Last day of 2015

Mainly a ‘I-felt-like-writing-so-I-wrote-something’ type of blog post. It’s a random mess of thoughts, so be warned.

I’m not entirely sure what drove me to log in and attempt to make a post in the first place.

I suppose it has to do with it being New Year’s Eve and now is the time for reflection and trips down the memory lane for all that has happened this year. And that has led me to realize that… well, I didn’t really accomplish much this year and have pretty much abandoned this blog (and my online life) despite that.

That’s actually a result of a major lack of interest towards anything or anyone (which is terrifying in a way — seeing as how I used to pay attention to every scrap of information about Mizuki Nana before). I could blame this on RL and say it’s all due to busy schedules, but really, I’m clutching a smartphone in my hand most of the time just like every other person in a developed country — it’s not hard for me to try to keep up with anime/gaming/singers like I used to. So… I don’t know what happened, but I just couldn’t find myself in the same obsessed state for any one thing the same way as before.

Although if I were to be completely honest, the last 2 months did have something that pulled me into a slight craze (to the point where I FINALLY signed up for twitter just so I could stalk follow the actresses). And that something was SeraMyu -Un Nouveau Voyage-. Fujioka Sayaka was such a perfect Michiru that she left me in awe for days. Still impatiently waiting for them to release the musical onto DVD.

Beyond that, everything else feels like a blur. I don’t remember very much about this year (I guess if there was a trigger, I’d remember it but that also means there was nothing major that I felt defined 2015 for me).
Well, I suppose I did get a new phone in November and a PS4 on Boxing Day… Both of which are recent events so it doesn’t really count.

I’m not sure what my plans are for 2016 in terms of restarting my online life. I want to, but it’s hard to keep myself motivated on my own (I’m a very typical “I work hard to satisfy other’s expectations but become very lazy when it is my own expectations” type of person”… I believe the term to describe this type of personality was “obliger”?). However, I do miss the feeling of accomplishing something when I post a translation or something like that. Ultimately, I’m aware it’s all just self-satisfaction (because nobody else really cares!), but I guess when I look back on all the posts that date back of 2008 — I kinda miss those days…

Now, as I personally do not know where I am going with these ramblings, I’m going to end it here and go re-watch SeraMyu or find some good music to listen to… ^^;;

HAPPY NEW YEAR to anyone who stumbled across this and decided to read through this mess of ramblings!

By kasumife7

19 comments on “Last day of 2015

  1. Kasukasuu!!! It’s Ran!!! It’s been a while!! I sorta forgot my password for my wordpress so I haven’t logged on in AGES, but I got an email notif for this post so yay xD

    Anyway, I hope you’ve been well! I completely understand with what you said about the lack of interest in anyone or anything — I’m in that state as well. RL sucks the fun out of everything :/ I miss the excitement regarding Nana and the likes. And bothering you with the translations haha.

    Also I’m surprised that you’ve been watching SeraMyu ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Is it good? I’m rather biased with Asami Yuuka’s Michiru since she’s the first one I watched on stage, so I find it hard to watch someone else as her :’DDD (Is this a sign from God that you should venture to PGSM -wink wink nudge nudge-).

    Happy to hear that you got a PS4 though! I got a PS3 myself and had to reign myself in from trading it in for a PS4 :’D What game do you have for it so far? And I would like to say that I cared about your translations yo xD They were great and very helpful to us non-Japanese speakers. Hope you get to find that translating mojo again someday! You’re really good at it!

    Annnyhoww I’ve rambled on too much. I got too excited when I saw your post lol. I wonder if it’s alright if I have your twitter acc? I don’t go on wordpress much and it’d be fun to have you on my personal twitter feed :’3 See ya around!

    • Ran! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s definitely been a while!

      I’ve been well for the most part. A little sick right now, but just a passing cold so nothing serious. Hope you’ve been well?

