Happy Birthday to Mizuki Nana

I’ve been consistently posting a ‘Happy Birthday Mizuki Nana’ post for the past years, so I figured I shouldn’t skip this year, even though I have nothing else to post aside from that one line.

Although every year at this time I am reminded that I never wrote that “why I became a Mizuki Nana” post.

And I find it ironic that my favourite song from Nana-san on her latest album is called ‘Never Let Go’. It also happens to be playing in the background as I write this post. XD

One year since last post…

It actually surprised me quite a bit when I saw the last published post on this blog. I know it’s been a while, but I hadn’t expected it to be a year since I wrote something here.

January 21st.

Happy Birthday, Nana-san!
(Even though I’m sure she will never read this…lol)

I read a few of my more recent posts and it looks like I had planned to do a lot. As always, days turn into weeks into months… and before I knew it, a full year has passed and none of what I said I’d do has been accomplished. A lot of factors played into this but I don’t want this post to go dark so…

For now, I shall just blame it on my re-acquaintance with the HaruMichi fandom. It’s swept away my attention for the better half a year now. XD

Happy Birthday to Mizuki Nana!!!

For the past few years on this day, the plan has been to post my essay of how I came to know and became a fan of Mizuki Nana.

And of course, for the past few years on this day, I fail to do so. |||OTL

Similarly, I then promise to have it ready for her next birthday… ^^;; Well, I’m going to set the goal a little closer this year (to see if it makes a difference) and say I’ll write and have it ready by her next milestone date.

Um, aside from that, nothing particularly worthwhile to post. I promise to have the upcoming Smile-Gang and last week’s Smile-Gang coverage up as the last one celebrated Misato’s birthday and the next one will be the public recording at NanaFes. 😉

Actually, there may be something worthwhile to post after all…
For those who haven’t already heard… Fans of Mizuki Nana, ready your wallets! Her next album (which will be her 10th album) is coming out on April 16th!!

Smile-Gang 613 – NON-punishment special

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! Let’s have a happy 2014! 😀

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第613回

For a last broadcast of the year (2013), Smile-Gang has thrown a surprise in our way. No, it was not the usual punishment special where it leaves listeners on the floor heaving with laughter… Instead, we have a super calm episode that is almost unbefitting of a year-end broadcast.

Almost being the keyword.

As Misato pointed out, the entire thing was so calm that it has left her restless instead.

I’m willing to bet this is the calm before the storm. 😛

But of course, there is a reason why there is no punishment game special for 2013. That is because both Nana and Misato sit at 0 points each. Their points were neutralized at some point a while back.

Don’t forget this is Smile-Gang though. Anything can happen. Not to mention… Nana has one punishment point under her belt already due to Kouhaku. ^^;;

We shall see what happens in the first Smile-Gang of 2014. ;D

紅白2013-Mizuki Nana & T.M. Revolution Performance

Unsurprisingly I overslept this morning and did not watch Kouhaku Live this year. ^^;;

BUT I did manage to watch every version of the video I could get my cyber hands on (HD but no sound, only sound, low quality with sound, etc.). I have to say… I am impressed with the performance this year… If just because of the immediate clothing colour change. Look at the way Nana spun! Lol.

And T.M. Revolution’s clothing had a good design to get the white/red change appropriately in place.

Anyway, I’m off to continue my search and preparation for the new year (it’s still New Year’s Eve where I am) so I leave those who have yet to see any version of the performance with the following. Be quick, as I doubt the video will stay up on YT for long.

World of M #226 – Taiwan special

First radio broadcasts after Nana’s return from her Taiwan concert… so unsurprisingly, that is mainly what she speaks about in this week’s World of M (and Smile-Gang, but my post for that will come later ;)). For the same reason, that was why I made sure to tune in. 😉

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, so maybe some of the information she spoke about was revealed in another place/interview somewhere (I really don’t know), but these were certainly news to me.

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Mizuki Nana 1st Overseas concert

First… Yes, I’m alive. ^^;; I thought things would lighten up for me by now, but if anything, it might be getting worse instead. But anyway, after reading about a certain piece of news, I felt like I should at least make a post.

I actually found out about this through ANN and immediately loaded up the latest Smile-Gang 589 in hopes to get some more additional info.

 photo MN_1st_overseas_tour.jpg

^Yes, I’m referring to the announcement of Nana-san holding her first-ever overseas (2 day) concert in Taiwan on November 23 and 24.

As expected, the reference to the news was made at the end of this week’s Smile-Gang broadcast.
There was less excitement than I expected when they announced it on Smile-Gang, but maybe it’s because much of the planning has not yet even begun.

But anyway… Congratulations Nana-san! 😀

Blog Announcement + Mishi-P interview coverage

Before anyone declares me MIA — I’m still around. ^^;;

I do have an announcement to make. Due to increasing RL demands, I need to put Smile-Gang on break for at least the next 2 months. I feel a need to announce this because the poll from way back indicates most of you come here for that. I haven’t had time to actually sit down for 20 something minutes to listen to the radio show, never mind write about it. On that note… Anyone know of any good android nicodouga app (if it exists at all) that makes listening on the phone easier?

But this blog remains active. I’ll be selectively translating/covering what I find to be interesting. 😉 And the radio interview with Mishi-P below is one of those that I found interesting.

Because as someone who grew up listening to anime songs, I thought this was relevant. “What is the future of anisongs?” The conversation switches to be about Mizuki Nana halfway through.

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Smile-Gang 570

Just so I don’t go weeks without a post again… I’ve done a brief coverage on Smile-Gang 570. I say ‘brief’ because I didn’t go into much details (due to my own time constraints).
And…uh… I admit that Kajiura Yuki and FictionJunction has held me captive lately (and I guess by extension Kalafina as well, but not quite as much). XDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第570回

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Mizuki Nana & T.M. Revolution collaboration

Because this is news I cannot not be excited about…

 photo mizukinanaxtmrev.jpg

Yes, for those who haven’t already heard, Mizuki Nana and T.M. Revolution are going to perform “Preserved Roses” together — the opening theme for “Valvrave the Liberator” (official Japansese name translation is more closely translated as Revolution Machine Valvrave).

Below, I’ve translated the messages both Nana and Nishikawa Takanori left on the official home page as well as Nana’s blog post regarding this announcement.

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