Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva – Opera Song [Mizuki Nana]

You know how the more you should be doing something, the more you end up doing something else? I should be working like mad on my report, but I’m here doing this instead. XD

^Links to the staff blog of the Professor Layton movie website.

Remember how Nana-san plays the role of an opera singer in the upcoming Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva movie? And that there was a trailer where you hear Nana-san singing a lyrics-less version of the opera song?


Click on either 予告編2 or #05.

The sound is clearer in #05, but you should be able to hear the singing in both.
Yes, Nana-san is awesome. XD


13 comments on “Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva – Opera Song [Mizuki Nana]

    • She does! At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if it was actually Nana-san, but when she hit certain notes, the voice was clearly her. XD
      Thanks! Except… There are many other distractions… ^^;;

    • Why does it feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you type “Nana” and “awesome” in the same comment? XDDD
      Yes! Who would’ve thought Nana-san can even handle opera! 😀
      You mean Luke’s seiyuu? She’s Horikita Maki. She has starred in several J-dramas before. :3
      Am trying! And failing XDD

      • Because it has been a long time. xP I wasn’t surprised, but it was still awesoooome! XDDDDD
        Luke the sidekick or Luke from ToTa? o_O No wonder. She looked familiar. XD
        😀 D: Gambatte! XD

        • XDD
          She has gone from enka to anime pop to j-pop to opera. XDD And really, we’re saying it’s awesome because we know she won’t become an opera singer. XDDD
          Luke the sidekick. XDD That was my first reaction too! She looked familiar and so I went to ask wiki. XDD

  1. oh we get to see how nana works as a seiyuu ! that’s pretty nice !
    nana’s singing opera sounds nice, but i’ll wait a better version before saying anything else. damn, can’t wait for this and her new single ! XDDD

    • I think they normally face the screen as opposed to how they are in the trailer… ^^;;
      I think it’ll be a while before we hear the full opera version (unless you go to Japan and watch this movie in theatres XD). Otherwise… We might have to wait until the movie soundtrack is released…

      • yeah i know how seiyuu work XDDD but i like to see dubbers’ (either japanese, english, or french) faces when they work.
        Of course, japanese seiyuu becomes one with their character, which i think makes the difference with our occidental dubbers ! LoL
        Oh yeah, japanese movie in theatre are never screened. =_=”

        • *nods nods* When you hear the characters’ japanese voices, it sounds natural, as if those are their actual voices. But in other languages… >_>;; There are some english voice actors that are improving though. Can’t say much about french since I haven’t heard any. XDD
          *sighs* We’ll have to live with whatever we get from the website until then… XP

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