      I was actually the same as you and was very reluctant about the new SeraMyu precisely because I was so used to Asami Yuuka and Takagi Nao. To me, they are definitely the best Neptune/Uranus combo (as well as my two favourite SeraMyu actresses) and everyone else simply couldn’t compare. But since it’s the graduation of the 5 inner senshi (who has been doing a great job for the past few musicals), I thought I’d at least watch it.
      It took only 4 minutes into Un Nouveau Voyage for Fujioka Sayaka to leave me speechless. More than anything, it was her voice that got me and from that point onwards, I was a fan. XD Her portrayal of Michiru was slightly different from Yuuka’s, but personally, I still thought it was spot on. Any faults in her lines were purely a problem with the story/script. I could go on and on about the new SeraMyu. XD

      Venture to PGSM? I don’t need to. I watched it years ago and had an insanely difficult time trying to get C’est la vie out of my head. XDD

      I”m beginning to think getting a PS3 might be the smarter idea. Games are a lot cheaper and most new games are made for both PS3 and PS4. Currently only have Tales of Zestiria and FIFA16. Oh, also have the Uncharted series as that came with the bundle.
      Glad to know you enjoyed the translations! ๐Ÿ˜€

      No problem. My twitter is @kei_fe7 — I haven’t actually posted anything though. I kinda registered for an account purely for stalking purposes so I don’t know my way around it very much. ^^;;

      • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! All the best to you and everything you do this year xDDD And yes I’ve been well thanks, better in this start of the year in comparison to the last haha. 2016 seems to start great even without the Nana-on-Kouhaku I’ve been used to watching in the last 6 years or so ;w;

        Oh wait the new 5 inner girls are graduating? Dang, it seems like it’s just yesterday that they just started. Oooooooh maybe we can expect a SeraMyu post from you anytime soon? I haven’t been keeping up with it aside from reblogging the occasional pictures I found on tumblr :’DD And you’ve seen PGSM…lol you just don’t stop being awesome. That song really is an ear worm isn’t it, I think I legitimately spent like 2 or so years trying to get myself to stop humming it unconsciously .__.

        PS4 has better graphics though? but yea not so much pros besides that so far. But you just wait 2 or 3 years and you’ll thank yourself for getting PS4 when PS3 stopped getting new games. Everyone tells me I’m sneaky for getting PS3 when PS4 just came out, the price is waaaay lowered thanks to that, but at the same time it feels like I’m investing in something that’ll go out of style soon lol. Oh well.

        And yeah, twitter does take some time getting used to. It’s great though for event updates and following mangakas and the likes. They like to post sketches there >u<. Besides IG, twitter is the best way to stalk mangakas heheh.

        • Thank you, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€
          I guess it does feel a little odd not to be watching Nana-on-kouhaku that seems to be a routine new years thing since the first time she was on that stage… Lol.

          It does feel like they just started! Only afterward do you realize it’s actually already been 3 years since they did the first new SeraMyu.
          Hah, that’s actually a good idea (about me posting about SeraMyu)! Maybe that’ll get you into watching it as well. >D

          The (annoying?) thing about that song is… I don’t remember any of the lyrics or sometimes even the tune of the rest of the song — it’s always that one single part that gets looped in my head over and over and over again. ^^;;

          The part about ‘investing in something that’ll go out-of-style’ is the original reason I didn’t go for the PS3 this year. But that was before I noticed that pretty much all games got a double release on both systems. I know the same thing will happen when PS5 comes out, but that is, as you pointed, a few more years down the road. That also means PS3 will likely be surviving for at least a few more years.

          I’ve learned twitter is a good way to stalk certain people. XDD Hm… I guess I’ll actively give Twitter a try. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Same. My enthusiasm and obsession with Nana somehow melt down and went away. Not that I dislike her now, I still like her and still a fan but not in the same level as I was before. I think I got on the Nana fandom at its best time~ around 2009-2013 where there are lots of rabid fans to go kyaa-ing together. And there are lots of blogs like this and jouttex and others where we can get Nana updates. I must admit that you two are the ones who fueled my Nana obsession during those times lol. But now, there are no more blogs with frequent Nana updates or I probably just wasn’t looking hard enough^^;;

    So yeah, I probably just went back to being a casual fan from being a rabid fangirl like before. Oh well, those were the days haha ^^v It was really, really fun. Probably the best fandom that I got myself into.

    • replaymachine! Good to see you around! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Casual fan is probably the best way to describe me now as well. I still listen to her songs (though admittedly I prefer her older songs to her more recent ones), but not with the same fervor. I’m pretty sure there are still many places providing somewhat frequent updates on Mizuki Nana (I guess I wouldn’t know either seeing as I haven’t been actively searching) – but I find it hard to believe the Nana fever would’ve cooled down for everyone at the same time (if it did, I would in turn be curious to figure out why).

