14 comments on “Japanese Windows 7 Premium Character [Mizuki Nana]

    • *blinks* Isn’t it really late where you are right now? What are you still doing awake? XDD
      Considering how there is close to zero chance of Nana-san speaking English, yup, this most definitely will be Japan only. XD;;

      • I went to bed right after I posted that comment! 8DD But, yea, it was around 3 am at that time. @~@
        And I guess they wouldn’t find an English voice as a replacement? It’ll be weird for them to promote the anime character outside of Japan, though. Haha.
        I saw the comments below about shouting at Nana’s voice and laughed. 8DD I really dislike having the system telling me what I should do or the sorts, so it’s a good thing I’ll never be able to get my hands on this version.
        Anyway, this is just another one of their tricks to get people to upgrade their system. :<<< The only Windows I really liked was XP, but they cut off all support after Vista came out. It'll probably be the same again for Windows 7. Mac FTW! 😛
        It’s fitting how Nana is voicing a character for Windows 7, though. 777!

  1. when i saw that few hours ago i was like :
    but then i remembered that i’ve already preordered windows 7 =_=
    (actually, i don’t think it can be bought outside japan D;)
    and then i was imaginin’ nana-san saying this to me :
    “Sorry ! Windows encountred an error and needs to be shut down. Please close all your active programs, and restart the computer.”
    Definitely weird. XDDDD

      • Nana has always spoken in Japanese? But it’s not much difference considering that there’s nobody speaking when I’m using a computer now? XDD
        And I won’t shout at the system… I’ll just smack it. XD

        • I mean it as… Everything will be in Japanese, not just the voice. I understand how it can be changed, but navigating when you FIRST get it can be quite troublesome. ^^;;
          Same difference? I’d still feel bad. XDD

  2. You forgot to add that it’s strictly for DSP edition of the Ultimate (= costs about 10k extra), limited to 7777 copies, can only be bought in selected stores, and most stores have closed the pre-order yesterday a.k.a sold out.
    It supports English btw, just change the locale.

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