CD Debut 10 Year Anniversary – Nana Book Release [Mizuki Nana, translation]

水樹奈々>西武ドームライブ 2日間で5万5000人動員 CDデビュー10年目「奈々本も出ます」

^I just read that on Yahoo!News.

Nana-san is writing a book. :O
And she’s also going to be doing an orchestral live in January 22 and 23 in 2011.

Here’s a little excerpt from the news article:

「さらに、水樹さんはライブ中に、CDデビュー10年目を記念して、「水樹奈々本が出ます!」とファンに報告。「これまでのいろいろな気持ちとみんなへの感謝を文章にしています。10年分の思いを楽しみに待っていてください」と呼び掛けた。また、アンコール中のでは「11年1月22と23日に、横浜アリーナで、初のフルオーケストラライブが実現します」とサプライズで発表、「オーケストラの方に、しっとりしたのも激しいのも(笑い)どっちもオッケーと言われてます。みんな来てね!」とアピールした。 (毎日新聞デジタル)」

During the live, she told her fans that "Mizuki Nana is going to release a book!" to celebrate her 10 year anniversary since CD debut. "All the feelings and gratitude I have felt up until now are being put into written form. Please look forward to reading my 10 years worth of thoughts."
Also, during the encore, she made a surprise announcement of "On January 22nd and 23rd of 2011, I will be doing a full orchestral live at Yokohama Arena. They say it will be okay to go moderate or extreme (laughs). Everyone please come!" (Mainich Shimbun Digital)

That is one book I am definitely buying. (≧ω≦)/

Agematsu Mika’s Letter on Bay FM ON8 [Mizuki Nana, translation]

Since I’m not in Japan to go to the Live Games Red Stage & Blue Stage, I took the time to find/read/listen/watch as many Mizuki Nana-related stuff as possible.
Actually no, the truth is that I’ve been very stressed, and this is how I deal with it.

So I listened to Bay FM ON8 (July 6th broadcast). A little outdated, I know, but I didn’t see any uploads of the broadcast until yesterday. The ON8 radio program does not usually reveal much of what we don’t already know, but we’re in for a treat this time. Because they’ve got Agematsu Mika’s letter to Mizuki Nana (begins at 33:17 — radio host is the one reading, not Mika).

It was very touching, and so I’ve taken the time to translate it.

Letter from Agematsu Mika to Mizuki Nana

Highschool Photo [Mizuki Nana]

Apparently, the photo has been circulated on the internet for a few MONTHS now, but in case there are people like myself who had never seen this photo until today…


This photo was uploaded to 2ch and subsequently spread across the internet. Judging from the sign, this is a class photo in June of 1997. Looks like Domoto Tsuyoshi from KinKi Kids was already really popular amongst the girls back then. XD

But of course, the reason I’m posting this picture up isn’t because Domoto Tsuyoshi.
Yes, Nana-san is in the photo. :3
Can you find her? XD

Second girl on the right from the sign in the center. The one making the peace sign/victory sign in the second row. XD

On an unrelated, my copy of IMPACT EXCITER arrived! 😀 The DVD was definitely worth the wait. She was so cute and funny. More on that when I’ve gathered my thoughts properly. XDD;;

Red & Blue Express [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第432回【ネット音源】

Nothing big or hilarious this week (except for the beginning little bit where Nana-san had to “speak in a weird voice”). In short, this week was very calm as they were mainly talking about the “giant Nana poster,” the birth of Impact Exciter (in the words of Nana-san “a healthy child weighing 16 songs” XD), and of course, the main highlight is the revelation of…

Red Express & Blue Express

Yeah, the trains that passengers can ride on the days of the concert (to Seibu Dome) have been named. More information can be found on the main site here.
Not the most original of names, especially because it was Diamond Express last time, but I don’t think anyone will care. XD

And much like what they did on Diamond Express, there will be a Smile-Gang Special Broadcast on the Red & Blue Express. 😛

Now back to stressing over course selection… Argh…

Wednesday J-Pop – July 7th [Mizuki Nana]

I suspect all YouTube links are taken down by now so I’m not going to even bother with it.
So have a screenshot instead. 😀 Unfortunately, not HQ, but this is all I have. ._.


^Nana-san performed live on Wednesday J-Pop on July 7th. The day IMPACT EXCITER was released.
I’m sure the words are clear enough to see, but yes, she sang NEXT ARCADIA. Unsurprisingly, I like the song even more after seeing this live version. Watching Nana-san enjoy herself on stage while singing… It (in)directly reminds me of all the reasons why I admire her.

But I’m not going to go into those reasons because if i did, this post will turn out to be a ten thousand words essay. XD Thus, I’ll stick with talking about the mini-live Nana-san performed on Wednesday J-pop; 5 songs, all performed amazingly well, but one fell just a tiny bit short.

Wednesday J-Pop Special Guest: Mizuki Nana

Mikio Mouse? XD [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

*twitch* What is wrong with my internet/computer/nicovideo? Why can’t I fast-forward on NicoNico anymore? D: I want to re-listen to certain parts only but I can’t do it if everything stops working as soon as I try to drag the bar… >_<;;

So relying on memory (because I can't re-listen to get confirmation)…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第431回【デジラジ音源】
Summary of Smile-Gang 431 – Misato the Mikio Mouse – the next victim? XD