Count to Nana [Mizuki Nana]

*sighs* I’m so not motivated to study. ;_; I’m screwed. I should be in mad panic mode right now, but all I feel is fatigue at the moment. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. I keep having nightmares/weirdo dreams that wake me up several times a night…

But leaving the depressing stuff aside and onto some happy news…

#2 on the WEEKLY ORICON CHART: Mizuki Nana’s 18th single – TRICKSTER
^Omedettou!!! \(^0^) I was going to check the chart myself, but since Nana-san announced it on her blog already, I don’t feel the need to do so anymore. 😄 I would think NEWS’s newest single topped the chart this week. =P

Anyway, today is a Wednesday, so it’s Nana-san’s turn to host GOLD RUSH.
She revealed some very interesting things this week, such as her nicknames when she was young.

LINK: GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #02 (2008,10,08)

So a listener asked the following question to Nana-san.
When you were young, how did people refer to you?

To which Nana-san answered:

1) Ichi-ni-san-shi-go-roku-NANA! <–長いなwwww
2) HACHI! (because 8 follows after 7? XDD)
3) BANANA <–ちょwww *is suddenly reminded of my own elementary nickname that lasted for a week*

Next interesting Mizuki Nana fact…
SHE LISTENS TO ENGLISH SONGS!!! I was really surprised when Oasis’s Morning Glory came on during the MPod Shuffle corner (where Mizuki-san picks a song from her iPod and plays it). Apparently, Morning Glory was the song that introduced Nana-san to western music. 😄 She says that up until her high school career, she listened to nothing but enka and anime songs, so that is why Oasis’s Morning Glory holds special significance to her. =D

Hm… I think that is all for GOLD RUSH. =D

Right, about time I got back to trying to study. ;_;

PS: JAM Project’s WORLD FLIGHT 2008 in HK was yesterday. Wonder how that went… Am I still bitter that I’m not in HK to attend that live? Somewhat. 😄


3 comments on “Count to Nana [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Watch The bunny House. 😄 XP
    Why don’t you sleep earlier? I found that if I don’t do anything and just lay down it gets me to sleep faster, and without nightmares. 😀 (Though I think that’s what normal people do everyday when sleeping. XD)
    Yay, Trickster!!! XDD (But it’s down to 14 on today’s listing. >.<)

    Not much originality. XDD
    3)What did they call you?
    I think Morning Glory will also hold special significance to you too, from now on. XDD

    • How would that help? 😄
      Doesn’t work. I can’t sleep early. ;_; I could be lying in bed for hours and still only fall asleep after 12. *sighs*
      Oh well, at least this Trickster single broke Mizuki Nana’s personal sales record (for CD singles). =D Shows that Nana-san is still at the peak of her popularity. =D

      Really? I would’ve never thought of “Hachi.” 😄
      And Banana was… ^^;; 😄
      3) Nana-san may have been willing to admit it, but I’m not. 😄
      Um, not really? It’s not as if I particular like Morning Glory… ^^;;

      • 😄 Well, it motivated me. 😄
        *can’t think of anything else to suggest, but hopes that you’ll be able to get some proper sleep soon.*
        It did? Wasn’t Eternal Blaze also on the number 2 spot when it was first released?

        Well… *twiddles thumbs* I wouldn’t really either. 😄
        baNANA. in pajamas. XDD
        3)Ok. Will not be annoying and ask for a potentially embarrassing nickname. 😄
        No, I meant it as, since you now know that Mizuki Nana likes it, you’ll like it too. XDD
        But I guess not. 😛

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