Count to Nana [Mizuki Nana]

*sighs* I’m so not motivated to study. ;_; I’m screwed. I should be in mad panic mode right now, but all I feel is fatigue at the moment. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. I keep having nightmares/weirdo dreams that wake me up several times a night…

But leaving the depressing stuff aside and onto some happy news…

#2 on the WEEKLY ORICON CHART: Mizuki Nana’s 18th single – TRICKSTER
^Omedettou!!! \(^0^) I was going to check the chart myself, but since Nana-san announced it on her blog already, I don’t feel the need to do so anymore. XD I would think NEWS’s newest single topped the chart this week. =P

Anyway, today is a Wednesday, so it’s Nana-san’s turn to host GOLD RUSH.
She revealed some very interesting things this week, such as her nicknames when she was young.

LINK: GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #02 (2008,10,08)

So a listener asked the following question to Nana-san.
When you were young, how did people refer to you?

To which Nana-san answered:

1) Ichi-ni-san-shi-go-roku-NANA! <–長いなwwww
2) HACHI! (because 8 follows after 7? XDD)
3) BANANA <–ちょwww *is suddenly reminded of my own elementary nickname that lasted for a week*

Next interesting Mizuki Nana fact…
SHE LISTENS TO ENGLISH SONGS!!! I was really surprised when Oasis’s Morning Glory came on during the MPod Shuffle corner (where Mizuki-san picks a song from her iPod and plays it). Apparently, Morning Glory was the song that introduced Nana-san to western music. XD She says that up until her high school career, she listened to nothing but enka and anime songs, so that is why Oasis’s Morning Glory holds special significance to her. =D

Hm… I think that is all for GOLD RUSH. =D

Right, about time I got back to trying to study. ;_;

PS: JAM Project’s WORLD FLIGHT 2008 in HK was yesterday. Wonder how that went… Am I still bitter that I’m not in HK to attend that live? Somewhat. XD


3 comments on “Count to Nana [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Watch The bunny House. XD XP
    Why don’t you sleep earlier? I found that if I don’t do anything and just lay down it gets me to sleep faster, and without nightmares. 😀 (Though I think that’s what normal people do everyday when sleeping. XD)
    Yay, Trickster!!! XDD (But it’s down to 14 on today’s listing. >.<)

    Not much originality. XDD
    3)What did they call you?
    I think Morning Glory will also hold special significance to you too, from now on. XDD

    • How would that help? XD
      Doesn’t work. I can’t sleep early. ;_; I could be lying in bed for hours and still only fall asleep after 12. *sighs*
      Oh well, at least this Trickster single broke Mizuki Nana’s personal sales record (for CD singles). =D Shows that Nana-san is still at the peak of her popularity. =D

      Really? I would’ve never thought of “Hachi.” XD
      And Banana was… ^^;; XD
      3) Nana-san may have been willing to admit it, but I’m not. XD
      Um, not really? It’s not as if I particular like Morning Glory… ^^;;

      • XD Well, it motivated me. XD
        *can’t think of anything else to suggest, but hopes that you’ll be able to get some proper sleep soon.*
        It did? Wasn’t Eternal Blaze also on the number 2 spot when it was first released?

        Well… *twiddles thumbs* I wouldn’t really either. XD
        baNANA. in pajamas. XDD
        3)Ok. Will not be annoying and ask for a potentially embarrassing nickname. XD
        No, I meant it as, since you now know that Mizuki Nana likes it, you’ll like it too. XDD
        But I guess not. 😛

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