Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

It’s interesting when I try to analyze my own behaviour. Despite having a very low impression of the Sailor Moon Crystal (thanks to season 1 & 2 where I could NOT bring myself to watch past episode 3), I found myself caring very much about who was going to be casted as Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune for this upcoming series.

I don’t believe I’ve ever checked my phone at an interval of 15 seconds to see if they’ve announced the new cast yet (and becoming increasingly amused as I read through Fujioka Sayaka, Takahashi Karin, and Koyama Momoyo’s Sailor Moon-related tweets on my twitter feed while waiting).

When the news did come through though — I found myself surprisingly not feeling anything. Before I go any further, I want to say that this has nothing to do with the voice actresses who have been cast into this role. I’ve heard both Minagawa-san and Ohara-san’s work and I know they are good voice actors.

But I suppose, at that moment, the lack of feeling was the realization that was ‘Right… This is a series that I know but don’t know at the same time.’ I think that’s why I’ve been having mixed feelings over Crystal the entire time.

As someone who has read the manga and watched the original anime (and liking the original anime MUCH more than the manga), Ogata Megumi-san’s words went straight to heart.


And suddenly, all these contradicting feelings clicked into place. The original anime, the manga, and now Crystal (which is largely based on the manga) are different series and are therefore different characters. After reading that, it’s as if I let a breath of relief that I didn’t know I had been holding in.

I also have to admit that I shed a tear when I read Megumi-san’s tweet about how Haruka continues to live inside of her. It’s not just me either if this following link is anything to go by:

I would also like to point out that Ogata Megumi not only stated that Haruka continues to live on inside her, but more specifically, she said ‘the Haruka who loves Michiru’ continues to live on inside her. XD

To wrap up… As it is still January 27th where I am…


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