World of M #131 – Guest: Takayama Minami

I’ve been waiting for this all week…

水樹奈々のMの世界 #131 (2012,01,28) ゲスト:高山みなみ

I was grinning the entire time when listening to this. Why? BECAUSE TAKAYAMA MINAMI IS GUEST THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF M!!! <– When I capslock abuse (which I don't do very often), it shows how excited I truly am. XDD;;

If you’re wondering why I’m so excited, it’s because… well, it’s TAKAYAMA MINAMI.
Ok, so that doesn’t answer any questions (even if I think it should).
Because ran told me (a while back) that, apparently, not everyone knows who Takayama Minami is (which came as somewhat of a shock to me)…

…But unless you’re really young, I would think most J-pop fans have heard of Two-Mix / Mix Delta. Gundam Wing fans, especially, should recognize Two-Mix as the group who did the openings for GW.
Minami-san is the lead vocal in Two-Mix.

For anime fans in general, you would have likely heard her voice on Detective Conan (as Edogawa Conan), Pokemon (as Hiroshi), Shaman King (as Asakura Hao), and many, many other well-known anime. From her more recent roles, she can be heard on Digimon Xros Wars (as Kudou Taiki) and Senki Zesshou Symphogear (as Kanade).

As a Mizuki Nana fan…
As a casual Two-Mix fan…
As a anime & seiyuu fan in general…

How can I not be grinning when I hear them together on World of M this week? And I’m not the only one. If the giggling and laughing from Nana-san is an indication of anything.

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Smile-Gang 512 – Fresh 32 years old XD

Sometimes, I’m really glad Smile-Gang is there on a weekly basis. I needed a good laugh.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第512回

Anyway, first Smile-Gang after Nana-san’s 32nd birthday! Or so it is supposed to be… I bet this was recorded last Wednesday (or sometime last week) again.

The first words we hear from her as a 32 year old on Smile-Gang? They’re funny but shocking words. I’m actually half afraid to translate this but… >_>;; They’re said by our favourite singer/seiyuu (and meant as a joke), so the guys should be ok with this, right? XDD;;

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January 21st = The Special Day

Because it is already January 21st in Japan and it feels weird not to post anything at all on this day… Even though it is still the 20th where I am. That’s the annoying thing with timezones.

For the past few years, I’ve been wanting to post that essay about how I got into Mizuki Nana (and why I remain to be such a big fan even years later) and post it on Jan. 21st, but I never got around to it. ^^;;

But yeah, the important words of the day are “Happy Birthday, Mizuki Nana!” Thank you for everything you have given us fans. From inspiration to courage to music and everything far and wide and in between. =D

Anyway, aside from the obligatory “Happy Birthday to Mizuki Nana” and being very amused at the cake that was designed to look like curry given to her by Music Japan staff (which is actually caramel) as she posted on her blog, I just checked the main website and saw the announcement…


^2012 Summer Live Tour Confirmed!
Can’t say I’m surprised (because I’m not). Although… Don’t they usually wait until she announces it somewhere (i.e. Smile-Gang, World of M, FC event, etc.) before they put it up under the news section? Or was it actually announced and I just wasn’t aware?

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Smile-Gang 511 – Kouhaku talk among other stuff

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第511回

Finally, the first actual recording to have taken place in 2012. That means we get our long awaited Kouhaku talk! =D We also get to find out where she went for her annual New Years trip. But before that…

Team Smile-Gang has officially all passed the 30 years old mark! That translates to: Let’s shine the spotlight on Misato for a while by bombarding her with questions. >D

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Smile-Gang 510 – A Misato Special

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第510回

Don’t be thrown off by the opening of this week’s Smile-Gang. It’s their strange way of celebrating Misato’s upcoming birthday. The song used is the ending theme of the Miyuki anime, “Omoide ga ippai” by H2O. In particular, the lyrics played at the beginning roughly translates to “Climbing the stairs towards adulthood, you are still Cinderella.”
Nana-san cracks a joke about how, as Misato enters the world of 30, being a Cinderella will be tough. Misato fervently denies and says that she will have no problems putting on the glass shoe (to show she is still young enough to be Cinderella). XDD

As this will be the last Smile-Gang that Misato will spend in her 20s, it is time for a trip down the memory lane. In April 2002, Fukuen Misato began her position there as a member of Smile-Gang. She had been at the young age of 20. 10 years later, she finally joins “the other side” (of where everyone else is because they’re all over 30. LOL).

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Post-Kouhaku quick interview [Mizuki Nana]

Link here: 2011/12/31 副音声(ゲスト:水樹奈々)

^This was the recording of the SAP (or secondary audio channel) for Kouhaku. You can think of it as a running commentary hosted by Itou Teri and Kanda Aika, hence why you can hear the live performances happening in the background. Apparently, after Nana-san’s performance, they got her there for a little while to conduct a mini-interview.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

Let’s make 2012 a happy year! =D

Hope everyone felt complete on the last day of year of 2011 with the 62nd Kouhaku. =D

NOTE: Just a note to everyone that I’ll be messing around with the appearance of this blog for the majority of the day. If you see things changing, there’s no need to panic. It’s not your computer, it’s me. XD

Now to get down to the first Smile-Gang of 2012.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第509回

As we all know, Smile-Gang is always pre-recorded. Due to their busy schedules, #509 was recorded even before Christmas. XD
So don’t expect any talk about Kouhaku yet. XD

However, they do talk about what they want to do in the new year.

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