Smile-Gang 613 – NON-punishment special

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! Let’s have a happy 2014! 😀

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第613回

For a last broadcast of the year (2013), Smile-Gang has thrown a surprise in our way. No, it was not the usual punishment special where it leaves listeners on the floor heaving with laughter… Instead, we have a super calm episode that is almost unbefitting of a year-end broadcast.

Almost being the keyword.

As Misato pointed out, the entire thing was so calm that it has left her restless instead.

I’m willing to bet this is the calm before the storm. 😛

But of course, there is a reason why there is no punishment game special for 2013. That is because both Nana and Misato sit at 0 points each. Their points were neutralized at some point a while back.

Don’t forget this is Smile-Gang though. Anything can happen. Not to mention… Nana has one punishment point under her belt already due to Kouhaku. ^^;;

We shall see what happens in the first Smile-Gang of 2014. ;D


11 comments on “Smile-Gang 613 – NON-punishment special

  1. Dang white winning again =___= Lookin forward to the batsu game tho haha, they’re always so interesting xD

    ohhh happy birthday btw! hope you have a good day! xDD
    and i lost your email so.. >____>

    • It’s no longer a surprise when White wins.
      Haha, because it is Smile-Gang. XD Although I think the lack of punishment special might also have to do with the fact that Nana was very busy at the end of the year which is why they let her off the hook this time.

      Thanks! Not exactly great weather here for birthday celebrations, but I’m getting some gaming done so it balances out. XD

      • Uh huh, and she’s an even busier bee than usual last year that Nana x) And she finally visited the US too! too bad she visited NY D: whynotdchuhu

        Oooh, watcha playin? Did you get to play Kakusei yet? 😀

        • I’m not surprised she went to NY. She did mention she wanted to go there. Gotta pay attention to any other tourist places she mentions again this year to get a hint of where she is going to go next. XD

          I got Kakusei yesterday! 😀 Been playing it any free time I find — the graphics are stunning as it was way beyond what I was expecting. I’ve put down Pokemon Y in favour of Fire Emblem right now. You should’ve told me earlier there was a Japanese track, haha. 😛

          • Really? She mentioned it? Wow. Yea yea, we should really pay attention to wherever she goes next haha. She only does her super speed personal travel after every new year’s though right? So no more till next year?

            WHEEE!! Kakusei’s awesome!!! I feel like asking you a lot of things (female or male, who did you marry blah blah haha) but I’ll wait till you’re further ahead xD Oh man, my bad, I thought you already knew it has Japanese track. O_O Don’t tell me you bought the Japanese version…?

            • Yeah, she mentioned it at some point. Can’t remember exactly where… Likely Smile-Gang or World of M.
              She tends to do her out of country trips after every new year… Although her super speed personal travel can happen anytime while she is in Japan. XD;;

              Lol, don’t worry about it. I actually do have a Japanese 3DS but no, I got the English version as I recently got myself a North America 3DS XL as well (mainly for Pokemon lol). Oddly, it doesn’t feel right playing FE in Japanese (considering the settings and all)… or maybe it’s just because I’ve always played FE in English.
              And yes, let me get further into the game before I start answering those questions. XD But let me say I found MyUnit/avatar/tactician to be an awesome character. A tome AND sword user right from the start? 😀

              • omgg I should really pay more attn to her ‘future trip location mentions’ she was basically 8-10 hours away from me D: but then there was this crazy cold wave thingy so I’m glad I stayed at home orz Since she’s been to England, France and now USA, wonder where she’ll go next time? Italy? No one can resist Italy xD

                DIDJA GET THE POKEMON 3DSXL? 😀 It robbed me blind for 2 months but it’s so worth it. Oh so you play the english version for FE9/10 too?? those are the ones with voices right? oh god the dub was awful, I can’t bear to listen I had to mute them >_> Kakusei has lots of good voices so I’m off to seiyuu wonderland whenever I play /dead/

                Haha!! Yeashhh Robin is the ultimate FE avatar xDD. A tad overkill tho but still ultimate :Q___
                Oooh we should talk more about FE specifically sometimes! I don’t wanna hijack your Nana posts with this xD

        • Speaking of NY, I was really amused that she blogged about going to Sleep No More (with her mom, I’m assuming). It’s not exactly typical family bonding entertainment with the goat blood orgies, boobies, and er..members ten feet from your face xD. Granted I went to Sleep No More with my dad but we already had a messed up relationship. Glad she had fun there though hehe.

          • I don’t know much about Sleep No More, but it does sound like something Nana would be interested in (she seems to like going to theatrical plays). 🙂 She also mentioned how it felt like she was in a game herself — choosing the characters you want to see events unfold. XD

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