      I definitely agree though. The Mizuki Nana fandom is certainly one of the best I’ve had a chance to be a part of. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. hey, this is tonks (soryu_tonks from LJ) dunno if you remember me, but I just checked cause ironically received an email reminder for your bday lmao, nice to see you’re doing well.

    Seems Nana’s popularity is has been winding down for a while now, at least internationally, although she wasn’t in kouhaku this year either so who knows (as SA sold pretty well).

    Since I’ve been playing a ton of tales lately I do have to ask, did you play ToZ and if so, what did you think of it?. I’m still mad over the messy Alisha/Rose situation and the FES release didn’t help, though it was great to see some legendia appreciation.

    This has turned too long so I better leave it here, hope you have a great bday and take care.

    • Of course I remember you, tonks! ๐Ÿ˜€ How’ve you been?

      I think it’s mainly the level of craze has dwindled, but fans still remain to be fans so sales for SA doing well doesn’t surprise me. But if this sudden drop in interest around the world happened all within the same time period, I’d be interested to figure out what caused it. She hasn’t been doing anything particularly different over the past few years as far as I know and has remained in the same active state.

      I’m currently playing ToZ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not very far in since I only got the game about a week ago.
      I know about the Alisha/Rose situation since it was all over gaming news a while back. Give me two weeks and I’ll probably be able to formulate a proper opinion (right now I’m at the part where she’s about to leave the party).
      And FES? Are you referring to Tales of Festival? There was Legendia appreciation??

      That was not long. I like reading long comments. XD Thanks for the birthday wish!

      • I’m doing great, just the usual crazyness of work/life but can’t really complain.

        From what I’ve been able to keep up, Nana actually had a good year: appeared on Music Station, her tour went great, had a special on NHK for her 15th anniversary (which I haven’t seen so I can’t comment) and yet didn’t get her ‘nana’ appearance at kouhaku. If I’m honest, SA wasn’t particularly outstanding to me, but not bad either so I don’t know.

        Oh! Glad I didn’t spoil anything then, do let me know what you think please ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes, I was referring to the Tales of Festival, I got both days and a part of day two, in which both Alsha and Rose’s seiyuu were in attendance, was somewhat awkward to watch.

        There was as much Legendia appreciation as you can expect from bamco, which is not even close to what the game deserves but better than nothing. Kenichi was there, he and and Takahiro did a little Legendia skit in which Senel was looking for shiley’s brooch and hilarity ensued, at the end he actually asked for the game to be recognized a little more. On that note, if memory serves me right someone (can’t remember who) -jokingly- asked him what game was he in OTL. Do As was there too and performed TAO, this is like the 2nd time I’ve seen a complete performance without Ban choking or forgetting the lyrics, so it was nice to watch + seeing the performance with scenes from the game being played on the screens was a nice plus.

        Before I forget (as I apparently did in my last comment), would it be ok to follow you on twitter? if so can you pass me your username? or add me @s0rel.

        o and again, ่ช•็”Ÿๆ—ฅใŠใ‚ใงใจใ†!

        • That’s good to hear!

          I don’t doubt that she had a good year (minus the fact that I personally don’t think she’s created a hit single this year) and I guess that’s partly why I’m surprised to hear that her popularity seem to have dropped a little (perhaps just outside Japan?).
          To be honest, none of Nana’s past 3 albums have been particularly outstanding for me… With SA being the weakest thus far. None of the songs really stuck with me.

          Haha, no worries. Due to the amount of uproar that whole thing caused, it was really hard to avoid knowing what happened. And ok, I’ll definitely try to find Tales of Festival and see what happened. ๐Ÿ˜€
          Legendia really is under-appreciated though. It’s the one game that made me cry multiple times! Though Abyss is still my favourite. ๐Ÿ˜›
          That Do As Infinity performance you mentioned sounds like a must-watch!

          Not a problem! Username is @kei_fe7 (just followed you). Haven’t really gotten around using twitter much, but I guess now is as good of a time as any to start. ๐Ÿ™‚


          • ๐Ÿ™‚

            Yup, it might me just outside Japan, I do think she’s had a few good songs here and there, but nothing worthy of the hype of UD or even IE, it’s just weird @@ I think the only think I managed to keep up with was Vivid, but that’s more for shipping reasons than anything else lol.

