Dislocated right shoulder? [Mizuki Nana]

Recently finished all my final exams so I now have some time to myself…
Anyway, this came as shocking news to me when I listened to Smile-Gang yesterday, but… Wow, Live Journey is one journey that has been full of injuries/troubles for Nana… ^^;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第490回【ネット音源】

First the injured fingers, then falling off stage, followed by mic troubles, and finally dislocating her right shoulder. I get the feeling I’m missing something in between, but that’s all I recall…

So what happened?

First day at Sendai, being far too excited, she put in a bit too much strength when throwing the signed items to the audience during the encore… And while yes, she managed to throw it so far back (that it surprised even the audience and herself), she also claimed to have felt her arms lengthen (hahaha, anyone else reminded of Luffy? XD). Happily waving bye to everyone, she returned backstage into her dressing room. And that was when the pain struck. Immediately, they (staff) all knew that Nana dislocated her shoulder. Thankfully, because Live Journey was such a long tour, the staff hired a sports massage specialist who managed to take immediate action.

That was just the first day at Sendai. Meaning there was to be a live the next day. A dislocated shoulder does not heal in one day. So all they could do was put on icing, taping, and tell Nana-san to not move it as much as possible. Miraculously (actually it was just the adrenaline), the pain lessened so much during the live the next day that she barely felt anything. She danced and moved as though nothing happened. XD

It is fully healed now though. It was a rather fast recovery. Super woman much? XDD


This post is 3 days late. But which most of my posts aren’t late lately? XD
Anyway, for those of you who missed the live broadcast on NicoVideo back on August 3rd, here is another chance to catch it. Be quick as I do not think the link will stay up for long!


Nana was cute. :3 Worth checking out if just to check out the weird accessories she had to put on due to wrong answers. XD
Some interesting things that was asked/said/occurred in the 65 minutes that I have noted down.

  • The similarities between Nana-san and Kisaragi Saya (from Blood-C) is that when they pick up a certain item, their personality change. For Nana, it is a mic and a stage. For Saya, it is the sword.
  • Despite crying on stage when she announced to her fans about the Tokyo Dome live, she was initially too shocked to react when Mishi-P told her about it. In her mind, she thought Mishi-P was just joking. Afterward, she had asked for confirmation multiple times to make sure there wasn’t any mistake and that it will be Mizuki Nana at Tokyo Dome on December 3rd and 4th.
  • During the quiz corner, the question she got incorrect was counting how many singles she has released up to date with the beginning letter of S. There is actually 7, but Nana-san only recalled 5. Apparently, she left out Super Generation, the song she wrote herself. XD
  • For every question wrong, Nana has to put on one of the accessories in the bag. She was glad when she could take those fake glasses off because in her own words… “It stunk.” XDD

There are many other little things that happened in the 65 minutes. One hour long may sound intimidating, but it didn’t feel all that long to me. :3