Nanoha Move 1st Opening Stage Greeting [MSLN, NanoFate, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

Due to the amount of NanoFate that have been floating around in my mind, I finally got around around to translating and posting this.

魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st 初日舞台挨拶


^Why yes, Yukarin has her arm around Nana! XD

That’s not the reason I’m posting this though. This is actually from quite a while back, in fact, almost a year ago. But as far as I know, the video itself was only uploaded onto the internet about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, we all know that Nana-san is a big NanoFate supporter, right?
And we also know that Yukarin occasionally makes NanoFate comments as well?

So we really shouldn’t be surprised at how things turned out, but I still find it hilarious. XDD

Translation of Nanoha Movie 1st Stage Greeting – ‘Nanoha has always loved Fate-chan!’

World of M – Guest: Miyano Mamoru [Mizuki Nana]

Did I not listen to World of M last week!?
How did I miss it?
Ok, probably because I was too distracted with the epic duet that I completely forgot to listen to the World of M (which aired on August 7 and MJ Anisong SP3 aired on August 8th). ^^;;

But anyway, I’m glad I took a look after listening to this week’s World of M. Because apparently…

水樹奈々のMの世界 #058 (2010,08,07) ゲスト:宮野真守

I have no words. They were both awesome and hilarious (as expected). Ok, admittedly, Miyano was more hilarious because he’s… Miyano. xDD He’s more of a Dragonball nerd than I would’ve thought. XD Honestly, how many people knew about the Dragonball/DBZ character songs. Most only know about the openings/endings. ^^;;


And I’ve put off writing about last week’s Smile-Gang until certain drawings were posted. As we all know, the most hilarious part of Smile-Gang is often the “school corner.” The story goes that because Mikio Mouse has died (attacked by cat XD), Nana-san has now transferred to a manga school. What does she have to do at the school? Create a manga of course!


Best Nanoha Commercial ever [MSLN, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

Not what I was planning to translate, but this is begging to be posted. I daresay this is the best commercial I’ve seen for anything in the last 4 years. XDD

This will possibly be, the closest we’re going hear THE Takamachi Nanoha describe Fate Testarossa as sexy in canon. xDD

バンプレスト魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st

Translation of the Banpresto ad for the Nanoha Movie 1st figurines

Innocent Starter x Little Wish – Hajimarimasu [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]

I personally really liked how Tomokazu Sugita described this performance.
“The miraculous collaboration.”


There is something about seeing the names 水樹奈々 and 田村ゆかり under the words “Innocent starter” that makes me grin uncontrollably. Most likely due to the fact that fans (especially Nanoha fans) have been waiting far too long to hear the two sing these songs.

A more coherent version of my thoughts regarding one of the most epic duets ever

Innocent Starter x Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]


I cannot wipe this stupid grin off my face after watching the duet between Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari. XDDD

Ok, yeah, they’ve sang a duet before on Anisama, BUT!

They sang Innocent Starter and Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ this time! The first Nanoha opening and ending!!!!!

*breathes in deeply* Maybe I should go calm down before I start rambling incoherently.

Screenshots when I get a higher quality version, because Nana-san in black looks good. :3 Yukarin was wearing pink, whereas Nana was black and yellow… Nanoha and Fate colours respectively. 😀