Inspirational [Mizuki Nana, life, random]

Before I go into my usual Mizuki Nana fangirling, I need a moment for my Canadian pride.
YEAH! CANADA’S FIRST GOLD MEDAL (2010 Winter Olympics) ON HOME SOIL!!! (Alexandre Bilodeau)
That was truly inspirational. Seriously. Not just his win, but his personal story and his brother… Just wow. (I watched his entire run live, by the way. :3)

Moving onto Mizuki Nana now. :3

^Self-explanatory (might take a while to load).

And then, there is Smile-Gang 411.
水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第411回【デジラジ音源】

The hilarious corner where ‘Misato plays the role of Mizuki Nana’ and ‘Nana-san as everyone else’ is back. XD This time, we hear Nana-san in the role of Mishi-P! XDD Honestly, only Smile-Gang and King Records dares to make fun of their own producer that way. XDDD

And unsurprisingly, Nana-san has trouble reading kansai-ben. But it was funny. Just listen to it yourself, Nana-san as Mishi-P was simply hilarious. XDD


6 comments on “Inspirational [Mizuki Nana, life, random]

    • No prob! ;D
      Nana: Ore Mishi ya de! XDD
      Smile-Gang wouldn’t be Smile-Gang without Misato. *nods nods* Sometimes, I’m really glad she’s there to balance the show, because solo radio shows (i.e. World of M) can get a little boring at times… ^^;;

    • Odd… It is still loading for me so it’s not like it got taken down or anything. :S Did you give it some time? Because load time is very slow. XP
      That’s why I love listening to Smile-Gang every week! XDD

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