64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen – Mizuki Nana 5th Consecutive Appearance

5th consecutive appearance! Congratulations to Nana-san!!! =D

 photo 64th_kouhaku_confirmation.jpg

And yes, I’ve noted that T.M. Revolution is also making his 4th appearance on the list of confirmed singers. Chance of a special collaboration for Kakumei Dualism, I wonder? :3

Also, Nana-san is doing another Taiwan live next year… Hope she’ll announce the timing soon…

By kasumife7

9 comments on “64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen – Mizuki Nana 5th Consecutive Appearance

  1. As much as I love their duet, I hope they won’t be doing that on Kohaku >>

    I don’t know what happened, but to be very honest, I think the live version of both Preserved Roses and Kakumei Dualism are hard to listen to. In some of the lives I watched (MJ and that rock fest of his amongst many) there were instances where Nishikawa-san can’t reach some of the notes, and Nana had to lower her voice to match, and some other times it felt like they’re both racing(?) through it. I know that happens sometimes during a live but it happens much too frequently in their duet >> I prefer the recorded version after all that. Vitalization plz!

    And ‘sides, if they’re doing a duet, will they be singing for Red or White? ^^ I dun want Nana to sing for White….>3<

    • I personally didn’t like Preserved Roses all that much but Kakumei Dualism sounded fine on the CD. I haven’t seen their duet on MJ for Kakumei Dualism so I don’t quite know how that sounds when they sing live. I’m thinking of those halftime special collaborations where they don’t represent red or white… I’m only thinking it as a possibility since they happen to be there at the same time. But you’re right, if their performance is not stable, then probably better off if they don’t… ^^;;

      Personally, I would prefer if Nana-san sang Ai no hoshi (2nd track on the Vitalization single). I completely paused all that I was doing when I first heard that song. There’s something about the way she sang the song that really pulled me in.

  2. I guess they will be doing Preserved Roses. It made a big splash earlier, and sold much better than Kakumei Dualism. About 30 – 40% more. And with all his cross dressing, and his soft facial features, he could easily pass up as a woman anyway. That said, i hope this whole collaboration thing will be stopped altogether. More often than not, Nana looks like Jimmy Olsen to his Superman. Just watch this bit from MTV 81. They had a five video series about TM Revolution and Nana shows up in the last bit and hardly says anything. And of course, no such series about Nana.


    Nana sells so much more these days, and performs in bigger venues while he hardly releases anything. He is more a veteran act, who has his devoted fans, but not much interest outside of this group. So he jumps on whatever bandwagon that comes along. One of his latest releases is a book about Las Vegas. Come on! Another example was that Singapore Anime convention. Nana is only there to sing three songs with him, while the crowd wents nuts when she came on stage until he even made a jealous comment. This entire year, TMR was clinging to other people. Inazuma, the Nana songs, and that cover album. And now he shows up at Kohaku. He should send her a big thank you flower bouquet for that one.

    I also recall some article where he was declared a legend, and she was the jpop darling. And some other german article about Kakumei Dualism, which was released here as a download single, had only his picture as the header picture. Too often was Nana treated as a sidekick.


    BTW, Preserved Roses was also a download single, but you will only find it as a TM revolution single…

    • This is only if they do a collaboration at all on Kouhaku. I’m sure they’ll be each doing a song on their own, with the possibility of some half-time specials where they’re available to do their collaboration (if at all — which, the more I think about it, the more I hope they won’t).

      To be honest, I think the only reason Preserved Roses made a bigger splash than Kakumei Dualism was because of the hype before the release. The idea of the two of them doing a collaboration was very interesting at first.

      T.M. Revolution released a book about Las Vegas? Didn’t know that… what’s that about? Lol.

      Despite the name ‘Mizuki Nana’ being much more well-known around the world now than a few years ago, I find it very possible that there are still more people who know T.M. Revolution than Mizuki Nana (at this point in time anyway) — which explains why it seems like she is being treated as a sidekick in some countries in this collaboration.

      But I do understand your perspective. If anything, I think this collaboration has lost its initial appeal.

    • Thanks for the link!
      I see… so looking past all the “travel guide concept”, basically it is a T.M. Revolution photo shoot done in Las Vegas… ^^;;

      Pretty much in all interviews, they say they would like to perform/collaborate more together so that part doesn’t come as surprising. But Nishikawa seems to have a lot of ideas on how he wants to carry it out.

  3. Hi =) It’s the first time I post a comment here though I follow this blog since a long time !
    I’m surprised by all this negativity about their collaboration ! I mean Nana Mizuki is my favorite singer since years but I don’t see this collaboration like a bad thing ! They are both excellent artist and these 2 songs allowed them to have a lot of exposure. It’s was a really good occasion for Nana to widen her fanbase or at least be more known by the general public.
    It’s not personnally your comments but a bunch of rather negative comment about it I seen here and there ^^

    (btw sorry if I made mistakes… my english is not perfect lol)

    • I’m not particularly against their collaboration. As you pointed out, Nana has benefitted by working with T.M. Revolution in terms of getting her name more known in places where people have heard of T.M. Revolution but not Mizuki Nana.

      To be honest, I was among those who were very excited when I first heard of their collaboration. Unfortunately, I could not get myself to like Preseved Roses very much. Kakumei Dualism was better in my opinion though. 🙂

      However, I think it is fact that they don’t seem to perform live very well together. Which is what led to my comment about not wanting them to perform on Kouhaku together as I think deeper about it.

      Anyway, thanks for posting! I’m always interested to see different opinions.

      (and no need to apologize! Your English is great. I can’t even attempt to write in French as it will come out very broken… ^^;; lol)

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