            It really blew up didn’t it? anyways, hope you have fun with the game. There’s things I’m not happy about and all, but that issue in particular was blown out of proportion. If you can watch the FES please do so, the skit of day one has the Abyss people and it was really funny, too. That thing I’m talking referring to, if you want me to try and describe it I’ll do my best. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Agreed about Legendia, as frustrating as I find it gameplay wise (the AI is just so so awful) is totally worth it just for the story and the OST might be my fave. I replayed Abyss last year and it felt super different from the first time I did, maybe cause the audio was in Japanese? Idk, but I have a newly found appreciation for that game and Natalia and Asch in particular. To the point I even bought Reve Unitia and I really don’t like that FE style. Anyhoo, back on topic: I recorded a super LQ audio of the performance for a forum, so if you want to listen it’s here: goo gl/PbdgFU (space is a dot). Apologies for the quality, but no way for me get an actual rip from a BD.

            Thanks for the follow! hope you have fun on twitter ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Vivid? As in Nanoha ViVid?

        The game is so far so good. The camera occasionally drives me nuts, but I suppose things could be worse. I managed to find part of the day 1 skit. Will probably try to put more effort in searching for videos this weekend.

        I played Abyss in Japanese the first time and English second (Japanese again on 3DS version). Even though the English voice acting was pretty good, I still very much prefer the Japanese audio. There were many little moments I felt was captured better.
        I bought Reve Unitia as well! ๐Ÿ˜€ Unfortunately due to time constraints caused by RL (and recent gaming focus taken by the PS4/ToZ), haven’t managed to get very far into it. Personally don’t think ‘Tales of…’ series work well in FE style, but this is mainly a cross-over fan service-y game so I guess we’ll just have to take what we get.

        Thanks for the recording! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just listened to it. And it kind of made me realize that I have not actually listened to TAO in a long time!

        • Yup, Nanoha Vivid. There’s some good moments the first few eps, but ultimately didn’t keep me interested. I know is different genre but still.

          The camera on enclosed spaces has to be the most annoying boss on that game DX totally messes with the fight but yup it could be worse and ironically sometimes can even be used as an advantage. Did you manage to find some more? Van sensei was hilarious xD

          Yep, I do have to admit it took me a while to get used to ( I hadn’t seen the anime), but I ended up liking it a lot more, especially concerning the characters I mentioned before (and it changed my view on the ending). Ultimately you just wanna hug everyone xD
          Yay for Reve Unitia, the interaction between the characters is what makes it, I play it whenever I can, but I’ve been stuck for like a month so all I’ve been doing is grinding which is even more tiresome than normal, all because I’m too stubborn to quit, lol.

          No problem! Hope you liked it (despite the quality) It always surprises me how fitting for the game it is even though it was so not written with it in mind.

          Sorry for the late reply, busy weekend was busy.

          • Somehow, ViVid fell a bit short of expectations for me. Have you read the manga? It gets better at a certain point (ironically enough, I personally thought it got better when it wasn’t about the main cast), but then, the overall lack of direction of the story makes my opinion of it go up and down.

            Several times, I lose sight of my characters and find myself staring at the wall in ToZ. If not for that, I would think the seamless battle transition is really awesome (although I consider it a cool bonus more than anything else… seamless battle transition isn’t exactly a necessity in my opinion).

            Playing between English and Japanese changed your view of the ending in Abyss? How so? It took me a while to come to terms with the ending (because I wanted to believe in one thing while all evidence point to another).

            There are some interactions that just makes me grin in Reve Unitia. Especially the ones between characters across different games — kinda makes you think “oh, so THAT’s how they would talk to each other if they ever met”.

            I agree. Although I found “Tales of…” openings have always been oddly fitting (whether it was specifically written for the game or not). And yes, I liked it! Thanks again!

            No need to apologize! I’m late in my reply as well… Usually too exhausted after work on weekdays. Haha…

            • I tried to, but only got up to chapter 30 or something, it’s still on my reading list but for some reason I haven’t find the time for it. I think that ultimately the introduction of new characters given the already large cast is what keeps putting me off, like it’s not at the levels Force went, but still. I can’t find it in myself to care. Although I find Vivio a good character (I mean, she’s totally Nanoha’s daughter) and her interactions with the Nakajima family are great to watch, and it’s nice to see the development for some of them. I should really try and read it at some point. on that note, is the 3rd movie still happening?

              Oh it’s really unnecesary, but as you said, really nice addition. I think the camera issues are probably on their top 3 of things to fix so I shall trust they will. I llike to see them improve the skill system too, the concept was good but getting the hang of it took me a while.

