64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen – Mizuki Nana 5th Consecutive Appearance

5th consecutive appearance! Congratulations to Nana-san!!! =D

 photo 64th_kouhaku_confirmation.jpg

And yes, I’ve noted that T.M. Revolution is also making his 4th appearance on the list of confirmed singers. Chance of a special collaboration for Kakumei Dualism, I wonder? :3

Also, Nana-san is doing another Taiwan live next year… Hope she’ll announce the timing soon…

By kasumife7


During the 15 hour plane ride today back home from my 2 week vacation, all I could think of was “Nana is doing her Taiwan concert right now. I could have been there and not stuck on a plane. Or at least attended a live viewing somewhere.”

Funny what being away from the craziness of work can make you realize. I think I’ve missed out long enough. Which also means I’m intent on restarting this blog with Mizuki Nana and seiyuu-general fangirling again since I’ve been away from the fandom and blogging for too long. XD

Let’s see what I can do…