Spreading NanoFate-ism through the World of M? XD [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

Why is it that every time Nana-san speaks about NanoFate, I can’t help but laugh?

水樹奈々のMの世界 #037 (2010,03,12)

Someone randomly said that, if they were to give a White Day present to a 2D character, he’d give Fate a handkerchief.

Now why would anyone give a girl a handkerchief? Cue Nana-san entering her well-known NanoFate-fan-mode.

What she said:
-Fate is more of the otou-san type (Fate-papa! XD)
-especially with Vivio’s existence, Fate and Nanoha is very much husband and wife
-so Nanoha would say something along the lines of, “Dear, do you have your handkerchief?” whenever Fate has to leave (perhaps for her long term missions?)
-this is because Fate is like a Prince*

*If I recall correctly (from my Pokemon days due to people speculating why in the world Misty gave Ash a handkerchief in ep.275), the meaning behind the female giving their knight a handkerchief back in the olden days signified, “Keep me by your side, think of me, and come back safely.”

I want NanoFate fluff now. XP

It’s Fate and Raising Heart! [Mizuki Nana]

The title is lie to a certain extent. :3

And yes, people, I’m still alive. Lack of sleep and overload of work is doing a number of damages to me physically and emotionally.

Anyway, click here~

There’s a 40 something second demo for HEAVENS DIVIDE and 恋の抑止力 on that site.

HEAVENS DIVIDE is the opening of MGS Peacewalker, sung by Donna Burke (aka Raising Heart’s voice actor from MSLN).

恋の抑止力 is the character song for PAZ (CV: Mizuki Nana).

Hence my title for this post. XD Most Mizuki Nana fans have heard 恋の抑止力 already from YouTube, but at least this clip doesn’t have internet radio hosts gushing over this song with countless “kakoii~” “sexy~” “sugoi!” and whatever other things they said. XD;;