DOCOMO DREAM CALL 2009/5/16 水樹奈々

DOCOMO DREAM CALL is basically a live program where listeners call in and ask questions, express their opinions about the guest’s (Mizuki Nana in this case) songs, and consult Nana-san’s opinions on personal problems. Most of the callers became very nervous as soon as they heard Nana-san’s voice on the other end of their phones, but that’s to be expected… I probably wouldn’t able to speak at all if I were in their places… ^^;;

Anyway, PERFECT SMILE at 14:58. Another upbeat song that is meant to cheer people up when they’re feeling down. Although it carries the same “purpose” as BRAND NEW TOPS, they’re of completely different styles.

Here’s a small excerpt of the song’s lyrics. :3 Translations are done by me.



If you can’t see the real you
Don’t blame yourself
Just keep looking forward

When the day comes
That you’ve pulled away from your hesitation and insecurities
I’m sure you’ll be able to say
“I don’t hate myself”
With a bit of honesty


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