Coincidences are often cool [MSLN-related]

So I was re-reading the A’s manga.
And I happened to be listening to be Tamura Yukari’s Little Wish.
When I got to the last page of the manga, the song was coming to an end.

As I was reading the words 「わたしたちは笑顔でいます。 元気です。」 on the last page, the song was at the last two lines. Guess what those last two lines are? わたしは笑顔でいます、元気です。

Thanks to that, I got a better understanding on why A’s ended with those words, but to think the timing worked out so well. XDD Is this, perhaps, fate? XD

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Animelo Summer Live 2008!!! Mizuki Nana performed yesterday. Apparently, according to her blog, she did a collaboration medley song with Tamura Yukari. She also did another collaboration with Ali Project (song: ETERNAL BLAZE). =D
I can’t wait to see the videos of these song performances.
Too bad the collaboration between Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari wasn’t Innocent Starter or ETERNAL BLAZE (not that I mind AliPro singing it with Nana-san), because… Waaah, think of the possible NanoFate implications. XDD Especially Innocent Starter, because the lyrics are pretty much in Nanoha’s point of view. XDDDD



I’ve noticed that there’s been a lack of MSLN post from me lately. That needs to be fixed. =3

Anyway, I just finished reading Das Resultat sagt alles, a parallel MSLN SS (Japanese fanfiction). First time I’ve read a thirty chapter piece of writing written in japanese. And also the first time I’ve read an AU story in another language other than english.
Thoughts on Das Resultat sagt alles

JAM Project in HK??? [+JAM Project videospam =D]

Urk… Sleeping at 3 last night probably wasn’t a good idea… -.-
I can never sleep past 10AM so regardless of what time I sleep at, I WAKE UP BEFORE 10… Though I did get six and a half hours of sleep, so it isn’t too bad. XD Already better than during exam period. =3

Anyway, I meant to talk about this for days now, but I kept getting lazy about it.

Look at this:


And here’s more information: Jam Project No Border World Tour

Rantings and MAJOR Jam Project videospam =D

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Following up with yesterday… [Mizuki Nana & Toyoguchi Megumi]

So, again, went and checked Nana-san’s updated blog. She continues to talk about the race at Twin Ring Motegi. She posted up a picture of the helmet she wore. It was specially designed/decorated with the number 7 of it. XDXD I think it looks very pretty since it sparkles under the sun and all. XD

So anyway, in her entry, Mizuki mentioned the name of another driver on her team. I don’t know if it’s due to privacy or legal issues, but the last character of the mentioned name was replaced with “~” (maybe it’s not a privacy/legal issue but rather an affectionate way to referring to that person? A part of me doubts that though). Despite that, it was still very obvious as to whom she was talking about.
Toyoguchi Megu~san. (Obviously referring to Toyoguchi Megumi XD).

Much like yesterday, another jaw dropping moment for me (because Toyoguchi Megumi is my second/third (she ties with YUKANA) favourite female voice actor). In other words, MIZUKI NANA AND TOYOGUCHI MEGUMI WERE ON THE SAME TEAM!!! =D
But then the logical side of me kicked in, and I realized that something doesn’t make sense. Why would the TWO of them be on the same GO KART RACING team? Too much of a coincidence. So I hopped over to check Toyoguchi-san’s blog. She has several pictures of the race here on her blog. She wrote much more about the race than Nana-san did. =3 And I found out some very interesting things.

They team number 11 and was known as Team Shaymi. The last word of the previous sentence should strike a bell in the minds of Pokemon fans. =3
…So what the heck? This was for a Pokemon Movie event? I suppose that could make sense since the Shaymi movie did premiere in July…

If this was a pokemon event, WHY would Mizuki Nana be there? She has no role in the movie as far as I know. In fact, I’m close to 95% sure she DOESN’T have a role in that movie or else it’d be listed on her website (and the movie’s website). Not to mention, I’m pretty sure people of the Pokemon staff won’t customize Nana-san’s helmet for her specifically.

