Glorious Sunshine [Shugo Chara, Mizuki Nana]

Following up with the previous Shugo Chara post, it would seem that the full version of 太陽が似合うよ (TAIYOU GA NIAU YO) is to be released on August 5th… [Source here]

O.o Isn’t that… just a little over a week from now? I’m surprised they’re promoting this song only 2 weeks before the actual release date. Heartful Song was an excruciatingly long wait. But of course, I’m not complaining. The TV version of 太陽が似合うよ have been looping in my mind ever since I watched the episode so full version can’t come any sooner. XDDD

And I think I should also take the time to point out that 太陽が似合うよ does NOT translate to Glorious Sunshine. 太陽が似合うよ roughly translates to “Like the sun” or in a less literal sense but closer to the actual meaning, “As bright as the sun.” Glorious Sunshine is merely Utau’s concert title / theme. However, it does also come up in the lyrics of 太陽が似合うよ.

^There are several of these videos uploaded on YouTube already. But because the full version has yet to be released, everyone has been using the version from episode 93 (which means you will hear talking…). Still, it’s better than nothing. 😀

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