eternal eternity

I admit to be one of those people who raised an eyebrow when the name of the song was first released. “eternal eternity”… What does that even mean? Eternal x 2 = eternal. And it’s not even properly put into upper case! Lol.

But like many things since Season 3 of SMC was announced, I said I’d hold my opinion until I actually saw and heard it. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Thoughts on voice, visual and parts of the lyrics below.

Voice – I have not heard how they are in their actual roles. I am basing my opinion on how they are singing as Michiru/Neptune and Haruka/Uranus.

Based on what I’m hearing though, Ohara Sayaka as Michiru works for me. It’s neither too high nor too low, but it conveys that sense of maturity that is necessary to Michiru’s character.

As for Minagawa Junko as Haruka… It’s boyish, which is good, but a little too boyish, and I’m not sure where I stand on that right now. I do like the singing very much though.

Visuals –  one of my biggest issues with Crystal since the beginning was the animation. I’m relieved to say I didn’t have any real problems with the animations that were shown in the new openings, endings, and PVs so far.

Back to the visuals used specifically in the video above (which I presume will be the actual ending sequence used in season 3)… I really liked it. Starting with how Neptune and Uranus stood back-to-back with that somewhat forlorn expression to the rose petals (which I momentarily thought was a throwback to the original anime until I noticed rose petals were everywhere in the OP sequence as well – at which point rose petals lost meaning) to the hand scene.

The hand scene. I feel like I must mention this separately. I have very little doubt in my mind that this is referencing that famous hand scene from episode 110 of the original anime. But of course, there is no significance here in this ending sequence aside from being simply that – a reference. So no, I did not like the fact that they put in a hand scene that meant nothing. Worth noting, however, is Neptune’s blush. It’s cute, albeit my impression of Michiru/Neptune is that she would not actually blush in this situation (my impression comes largely from the original anime as I have very little recollection of the manga characterizations). ^^;; But let me say it again – the blush was cute. I won’t deny that. But it came at the cost that I have to keep chanting in my head that “This is Crystal, this is Crystal, this is Crystal” because the Michiru I know wouldn’t be like this.


If nothing else, I will mention that I did like the following visual as looking at that, for whatever reason, momentarily made me forget this was Crystal.


Song – It’s actually supposed to be very exciting when I think about it. It’s basically a duet song between Haruka and Michiru – and in the past, all HaruMichi/UraNep duet songs have been awesome (mainly from SeraMyu only, as there was never a duet released for the original anime). This is no different. It’s really a good and cool song.

I especially liked how the song started, with Neptune singing “幾千の夜明けを飛びこえて” while Uranus joins in half way and overlapping with “永遠を飛びこえて”.

The one part I found odd (from the 1 minute and 30 seconds of the song that we hear in the video posted) is the following line:

春を告げる風になり 僕らを追い越すんだ

Neptune sings ‘bokura’ with Uranus. The fact that Neptune uses ‘boku’ in any way feels very off to me, but this is more of an ending song than a character song so I’ll let that slide. 😛

With this ending theme song… I am actually starting to feel a bit hopeful about season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal.

EDIT: In response to my own concluding sentence of this post… I am feeling a bit hopeful because I’m more accepting of season 3 now that I’ve spent a good amount of time convincing myself that the original anime and Crystal are two COMPLETELY separate series.

However, there is a still a very high chance I will give up on season 3 after the first episode. There were a few things I didn’t like about how the whole Haruka/Michiru thing was handled in the manga, and since it is already stated that Crystal will follow very closely to the manga, I will constantly be in this state of back-and-forth of being accepting of the Crystal series.


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