              Honestly? just the voice/tone of Mr Ending. I was dead set on it being Luke in Asch’s body (cause that hand twitches only after Luke begins to fade), and I get the questionable animation doesn’t help (this has always bothered me, you played 60+ hours and the game has an overall decent animation but they end up messing up at the very end?) but really, the whole final escene is focused on Tear over everyone else and yet his voice sounds… sad? like there’s something missing, I’m not really sure how to explain it XD Of course I might be reading way too much in too it, or just got it completely wrong. what did you wanted it to be?

              Yup! totally what makes it worth it. which makes the whole grinding thing tiresome as hell, which is what I’m doing at the moment cause there’s a mission I just can’t win ;__; but that’s what comes with this games so.

              No problem, I’m on the same boat as well. DX

    • I actually liked the story arc showing their ancestors in ViVid. Maybe because those characters were hinted several times already at the beginning and it didn’t feel like they were additional characters to an already large cast.
      And I haven’t heard anything about the 3rd movie for a while now…

      I don’t actually know what I think of the skill system in ToZ. The first time the game introduced it, it went completely over my head. I’m sure even if I tried to re-read the explanation now, it wouldn’t make sense. I mean I get how it works now (after MANY hours of gameplay), and I see the benefits of it, but I’m not sure I prefer it. I guess, in a way, I see it as ‘I’m grinding for weapons instead of grinding for levels’. And even then, the amount of ‘work’ involved seems a bit excessive to make my characters stronger. I can see why some people would like it (it just gives so much more control/options), but at this moment, I think I’d rather have the good old level-grinding method (except ToZ seems to be completely against this idea).

      I always thought the questionable animation near the end was deliberate in Abyss. The staff has always said ‘they leave the interpretation of the ending to the player’. I would prefer the ‘it’s Luke in Asch’s body’ ending, but the subquest and Jade’s expression (and staff admitting that they refused to put in the scene where Tear went up to hug ‘Luke’ in the end) kind of point to the opposite direction — that it is Asch who came back but has inherited Luke’s memory. The left-handed sword is the only thing that indicates otherwise.
      To clarify, I like Asch — but after spending so much time with Luke, and seeing how he’s grown, the game has set itself up for the player to grow attached to Luke, not Asch. And so that type of ending is kind of frustrating.

      And haha… I should really get back to Reve Unitia some time…

      • I should re-read it at some point, and same about the movie, I’m guessing it’s not happening D:

        Dividing the explanation between 10k skits didn’t help, and it’s not like it was particuarlly graphic either >.< I think level grinding works just fine as long as the focus value is as high as possible, that was the most annoying part for me cause at times it just took forever to charge, I'd rather it be just normal TP, but overall I liked it.

        That cop out statement has never sit well with me, mainly for the reasons you state, the game's main focus is Luke's journey, not Asch's. I'd add the hairstyle as ~proof~ too as it's closer to Luke's style (pre very-important-hair-cut, but still) . Regarding the subquest, Luke/Asch was always a special case because of Lorelei, which I like to think Jade thought that, too.. otherwise he wouldn't have been there at all, but I do admit it's a hard argument to make. And I think the anime supports that ending, too cause they all run up to him (and I like that they had the decency to include Mieu). Ultimately though, I'd like to believe it's Luke.

        • I think that’s a safe assumption. The 3rd movie was announced such a long time ago, yet we haven’t heard anything since the revelation of the name.

          Yes, THAT. I’m guessing they recognize the fact that it takes a lot of words to get the explanation across, which is why they split it into so many skits, but didn’t realize that it, in itself, was a problem.
          Really? I feel ToZ gives out a lot less exp than past Tales games (unless I purposely go for ‘dangerous encounters’).

          Agreed about the fact that Luke/Asch has always been a special case. For me, it’s the fact that Jade looked almost sad in that final animated scene. The camera actually focused in on him for a bit — so it’s like he knew something that the others didn’t…

          • It’s a shame, I’d love to what they’d have planned for that movie. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

            That’s true. And yes, you gain less EXP, but I guess that has more to do with the whole armatization (sp?) thing since you basically have double HP, recovery is easier and all, that said, go look for the mutant hellions, especially towards the end cause there’s a TON, works wonders for grinding.

            For me his expression could go both ways, like something definititely clicks for him but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily bad. I just get feels from the fact that he went there at all despite every fact pointing out to the impossibility of Luke ever coming back D:

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