Autobiography cover [Mizuki Nana]

As far as I know, this cover was officially up on Amazon yesterday… 7 days before the release date. Deliberate or coincidence? XD


EDIT: Is it just me or is Mizuki Nana Official Website down? I have not been able to access it for several hours now.
^Wasn’t just me, but looks like the site is back now. :3

EDIT2: Just found out the cover was posted on Nana-san’s official website since the 12th… Only that it was a smaller version. XD;;

6 comments on “Autobiography cover [Mizuki Nana]

    • I was not checking amazon daily, so I don’t know… but it is very possible for it to be up earlier elsewhere, since these things have a tendency to leaked very quickly. ^^;;
      The cover is plain, but I find it to be very fitting. :3

  1. Yeah, I think cover is quite plain but it’s autobiography book afterall, so something flash may not match.
    However, they offer another jacket cover for the ones that are sold in concert booth > Evil marketing strategy again -_-” The another jaclet looks nice but it doesn’t fit being autobiography book, so I think I’ll get the normal edition one.
    Btw, I don’t have problem accessing the official site. Do you use IE as web browser? If you do, then try accessing with other web browsers. I often have this kind of problem with IE.

    • I agree. The “concert edition cover” seems more like your average magazine cover than autobiography. I personally don’t care (not that I’ll be present in Japan at the time anyway), so I’ll be going with the normal edition as well… Assuming I find a place that sells it and won’t overcharge me first. 😛
      I hardly ever use IE. 😛
      But no, several other people made threads on tieba pointing out the same problem. So it looks like the website was offline for a while… Doesn’t matter as it’s back up now. 😀

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