World of M #226 – Taiwan special

First radio broadcasts after Nana’s return from her Taiwan concert… so unsurprisingly, that is mainly what she speaks about in this week’s World of M (and Smile-Gang, but my post for that will come later ;)). For the same reason, that was why I made sure to tune in. 😉

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, so maybe some of the information she spoke about was revealed in another place/interview somewhere (I really don’t know), but these were certainly news to me.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #226

The highlights in World of M/M no Sekai for me (aside from her self-introduction in Mandarin at the beginning) was the revelation of why Nana’s first oversea concert was decided to be held in Taiwan.

So why Taiwan?

Approximately 3 years ago, when Nana and staff expressed an interest in releasing her CDs outside of Japan, Gold Typhoon was the first record company to reach out. With the deal established, Taiwanese version of Nana’s CD went on sale (by Taiwanese version, it means the lyrics sheet were translated into traditional Chinese).

Similar to the Japanese version of the CDs, there are survey cards where fans are able to provide feedback. Over the 3 years, the staff at Gold Typhoon has translated and sent the comments to Nana. Most of those comments consisted of the message “Please come to Taiwan for a concert!”

She didn’t have the courage to jump into the unknown at the time (unknown = overseas), but these messages really helped encourage her, and so she decided that if she were to do a concert outside of Japan, the first place would be Taiwan.

And of course, she has now done her first overseas concert in Taiwan, and the place and its fans have left a very favourable impression on her.

There were fans who couldn’t get tickets and chose to surround the outer walls of Legacy Taipei, pressed their ears or backs against the wall to either try to hear or feel the soundwaves of Nana’s music! That’s got to leave an impression. XD

From the awesome fans (she explains further how awesome these fans are in Smile-Gang) to staff/fan support to FOOD, Nana seemed to really like Taiwan. This is Nana we are talking about… You can’t expect her to not talk about food. XDD
Anyway, she mentioned that everything was delicious there. From the xiaolongbao (pronounced as shoronpo in Japanese) to other things she would normally not eat in Japan she found to taste great in Taiwan.

Also, Nana spoke two sentences in Mandarin here. I had no troubles understanding her “大家好、我是水樹奈奈。” (translation: Hi everyone, my name is Mizuki Nana”) but I had a bit of trouble “I’m happy to be performing my first overseas concert in Taiwan.” (I heard this sentence a little better when she said it again on Smile-Gang, but more on that later). ^^;;

Finally, Nana spoke briefly about how she did her MCs during the concert. She had originally thought about hiring translators to do immediately translations of what she was saying, but her fans are amazing. Most understand enough Japanese to know what Nana was saying and there were fans who were translating for others. Again, Nana was very impressed at what fans were doing for each other. Emphasizing the theme for World of M, this is yuujou POWER (Power of Friendship). xD

That’s all on the Taiwan section for this week’s M no Sekai broadcast!

More details when she speaks about her experience in Taiwan in Smile-Gang 609… Coming soon. 😛


One comment on “World of M #226 – Taiwan special

  1. I’m really happy to hear that her first concert had been a blast x) Hopefully she’ll have an idea by now how overseas fans tend to help each other when it comes to news/info about her haha yuujou power indeed *nudges you*

    But yea, the concert sounds awesome, I saw the youtube video of the fans otagei-ing outside of the stadium, it was insane! I kinda want to hope that she’ll venture to another country (hopefully in the western hemisphere) but that might be asking for too much.

    And real glad for an update tho! It’s been a while xD

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