World of M #226 – Taiwan special

First radio broadcasts after Nana’s return from her Taiwan concert… so unsurprisingly, that is mainly what she speaks about in this week’s World of M (and Smile-Gang, but my post for that will come later ;)). For the same reason, that was why I made sure to tune in. 😉

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, so maybe some of the information she spoke about was revealed in another place/interview somewhere (I really don’t know), but these were certainly news to me.

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64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen – Mizuki Nana 5th Consecutive Appearance

5th consecutive appearance! Congratulations to Nana-san!!! =D

 photo 64th_kouhaku_confirmation.jpg

And yes, I’ve noted that T.M. Revolution is also making his 4th appearance on the list of confirmed singers. Chance of a special collaboration for Kakumei Dualism, I wonder? :3

Also, Nana-san is doing another Taiwan live next year… Hope she’ll announce the timing soon…

By kasumife7


During the 15 hour plane ride today back home from my 2 week vacation, all I could think of was “Nana is doing her Taiwan concert right now. I could have been there and not stuck on a plane. Or at least attended a live viewing somewhere.”

Funny what being away from the craziness of work can make you realize. I think I’ve missed out long enough. Which also means I’m intent on restarting this blog with Mizuki Nana and seiyuu-general fangirling again since I’ve been away from the fandom and blogging for too long. XD

Let’s see what I can do…

Mizuki Nana 1st Overseas concert

First… Yes, I’m alive. ^^;; I thought things would lighten up for me by now, but if anything, it might be getting worse instead. But anyway, after reading about a certain piece of news, I felt like I should at least make a post.

I actually found out about this through ANN and immediately loaded up the latest Smile-Gang 589 in hopes to get some more additional info.

 photo MN_1st_overseas_tour.jpg

^Yes, I’m referring to the announcement of Nana-san holding her first-ever overseas (2 day) concert in Taiwan on November 23 and 24.

As expected, the reference to the news was made at the end of this week’s Smile-Gang broadcast.
There was less excitement than I expected when they announced it on Smile-Gang, but maybe it’s because much of the planning has not yet even begun.

But anyway… Congratulations Nana-san! 😀

Blog Announcement + Mishi-P interview coverage

Before anyone declares me MIA — I’m still around. ^^;;

I do have an announcement to make. Due to increasing RL demands, I need to put Smile-Gang on break for at least the next 2 months. I feel a need to announce this because the poll from way back indicates most of you come here for that. I haven’t had time to actually sit down for 20 something minutes to listen to the radio show, never mind write about it. On that note… Anyone know of any good android nicodouga app (if it exists at all) that makes listening on the phone easier?

But this blog remains active. I’ll be selectively translating/covering what I find to be interesting. 😉 And the radio interview with Mishi-P below is one of those that I found interesting.

Because as someone who grew up listening to anime songs, I thought this was relevant. “What is the future of anisongs?” The conversation switches to be about Mizuki Nana halfway through.

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Smile-Gang 570

Just so I don’t go weeks without a post again… I’ve done a brief coverage on Smile-Gang 570. I say ‘brief’ because I didn’t go into much details (due to my own time constraints).
And…uh… I admit that Kajiura Yuki and FictionJunction has held me captive lately (and I guess by extension Kalafina as well, but not quite as much). XDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第570回

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Mizuki Nana & T.M. Revolution collaboration

Because this is news I cannot not be excited about…

 photo mizukinanaxtmrev.jpg

Yes, for those who haven’t already heard, Mizuki Nana and T.M. Revolution are going to perform “Preserved Roses” together — the opening theme for “Valvrave the Liberator” (official Japansese name translation is more closely translated as Revolution Machine Valvrave).

Below, I’ve translated the messages both Nana and Nishikawa Takanori left on the official home page as well as Nana’s blog post regarding this announcement.

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Smile-Gang 567

I haven’t lost my ability to count. I jumped from Smile-Gang 564 right to 567. I’m not skipping over 565 and 566, but I thought I should post this one up first as 567 more or less a Valentine special (and it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow).

Before I start coverage, let me say that… I promise it will not take me 10 years to get through Radio StrikerS 2nd. I know I’ve fallen extremely behind on that, but I haven’t given up. My deadline is before the DVD/BD for 2nd A’s comes out… which is March 22nd, if I recall correctly?

Anyway, back to Valentine Smile-Gang…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第567回

Not that the opening fit with the Valentine theme much. Because Nana “attempts” to drop a “surprise” on everyone.

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