So did Mizuki Nana join that team just for the fun of it? It’s possible, considering in Smile-Gang, she did mention this was something “personal” that she started to take up (back then, she didn’t reveal that it was racing). If it was for an event, it’d be considered work, and it wouldn’t be “personal” anymore.
But I can’t figure out WHY Pokemon is involved in this. (Or maybe the other around… WHY Nana-san would be involved with Pokemon). Was she invited because the team lacked members? And that she thinks it’d be cool to try? Or does it in actuality have nothing to do with Pokemon?
Too many questions… -___-

Moving away from the topic of Mizuki Nana…
As I told En-chan this morning, I was hit with a severe urge to write some light angst when studying. (See? Studying makes me angsty. XP) But I can’t. I can never understand why I am only inspired to write when I DON’T have the time to write, and when I finally get all the time in the world, the words don’t come to me… Guh… -__- (by the way, this is the main reason why it takes me so long to write something XD My account is pretty much empty XDD)

Reason why I can’t afford the time to be doing much of anything: Finals are EXACTLY one week away. *sound panic alarm!*

They will begin on the 11th (oh look, it’s the same number as Nana-san’s race team number! *bricked*).
This means I will not be spending much time online from now until the 13th (when my exams end).

I will be limiting myself to one hour of online a day. Which will really only be limited to checking e-mails, read Nana-san’s blog, glance through the happenings on my f-list and possibly reply comments. =P

Otherwise… Yeah, probably won’t be hearing much from me. XP

(Hey look! A rare post with no mentions of MSLN today! XD)

EDIT: Hi, I am back to announce that I am sick. D: Or rather, I never really recovered from my on-and-off fever, and now, I’m truly sick. -__- *headdesks* And I have a tutorial EARLY tomorrow too… What am I going to do about studying… ;_; This edit was mainly to vent out some frustration I feel over myself and my weak immune system.
Wait, now is probably a good time to think like Mizuki Nana. 「まけないぞ!!!」

Mizuki Nana’s awesomeness knows no bounds

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that checking Mizuki Nana’s blog has become a daily routine for me because said blog is updated everyday. The things Nana-san talks about are generally very random, and I often get a good chuckle out of them.

But today… Today, I literally jaw dropped.

Because…Mizuki Nana participated in a Go-Kart endurance race (K-TAI) tournament. GO-KART RACING AT TWIN RING MOTEGI (for more info or pictures go HERE She has been secretly racing! Actually, not really, considering she only got her license back in May and only been on a practice circuit course for 2 laps. Today was her first tournament and first official circuit run (her team came in 24th place if anyone is interested). She has a picture of herself in a racer outfit on her blog (she’s dressed in orange! My favourite colour!!! XD).

I don’t know, the fact that she races is just so cool. I mean, how many singers/seiyuu does that? And it helps that I love racing anime/games myself. XD

After getting over the initial shock, my mind suddenly imagined an animated, pixelated, and chibi-fied Mizuki Nana in the world of Mario Kart (NDS version). XDDD

Seriously, isn’t Mizuki Nana cool? =D The obvious answer should be “yes” here XD

Anyway, I was browsing through some of the chinese Nanoha forums… And as I predicted in my post about SSM3, people are freaking out over the “Vivio is viewing Fate-mama as less of a ‘mama’ now” issue. Yet, I can’t help but think that many are freaking out for the wrong reasons. XD Most think that without “Fate-mama” it gives room for “Yuuno-papa” to take root. I suppose the fear isn’t completely unfounded considering Vivio is spending a considerably large amount of time in the library with Yuuno, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal? Or maybe it’s because I never quite liked the idea of the two of them being called “mama” to begin with (despite being a big NanoFate fan myself). That’s probably why I don’t feel much.

Not to mention (as some people on those forums have brought up as well), no matter how much NanoFate fans try to deny and/or hate it, Fate has shown herself to be supportive of Yuunoha. She blatantly expressed support in SSM1, briefly mentioned it in M2, and showed it in StrikerS episode 8.

BUT! There are still more hints towards NanoFate becoming canon than Yuunoha, so fans should rest assured.
The worst that can happen is that, should there be a season 4, we won’t see much of NanoFate moments (not like we got much in StrikerS anyway =P), but we definitely won’t be seeing an end to any relationship. =D

To get back on a lighter note (not like the previous one was dark or anything XD), someone uploaded one of my favourite MSLN videos from NicoVideo onto YouTube!
The YT version is severly LQ compared to the original one on NicoVideo, so for those who with NicoVideo accounts, watch it there! =D