Happy Birthday to Mizuki Nana!!!

For the past few years on this day, the plan has been to post my essay of how I came to know and became a fan of Mizuki Nana.

And of course, for the past few years on this day, I fail to do so. |||OTL

Similarly, I then promise to have it ready for her next birthday… ^^;; Well, I’m going to set the goal a little closer this year (to see if it makes a difference) and say I’ll write and have it ready by her next milestone date.

Um, aside from that, nothing particularly worthwhile to post. I promise to have the upcoming Smile-Gang and last week’s Smile-Gang coverage up as the last one celebrated Misato’s birthday and the next one will be the public recording at NanaFes. 😉

Actually, there may be something worthwhile to post after all…
For those who haven’t already heard… Fans of Mizuki Nana, ready your wallets! Her next album (which will be her 10th album) is coming out on April 16th!!


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