Blood-R #4 – Guest: Mizuki Nana [seiyuu]

If anyone ever wants to hear Misato getting bullied (which we rarely get to hear on Smile-Gang), checking in with Blood-R is the way to go. Though I do feel bad for her by the end of #4. ^^;;


As the link title describes, Blood-R is the webradio for the anime Blood-C. It generally reveals information about the plot, characters, and other random questions that listeners sent in. Fukuen Misato and Suzuki Tatsuhisa are the main personality for Blood-R.

Blood-R #4 in particular, invites Mizuki Nana as guest (as she does play the main character role on Blood-C). What do you get when you have a fearful Misato, an amused Nana, and the ever-so-sarcastic-and-exaggerated Tatsuhisa together? The result is Blood-R #4. It’s 40 minutes long, but well worth the listen. Especially the singing (or rather, in Misato’s case, rap) corner. XD

This is a rather long post so get set! It is a 40 minute radio show after all. 😛 Again, it’s well worth checking out. =D

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