11 years of blogging

I was staring at the date today and couldn’t shake the feeling that March 21st meant something to me. After a while, I realized it was the day I signed up for LJ 11 years ago.

Looking back, I’m a bit amazed at myself. There are a few posts where I thought to myself, “Did I really write this?” or “Wow, I certainly had a lot of patience back then to make this ridiculously long post”.

A lot of the posts were, of course, Mizuki Nana-related (especially starting from 2008 – I imported the majority of it onto WP here). Interspersed here and there were Nanoha-related posts (which arguably is also Mizuki Nana-related XD).

2013 was when things started getting busy for me, with 2014 and 2015 being the two years when I was barely active (busy RL played a part, but it largely ended up being a drop in interest) — so yes, I can’t say I’ve been blogging for the past 11 years (as the pauses in between would make it less than that), but nonetheless, there’s about 11 years of memories I’ve left online and it’s kind of amazing looking back on all of it now.

2016 so far has given me a bit more reason and time to be active online due to video games and anime series celebrating anniversaries (such as Pokémon) and others where anniversary celebrations are lasting across years (these would include Digimon and Sailor Moon).

Speaking of Sailor Moon — I got back my SeraMyu -Un Nouveau Voyage- last week (on the 16th)! I’ve watched the interview with the 4 outer senshi at least 7 times now, and I find myself grinning like an idiot each time. They have this interesting group dynamic going on. 😀

Review of the musical will be posted later this week. 😉


I was going to post this about an hour earlier, but then I got swarmed by MSN messages.


IT IS NOW 2011!!! (≧▽≦)/

Listening to Mizuki Nana’s POWER GATE because it’s always been my New Year’s song after coming in contact with the song. :3

Inspirational [Mizuki Nana, life, random]

Before I go into my usual Mizuki Nana fangirling, I need a moment for my Canadian pride.
YEAH! CANADA’S FIRST GOLD MEDAL (2010 Winter Olympics) ON HOME SOIL!!! (Alexandre Bilodeau)
That was truly inspirational. Seriously. Not just his win, but his personal story and his brother… Just wow. (I watched his entire run live, by the way. :3)

Moving onto Mizuki Nana now. :3

^Self-explanatory (might take a while to load).

And then, there is Smile-Gang 411.
水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第411回【デジラジ音源】

The hilarious corner where ‘Misato plays the role of Mizuki Nana’ and ‘Nana-san as everyone else’ is back. XD This time, we hear Nana-san in the role of Mishi-P! XDD Honestly, only Smile-Gang and King Records dares to make fun of their own producer that way. XDDD

And unsurprisingly, Nana-san has trouble reading kansai-ben. But it was funny. Just listen to it yourself, Nana-san as Mishi-P was simply hilarious. XDD


Heureuse nouvelle année!
^I do not know enough languages to form a rainbow so these colours will have to do. XDD

Let’s all have a great and happy 2010!

Last thing I did in 2009: Watch Live Diamond
First thing I did in 2010: Watch Live Diamond



Actually, I pre-ordered last night (seeing as yesterday was exactly one month before the release date) but I was too tired to post about it.

Now I can happily join the countdown on this special Diamond page here. XD

^By the way, pay attention to the advance booking price for the tickets to Live Diamond. It’s ï¿¥7777. (It’s definitely done on purpose XD). And you know what? I find that price more than acceptable! Aren’t concert tickets (especially large-scale concerts like Live Diamond) normally more expensive than that? :O (Though I’ve never been to a concert in my life so far so I wouldn’t really know. ^^;; )

That reminds me, back in HK, I saw a store (a different store from the one where I made purchases) where they were selling the Blu-Ray version of Live Fighter for HK$777. XDDD


On a completely switch of topics… Someone said I was a strong communicator today. And that I have great attitude (optimistic and all). I laughed at the latter for obvious reasons. But yeah, I’m happy. XDDD

ニコニコ動画-水樹奈々 [Mizuki Nana]

…Something must be wrong with my sense of time…
I didn’t check Nico Nico Video for how many days and how many new Mizuki Nana-related videos have been uploaded?!?!

There’s quite a few Animelo Summer Live 2008 videos… Hah, there’s even clips of the Mizuki Nana + AliPro collaboration. =D

And you gotta love how, from the random clips alone, you can tell the crowd seems so much more energized when Nana-san and JAM Project is on stage. XDDD

There’s so much I need to watch… Must catch up everything tomorrow. =P

君にめぐり逢う、その光を信じて [Music]

Erio!hair plan was utter fail. D: *goes off and sulks*

Ah, but before I forget… Tamura Yukari’s new PV – Tomorrow.

^Is it bad if I said I paid more attention to the dancers than Yukari-san? XDDD Though I quite liked the song… Which is quite rare because aside from the songs she sang for MSLN (endings and character songs), I couldn’t get myself to like most of her songs. They were just too cutey-sweet for my taste… ^^;; She should sing more angsty songs like this! XDD
*runs away from Yukarin fans*

水樹奈々ニューシングル発売決定! [Mizuki Nana]

I’ve been sleeping too much lately. D: I sleep early and wake up late. I know it’s a good thing that I’m able to sleep nowadays, but… Guh. I feel like I’m wasting time. ;_; I don’t even know why I’m so tired. >.<

Anyway, moving onto some Mizuki Nana news…

And it will be released on… January 21st, 2009!!! =3 In other words, on Nana-san’s 29th birthday. =D

Somehow, I’m already excited. XD Ganbare, Nana-san!

And I also watched ケータイ大喜利 with Mizuki Nana as guest.

I won’t lie. I was bored for the entire length of this program. Ok, so some of the stuff people sent in were funny but the reason I watched this week’s episode was because of Mizuki Nana. And I honestly did not see what was the point of getting Nana-san onto this show. She updated her blog right before the recording of this program, saying that she was both excited and nervous to be a part of ケータイ大喜利. I thought she was going to be a major part of this week’s show.

That wasn’t the case at all.

To put it bluntly, I felt Nana-san was simply there to “sit and look pretty.”
The camera panned to her a lot, but she neither spoke nor did much.

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed.

Then again, we got to see Nana-san laughing and smiling on screen, so I guess it did serve as relief for her worried fans.

Now moving away from Nana-san and onto the fic I posted yesterday…

I am very amused.

Why? Because the amount of hits I got for Distance has exceeded the number of hits I got for Static Warmth in less than 24 hours after posting.

It would seem Lightning Family just can’t beat NanoFate. XD Even though I’m personally more proud of Static Warmth (Lightning family) XDD