Radio StrikerS 2nd #4 — Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

Here’s Radio StrikerS 2nd #4!

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第4回【ゲスト:清水香里・真田アサミ】

Despite the howling protests at the end of the 3rd broadcast, Shimizu Kaori and Sanada Asami return as guests.

Mikako: Last week, you both seemed like you wanted to go home.
Asami: Well, since we’re at it anyway…
Kaori: And because we were dragged here…

Lol. Yes, they never had a choice to begin with. XD

Mikako assures them that this week’s show will be a lot calmer compared to the previous, to which they say they’ll obediently follow her then. There is no lie in that statement. Due to that, this is a relatively tame 4th broadcast in comparison to what we have heard so far.

Tame does not mean less oddness laughter though. You will find out why in the first corner…

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Radio StrikerS 2nd #3 – Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

Although Yukarin is not here to mess around with Mikako in this 3rd installment/episode of Radio StrikerS 2nd, it does not mean it is any less funny.

Just that it’s hilarious in a different way. Because Shimizu Kaori (Signum) will make you laugh even if you don’t understand the language. And Sanada Asami (Vita)’s follow ups will add several more chuckles along the way.

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第3回【ゲスト:清水香里・真田アサミ】

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