World of M #101 – Guest: Fukuen Misato

…I can’t believe I missed this…
I can’t believe I didn’t know about this earlier… OTL
Uwah~ somehow, I feel like I fail as fan… >_>;;

Actually, part of the reason I feel like this is because I’ve been waiting for Misato to appear as guest on World of M ever since the first guest appeared back in… 2009.
Imagine the chaos! The hilarity! It’ll be Smile-Gang on FM radio!

I didn’t know about this until I listened to Smile-Gang 481. So I jumped to search up that broadcast.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #101 (2011,06,18) ゲスト:福圓美里

I was a little disappointed after listening to it though. What exactly was the point of her presence? Well, I still got a few laughs out of it, so doesn’t matter.

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World of M #99 – Guest: Konishi Katsuyuki [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #099 (2011,06,04) ゲスト:小西克幸

4th guest to appear on M no Sekai is Konishi Katsuyuki! Fans of the Tales of… series should recognize him as the seiyuu for Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia.

After listening to this, you’d realize that Konishi is a really nice guy. :3

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Nana-matopoeia? XD [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #098 (2011,05,28)

I never really thought about it until listening to World of M #98. The fact that the staff cut out excerpts from the past few broadcasts and played it one after another magnifies this “phenomenon.” XD Why yes, Nana uses A LOT of onomatopoeia. It’s funny to listen to… And probably something I will keep track of even though I may not be consciously listening for them. ^^;;
The otaffu (otaku + staff = otaffu) nicknames this the “Nana-matopoeia.” XD

As for the voice acting corner… Major ‘LOL’ moment. Why did Gray sound like that? Not even Nana-san knew. XDD

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第478回【ネット音源】

Listening to Smile-Gang after the Nana-matopoeia thing made me laugh. But even without that, it was full of laughs.

First, there was the “If I was a guy, I’d drink water and then spray it (from my mouth) during lives… Except because I’m female, I won’t. And fans probably would feel disgusted.” She says, for example, she’ll sing “Scarlet Knight! Buu~” …where the buu is spitting spraying out the water she just drank XD). Misato points out that fans would likely be happy if she did that, but Nana isn’t convinced. XD

There was also Nana singing “Nai nai nai.” XD Following that was a lot of mail reading that I don’t remember much of… But I don’t think anything else big happened on Smile-Gang…

World of M – Guest: Sugita Tomokazu [Mizuki Nana]

This post is a week late. Again, this is about last week’s World of M (May 7th) broadcast.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #095 (2011,05,07) ゲスト:杉田智和

I was looking forward to this ever since Nana revealed on her blog that Sugita was going to appear as guest on M no Sekai. Even though Sugita was not the first guest to appear after the M staff established the “7 consecutive guests on World of M” plan a couple of months ago, he was the first person Nana invited personally through text (mail). Rather than going to his agency and asking/checking for availability, she contacted him directly, which was a little out of the ordinary… but nonetheless, that was what Nana did. XD

This post is going to get a little messy from this point onward because their conversation was truly a conversation with no regard that this is a FM radio broadcast. XD They jump all over the place… But it’s one of the many reasons why they were absolutely hilarious to listen to.

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Seven Pieces ~Live Journey 2011 side B~ [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 seven pieces ~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~ preview

^Briefly spoken of on last week’s Smile-Gang #474, Seven Pieces is a 4 episode (45 minutes in length each) behind-the-scenes recording in the everyday work-life of Mizuki Nana. According to the website, the first episode airs on May 19th.

It covers everything from rehearsals to song recordings to afureko/narration site (what goes on at the voice acting recording scenes). Misato says she is particularly looking forward to seeing what goes on at the voice acting scene (oi, Misato, you’re a seiyuu too! XD). Oh, apparently, they even recorded behind-the-scenes moments at World of M, which got Misato a little upset that they aren’t recording Smile-Gang. XD

Also, according to Nana-san on Smile-Gang, Yabuki Toushirou (sound producer) kept making inappropriate comments that led to many scenes needing to be cut out. The recording staff complained that, “This could’ve been a great natural moment that we could air if not for that last comment!” XD It happened several times. So Nana-san thinks we won’t be getting much off-shots with regards to the Live Journey rehearsals.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #094 (2011,04,30)

^That is LAST WEEK’s World of M. I’m looking forward to this week’s because I do not doubt the amount of hilarity that will ensue. But until then… I was listening to last week’s World of M while packing, and promptly started laughing during POP MASTER. It was cute. Just listen, you’ll understand. XD “YES!”

The voice-acting corner has Nana-san pretend to be drunk. Amusing, but didn’t leave as much of an impact as the POP MASTER part earlier. 😛