Meiji Tweet Mystery [Mizuki Nana, Sugita Tomokazu]

This CM has been floating around since a couple of days ago… But in case there’s anyone unaware, here are the 2 versions of the CM.

Short ver.

60sec ver.

Two things to pay attention to in the CM. Mizuki Nana fans will probably immediately take note of the BGM — which is among Nana’s latest (upcoming) songs — Jikuu Sapphire (literally translates to Time-space Sapphire).
The second thing to note is the seiyuu involved. As Nana wrote on her blog (and written in the title of this post), Sugita and Nana play the roles of Taiyou and Megumi respectively. I’ll be honest, despite the concept of the whole plot & twitter idea being very interesting and creative, I wouldn’t have cared about this CM if not for Nana and Sugita. XDD So good for them to get these 2 involved. XD

World of M – Guest: Sugita Tomokazu [Mizuki Nana]

This post is a week late. Again, this is about last week’s World of M (May 7th) broadcast.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #095 (2011,05,07) ゲスト:杉田智和

I was looking forward to this ever since Nana revealed on her blog that Sugita was going to appear as guest on M no Sekai. Even though Sugita was not the first guest to appear after the M staff established the “7 consecutive guests on World of M” plan a couple of months ago, he was the first person Nana invited personally through text (mail). Rather than going to his agency and asking/checking for availability, she contacted him directly, which was a little out of the ordinary… but nonetheless, that was what Nana did. XD

This post is going to get a little messy from this point onward because their conversation was truly a conversation with no regard that this is a FM radio broadcast. XD They jump all over the place… But it’s one of the many reasons why they were absolutely hilarious to listen to.

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