Michiru’s Bday & Crystal Season 3 trailer

It’s Kaioh Michiru’s birthday and there was a lot of activity going on under #海王みちる生誕祭 on twitter. A lot of tributes and fan arts to our favourite Sailor Neptune that I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through. It’s all the reasons in visual form why Michiru has become my favourite character in Sailor Moon over the past 2 years (it used to be Haruka, who is still very much high up there even now, and before her, Rei).

I was hoping my copy of SeraMyu -Un Nouveau Voyage- would’ve arrived by now so I could post my rants about it, but alas, that was not to be. I don’t want rewatch the recorded stream as I want to feel like I’m watching the musical anew when I get the DVD (yes, I’m stubborn like that).

Aside from it being Michiru’s birthday today, I’m aware it’s also the screening of the first episode of Crystal Season 3/release of the latest anime trailer to the general public. I saw the trailer and… I shall withhold my opinion for now. Although, as stated in my last post (and especially after the heart touching statement made by Ogata Megumi on this matter), I’m finally able to treat the original anime and Crystal as two completely separate series. But truth of the matter, I will probably never be able to stop drawing parallels while making comparisons somewhere in my mind.

Although at least the animation does look like a step up from the previous two seasons (still not quite where most of us want it to be, but at least it seems like they made an effort?).

Anyway, no real purpose to this post aside to make a post on Michiru’s bday since I posted one on Haruka’s bday. XD Happy Birthday, Michiru!

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