Opening the Door to the Future [Mizuki Nana]

The stuff I do during my study breaks. XDD Well, I was listening to these radio broadcasts (wasn’t LIVE obviously) as I was studying so I thought I’d jot down my a few of my thoughts seeing that I have a bit of time. =D

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第340回 081005
^Episode 340 of Smile-Gang. =D
As always, I admire Mizuki Nana-san’s outlook on life. =D And Misato is hilarious though I do have to wonder why everyone likes picking on Nana-san. XD

The following is a translation of the first few minutes of this week’s episode. =D

Misato: Nana-san, YOU!
Mizuki: Yes!
Misato: Regarding the music clip of your newest songs; I watched both Trickster and DISCOTHEQUE.
Mizuki: Thank you–
Misato: What’s with that last scene of that first song?!
Mizuki: Wha-Wha-What? Is there something wrong?
Misato: Yes, in Trickster, where did you go in the end?
Mizuki: Uh… (Nana-san is evidently confused. xD)
Misato: You went through a door. Where did you go?
Mizuki: Oh…uh… Into my own world. *laughs*
Misato: Your own world?
Mizuki: Yeah, it’s like, let’s enter that world! Or opening up a new door… That type of thing.
Misato: I see…
Mizuki: Yes yes yes. There were a lot of doors so I was like “Waah” but then I felt it was that door that I wanted to jump through.
Misato: To Niihama?*
Mizuki: Niihama?
Misato: Did the door lead to Niihama?
*Both break out laughing*
Mizuki: No! If it’s Niihama, then I’m would be returning. I’m moving forward. That was the meaning of the doors.

*Niihama is Nana-san’s birth city.

Misato: Fine, moving on to DISCOTHEQUE.
Mizuki: Yes?
Misato: There was that smile of yours which you’d never show me.
Mizuki: I DO show you!
Misato: Then show it to me now.
Mizuki: *laughs* W-wait. Don’t give me that serious look. *laughs even harder*
Misato: Now. Show me that smile now.
Mizuki: *brief silence where presumably Nana-san tries to smile but then laughs*
Misato: That was a completely different smile! COMPLETELY different!!

This duo is hilarious. XD

And their engrish is even more hilarious.
Misato: What's the name of tsuki.
Mizuki: Tsuki? (Tsuki is already tsuki. XDD) Uh, uh, Moon. (Note: I heard Moo~ XDD)
Misato: So the "other side" of moon… Read it backwards.

^Here is where I go… なんだそれ...ちょっとまって!wwwww

^So, reading 'moon' backwards would become 'noom.' Pronounciation-wise, it would sound like 'new-mu' rhyming with 'boom.' Yet Nana-san pronounced it was "gnome." How the heck does 'noom' turn into 'gnome'? XDDD

Smile-Gang always makes me laugh. XD


GOLD RUSH ★水樹奈々のMの世界★ #01 (2008,10,01)
^A new radio show where Mizuki Nana is the host every Wednesday. Yes, another radio show featuring Nana-san. XD Me and V were discussing on whether this would tax her voice or not. =P And as per usual, it’s a NicoVideo link. =P

Anyway, regarding that show… Heh, according to Nana-san, this is the first time she is alone in the studio. No one to save her should anything happen. XD (And as many of her fans already know, Mizuki-san isn’t good at free talking by herself. And it is VERY obvious here, as she has no idea what to talk about and starts randomly talking about herself (starting around 10:58) until the “Staff questions” came to the rescue. XD

The M in “The World of M” doesn’t only stand of Mizuki. It also stands for Music, Manga, and Mobile. I laughed at the comments left on NicoVideo because I agree with what’s being said there… Isn’t that REALLY stretching it? XD Feels like they’re trying desperately to think of anything beginning with the letter M. XD

Random tid-bit:
Question: How many songs are on your iPod?
Mizuki: I’m a computer idiot… so I only have around 500 songs.

^ONLY 500??? *opens up iTune* I only have… less than 200 songs. XDDD Isn’t 500 more than enough, Nana-san? XD

Going back to the the staff questions… 12:55-13:15 is a MUST-HEAR. Nana-san was so cute~ Especially when she pretends to cry. XD

bayfm ON8 ゲスト:水樹奈々 (2008/10/1)
^More radio show. XD Except Mizuki Nana is the guest here. She sure is busy this past week… And looks like she will continue to be for a while to come. =3 Nothing that particularly stood out for me for this one. It was more of an interview, but I didn’t notice anything she hasn’t already revealed in past TV/magazine interviews and radio shows. =3


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