It’s Fate and Raising Heart! [Mizuki Nana]

The title is lie to a certain extent. :3

And yes, people, I’m still alive. Lack of sleep and overload of work is doing a number of damages to me physically and emotionally.

Anyway, click here~

There’s a 40 something second demo for HEAVENS DIVIDE and 恋の抑止力 on that site.

HEAVENS DIVIDE is the opening of MGS Peacewalker, sung by Donna Burke (aka Raising Heart’s voice actor from MSLN).

恋の抑止力 is the character song for PAZ (CV: Mizuki Nana).

Hence my title for this post. XD Most Mizuki Nana fans have heard 恋の抑止力 already from YouTube, but at least this clip doesn’t have internet radio hosts gushing over this song with countless “kakoii~” “sexy~” “sugoi!” and whatever other things they said. XD;;


8 comments on “It’s Fate and Raising Heart! [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Sweet, I’ve been wanting to hear Donna Burke’s song. This is pretty cool. Thanks~
    And er, wow, I’m terribly slow. I just realized you were kasu1127. Probably don’t remember me, but I’m the fruit who worked on those maji hima neko Nanoha web comics….

    • You are referring to HEAVENS DIVIDE specifically or any song by Donna Burke? Because you should check out Tales of Legendia’s insert song A Firefly’s Light if you haven’t already…
      And forgive me if I’m wrong but… LVD? 😮

      • Heavens Divide. I’ve heard a few songs from random uploads on nico.
        Hmm, listening to A Firefly’s Light right now. S’pretty cool. I don’t feel like I’m going to get SLB’d or anything!
        Y-Y-You r-r-remem-…. *hides in a box*

        • *lifts and throws away the box*
          Oi, oi, no need to hide. I don’t bite. XD
          But wow, it’s been a while… Though it feels weird to say that since it’s not like we haven’t been talking/commenting or anything… Simply that we didn’t know who each other were. ^^;;
          And it took me a while to figure out how you knew I was kasu1127… Until I remembered that it was written on my profile page. XD

          • Aye. ^^;
            It’s nice to know you’re still around on the interbuts. I thought your exams and stuff killed you. orz
            *rolls away*

            • Heh.
              With Mizuki Nana and MSLN stuff rolling out on a continuous basis, it’s really hard to keep me off the internet completely.
              Though yeah, I suppose I did disappear off the forum without much of a word since I just…stopped visiting. But yeah, still alive and bravely (more like desperately) battling the evils of exams and assignments. XD
              *watches on, amused*
              PS: Good to know you’re still around as well. :3

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