eternal eternity

I admit to be one of those people who raised an eyebrow when the name of the song was first released. “eternal eternity”… What does that even mean? Eternal x 2 = eternal. And it’s not even properly put into upper case! Lol.

But like many things since Season 3 of SMC was announced, I said I’d hold my opinion until I actually saw and heard it. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Thoughts on voice, visual and parts of the lyrics below.

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Michiru’s Bday & Crystal Season 3 trailer

It’s Kaioh Michiru’s birthday and there was a lot of activity going on under #海王みちる生誕祭 on twitter. A lot of tributes and fan arts to our favourite Sailor Neptune that I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through. It’s all the reasons in visual form why Michiru has become my favourite character in Sailor Moon over the past 2 years (it used to be Haruka, who is still very much high up there even now, and before her, Rei).

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

It’s interesting when I try to analyze my own behaviour. Despite having a very low impression of the Sailor Moon Crystal (thanks to season 1 & 2 where I could NOT bring myself to watch past episode 3), I found myself caring very much about who was going to be casted as Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune for this upcoming series.

I don’t believe I’ve ever checked my phone at an interval of 15 seconds to see if they’ve announced the new cast yet (and becoming increasingly amused as I read through Fujioka Sayaka, Takahashi Karin, and Koyama Momoyo’s Sailor Moon-related tweets on my twitter feed while waiting).

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One year since last post…

It actually surprised me quite a bit when I saw the last published post on this blog. I know it’s been a while, but I hadn’t expected it to be a year since I wrote something here.

January 21st.

Happy Birthday, Nana-san!
(Even though I’m sure she will never read this…lol)

I read a few of my more recent posts and it looks like I had planned to do a lot. As always, days turn into weeks into months… and before I knew it, a full year has passed and none of what I said I’d do has been accomplished. A lot of factors played into this but I don’t want this post to go dark so…

For now, I shall just blame it on my re-acquaintance with the HaruMichi fandom. It’s swept away my attention for the better half a year now. XD