NHK Kouhaku 2011 [Mizuki Nana]


The title of this post and the screenshot above speaks for itself.
Why yes, our favourite singer and seiyuu is going to appear on Kouhaku for the 3rd consecutive year!


Ok, I know this news is probably over 12 hours late (probably more, since news generally leak out before the official site has anything up), but… I reserve my right to be belatedly excited. XD;;

What this means is that I will be up at 5:00am in the morning on the last day of the year, tinkering with my computer, to get the stream working in order to watch Kouhaku live.

On another note, I know there’s been a lack of updates. RL has been eating into my personal time lately, so I’m still trying to find time to LISTEN to Smile-Gang. Yes, I haven’t even listened to Smile-Gang for the last 2 weeks, despite having access to the internet!

Smile-Gang 500 – CONGRATULATIONS!!!


^links to NicoVideo upload of 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第500回

Special 500th broadcast is special for various reasons.

1) It’s the 500th broadcast! Congrats to Nana-san, Misato, and the rest of Smile-Gang staff!!! =D

2) The entire broadcast (minus the CMs) was recorded outdoors.

3) Unlike the usual format of different corners, everything proceeded in a quiz + explanation format.

4) ROMANCER’S NEO was unveiled here on this special 500th broadcast. Sound quality is mediocre at best, but that’s why we buy the CDs! =D It’ll be included on The Museum II.

5) This post will be longer than usual as I try to cover as much as possible (because it’s #500!)

6) I’m really tired and yet I am managing to sit here typing this without falling asleep. That counts as something special, right? XD

Anyway, here we go. Full coverage of Smile-Gang #500…

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