD (Smile-Gang 332 comes to mind. XD)

^I guess this means, as speculated, the two of them will be performing a duet together again (or at least, there is a VERY HIGH chance of it happening).
I’m half expecting a duet between Nana-san and SUARA, with them singing one of SUARA’s songs. :3
Though I personally wouldn’t mind a duet between Nana-san and Hirano Aya. I’m aware a lot of fans will be against this (i never actually understood the hatred), but I honestly don’t think it’ll be bad. Their single line duet in RE:BRIDGE ~Return to oneself~ sounded pretty good.
OR a duet between Endoh Maasaki and Nana-san! ETERNAL BLAZE! That’d be really awesome. 😀

…You know, I keep saying I’ll write about K-TAI, but it remains half written. XDDD Not my fault I keep coming across more information/photos from various places. XDDD

Mizuki Nana 20th Single [Mizuki Nana]

I meant to post this yesterday but DISCOTHEQUE on MUSIC JAPAN completely diverted my attention.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第385回【デジラジ音源】

Mizuki Nana’s 20th single will be released on October 28, 2009 and will contain four songs.
All 4 songs will be A-Side. (Another Starcamp EP? XD) The only things confirmed song-wise, however, is that one song will be the opening for the second season of White Album and another one will be the opening of Tales of Symphonia OVA – Tethe’alla side. (Nothing we don’t already know.)

^Apparently, the second part of the Tales of Symphonia The Animation has gone from being a movie to OVA.

Aside from the announcement of the 20th single… Nothing particularly stood out on this week’s Smile-Gang. Except for maybe the beginning where Misato asks Nana-san, “If you were born a guy, what would you want your name to be?” and Nana-san answering with “Hayato or Tsubasa.”

And of course, the title call: “Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang detekoiya (translation: come on!)!” XDDD

She also mentions that the most guy-ish characteristic she possesses is being able to eat a lot as well as being able to eat quickly. XDDD

Hm… I eat quickly too… XD

In a slight switch of topics… As expected, I wasn’t able to sleep much yesterday. XDDD Still high because of DISCOTHEQUE performance. XD



^I don’t know how long this video will be up but WATCH IT WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!!


Oh wow, I actually managed some form of coherency. XDDD

EDIT: *cough* In my crazed excitement over seeing Discotheque Live, I forgot to mention Chihara Minori is also a guest this week, so you’ll hear Paradise Lost live as well. :3

Smile-Gang 384 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第384回【デジラジ音源】

I’ve said this many times, but Misato and Nana-san make a very good combo (the fact that they keep ending up in a tie when playing rock-paper-scissors should tell as much). XD

Anyway, at the beginning, continuing their delusional state from last week, the both of them imagine themselves at a Fireworks Festival. Because Nana-san lost to Misato at rock-paper-scissors, she is responsible for the sound effects while Misato is the one admiring the fireworks.
…Am I the only one who thinks the “fireworks” sounded more like a machine gun? And the “pew~” sounds are the missiles flying through the air? Fireworks Festival turned battlefield? XDD

But the most hilarious part of this episode? The following:

Sma-Dai Campus Life – Engeki Circle (Drama Club) – aka where hilarity and chaos ensues XD

Let the chaos begin. XD

Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva [Mizuki Nana]

Nana-san’s singing talent knows no bounds. :O

Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva

Click on the link. Load the trailer. Watch it.

Hear that? No, I’m not referring to her awesome voice acting skills. Hear the opera singing in the background? THAT IS NANA-SAN! The actual full song has yet to be recorded (Nana-san said on her blog that the recording is to take place tomorrow), so the trailer uses a lyrics-less version.

According to Techno-Sound’s staff blog (random Nana-san tidbits here and there on that blog — would’ve never known about the blog’s existence if not for K-TAI XD), there was a singing audition of sorts for the role in which case Nana-san sang Amazing Grace (which presumably landed her the role/led to the decision to allow her to sing rather than get a professional opera singer for the song).

Waai~ I want to hear Nana-san’s version of Amazing Grace!