Article on Shin Ai from JCAST News [Mizuki Nana, translation]

Following up with yesterday’s post…

Thanks to cc1926 for the link to the another news article!

Before I start, this is a translation of the second page of the news article. There is a first page, which is why it may seem to start off awkwardly. The first page doesn’t reveal much of what isn’t already covered by sponichi news (see previous post), so I’ve decided to skip over it. 😛 Because I am in need of sleep. XD

Anyway, getting on topic…

Source here


“5 and a half years of being under the same roof as the teacher.”

At the time, Mizuki had lived at her voice trainer’s “teacher home”. When Mizuki was scouted in Ehime-ken, this “teacher” had been present along with the president of the agency that had gone bankrupt. Due to this “teacher” living alone, Mizuki began her lessons while having to share the same roof. Her troubles of sexual harassment had originated from this “teacher.”

“Little by little, the sekuhara that couldn’t be taken as a joke, became a common thing.”

Although it could be viewed as a type of fooling around between teacher and student in a light-hearted way, Mizuki wrote “But for a girl in her youth, it was enough to cause emotional harm.”

However, this teacher was Mizuki’s benefactor. When she was facing the danger of being kicked out of school due to her agency having gone bankrupt, it was the “teacher” who established a new agency in order to help her.

These 2 continued their lives this way for 5 and a half years. Mizuki moved out half a year after she made her debut as a singer.

The path that Mizuki Nana has walked until today will be fully exposed in Shin Ai.

To end off with a random note, her autobiography doesn’t look that thick… Not that I was expecting it to be very thick though, considering the price. XD;;

7 comments on “Article on Shin Ai from JCAST News [Mizuki Nana, translation]

  1. Thank you very much for the translation 😀
    Urghh!!! So they did live in the same roof and that pervert was also her benefactor. He had upperhand, so I don’t want to imagine what kind of sexual harrassment she got during those 5.5 painful years. For women, this kind of treatment is the worst. Being slighty harrassed only for a few minutes made me feel very disgusted but she had to endure it for years. Poor Nana ;_; Hope all fans will continue to support her.
    I’ll get this book as the first thing to do in Japan. Glad that I’ll arrive on her birthday 😀

    • You’re welcome. :3
      Judging from the time, you should already be in Japan by now. XD I’m sure I don’t need to say this (because I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there), but I’ll say it anyway… Enjoy your time in Japan! =D

  2. T_T…..poor nana she have to bare 5.5 years with that….but at lest this teacher help to get a new agency ^_^
    i saw the pic of the book…i wasnt surprise that the book didnt look thick XD because i think knowing other pp life is very private n very XXXXXX XD

    • Autobiographies (or biographies in general) tend to be thicker than that. But part of the reason may be that Nana-san is just 31 (30 when she was writing the book) so she has less to write about than compared to those in their senior years releasing a biography/autobiography.
      That, or it could be the camera angle. Might possibly be thicker than I’m thinking it to be. XD

  3. When I first saw “sexual harassment” on danie’s blog I was really mad at that teacher…
    But after seeing this I have no idea what to think…
    Since she was saved by him and all…but sexual harassment is a little…

    • I think all our initial reaction were the same when reading that piece of news.
      For now, I think I’ll just refrain from saying anything until I actually read the book. Newspapers have a tendency to focus on one part and ignore other information that may affect how we view the entire matter/situation. There are a few things that doesn’t seem to connect (in my mind) with what we currently know about the situation, so… Yeah, I’ll just wait for my copy of Shin Ai to arrive first.
      Although, of course, the incident is unforgivable either way.

  4. Just as what danie-san said. Most of females goes through a period of getting sexual harassment. But who would have thought that Mizuki Nana-san’s went on for 5.5 years.
    We do not know the extent of the sexual harassment… but still. >_> Isn’t she underaged by then too? @_@ Even though He is her benefactor. Even if she owed him a lot. This should not be tolerated. ; ^ ;.
    I wonder if he still bothers her now. rofl.
    Thank you for the article Kasumi-san! @_@ I wonder why this article had more info for the sekuhara, than the other one. x]

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